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The Wily Egg

The Wily Egg is a flying fortress jointly planned and constructed by Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman and originally resided within the Skull Egg Zone.


The Wily Egg's overall shape is that of the Death Egg that Dr. Eggman has built before, but it possesses the imposing skull motif that all of Dr. Wily's fortresses are known by.


Inside the Wily Egg

The interior is familiar fortress standards by both doctors, containing, as noted by Sonic and Mega Man, "Bridge beams and exposed superconductors" and "narrow platforms over armor-piercing spikes" along with slews of iconic mooks from both doctors' robotic armies.

Aside from the standard fortress defenses and the robot mooks, there are four major lines of defense leading up to the Egg-Wily Machine X and the final confrontation with the two mad scientists.

  • Line 1 is exterior and consists of an army of eighty one time-cloned Robot Masters plus Rouge Woman.
  • Line 2 is the first interior defense and consists of the Mega Man Killers.
  • Line 3 is the fearsome Chaos Devil.
  • Line 4 is the final line of defense and is composed of Bass, Treble, and Metal Sonic.
  • The final arena is where the Genesis Wave Unit is, where Sonic and Mega Man must battle the Egg-Wily Machine X.

After Worlds Collide


The remains of the Wily Egg, remodeled into the Egg O' War

After the Super Genesis Wave was undone, the Wily Egg ended up in the Sol Zone and in the possession of Captain Metal. He remodeled it into the Egg O' War.

Burning Blaze VS Captain Egg O' War

Burning Blaze defeating the Egg O' War

As the Egg O' War, the touches that Dr. Wily put on the Wily Egg have been remodeled into the traditional pirate skull and crossbones motif. In addition, it seems that the battle station retains at least some of the time-space warping properties of the Skull Egg Zone it was constructed in as Captain Metal planned to use this fact to usurp control of the Sol Emeralds from Blaze the Cat, which would normally be impossible. (Sonic Universe #56)

Captain Metal used the Sol Emeralds to power the Egg O' War, as well as having transferred his programming into it, which was revealed shortly as his body was destroyed. Though both are defeated when Blaze used the Emeralds herself to become Burning Blaze. The Egg O' War sunk into the ocean, but unknown to everyone else at the time is still online (due to Metal's consciousness). (Sonic Universe #58)



Deciding on a name

  • Originally Dr. Eggman wanted to call the fortress the Death Egg III, while Dr. Wily desired to name it the Wily Flying Fortress. After tying six rounds of Rock-Paper-Scissors, the two scientists agreed on the name Wily Egg.
  • Ironically, if one puts together the words left out of of the combination of names that make up the Wily Egg's name, Death Egg and "Wily Star", one gets the name of the battle station that inspited both, the Death Star.

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