The Wily Machine 7 (ワイリーマシン7号 Wairī Mashin 7 Gō) is Dr. Wily's seventh Wily Machine, a large skull-shaped machine. It appeared as the penultimate boss of the Wily Castle from Mega Man 7. Wily used Wily Machine 3 as basis for the construction of this Wily Machine.[Citation needed] He didn't have much time to work on the Wily Machine 7 after his escape from prison,[Citation needed] and as a result, it can only attack by hopping from one side of the room to the other to smash opponents and shoot out miniature versions of it. The miniature is named "Skull-Ton" (スカル・トン Sukaru Ton) in its Rockman Select toy.


Its weak spot is the cockpit, which takes more damage from the Thunder Bolt. The machine can be defeated without much difficulty. After its destruction, Wily continues fighting with the Wily Capsule.

Other appearances

In Puzzle Fighter, Wily Machine 7 appeared in Dr. Wily's intro and in his special moves.

  • WM7 Miniature - Wily sends a miniature of the Wily Machine 7 to the opponent, exploding on contact.
  • WM7 Trample and WM7 Assist - Wily smashes the opponent with the Wily Machine 7.

Other media

The Wily Machine 7 appeared in the Rockman 7 manga.

In the last issue from the Mega Man comic series by Dreamwave Productions, Dr. Wily summoned four unnamed machines that resemble the Wily Machine 7.