Wily Castle from Mega Man III.

This is the Wily Castle that Dr. Albert W. Wily uses in the game Mega Man III. After defeating the first four Robot Master, Mega Man goes to the Wily Castle and battles a Giant Suzy, Dust Man, Skull Man, Dive Man, and Drill Man before finding Dr. Wily and facing the Mega Man Killer Punk. After Punk's defeat, Wily goes to the Wily Station and Mega Man follows him.

In other media


Wily Castle in the Rockman World 3 manga.

Rockman World 3 (manga)

After defeating Spark Man, Mega Man finds the Wily Castle and fights Giant Suzy here before battling the four Robot Masters he faces in the game, and the base is destroyed. Unlike the game, Mega Man faces Punk in the Wily Station.


  • Despite the castle map not seen, Mega Man appears to revisit this castle for the second Special Stage from Mega Man 10 to challenge Punk once more.


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