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This article is about the boss from Mega Man II. For the Mega Man 2 boss, see Wily Machine 2.

Wily Machine II, known as Wily Machine World 2 (ワイリーマシン・ワールド2号 Wairī Mashin Wārudo 2 Gō) in Japan, is the Wily Machine used by Dr. Wily inside the Wily Station in Mega Man II.


The three forms of this Wily Machine are controlled by Dr. Wily from a flying transport that is attached to them. When one form is destroyed, this part will fly away and attach to the next form. The transport has a skull on its front (being the only Wily Machine from the Game Boy games to feature a skull motif), jets on the back, a propeller on the bottom, and the cockpit on the top, where Dr. Wily can be seen. In all forms, the cockpit is the only part that can be damaged, and only with the Mega Buster and Sakugarne. All three forms are best beaten by the Mega Buster, as Mega Man may take heavy damage while using Sakugarne.

Wily Machine W2 1

The first form of the Wily Machine II contains a pair of legs. It attacks by jumping on Mega Man, dropping a bouncing bomb (it won't explode), and launching its nails straight forward.

Wily Machine W2 2

The second form contains two cannons and tank threads. Its pattern consists of firing two projectiles from the arms in Mega Man's direction, moving to the center of the screen, dropping a bouncing bomb that explodes when it gets close to Mega Man, and returning to the corner of the screen.

Wily Machine GB2

The third form is similar to the second, but instead of threads it contains legs and a tail. It fires one missile from the arms that will travel to Mega Man's direction for a while before flying away on its trajectory, launches four robot-like projectiles from the tail, and has the skull on its front move forward a short distance.

After destroying the last form, Mega Man obtains its missile and Dr. Wily will attempt to escape the Wily Station with his transport. Mega Man follows him with Rush and fires the missile he obtained from the Wily Machine. Dr. Wily's transport is damaged and falls on Earth, with Wily apparently dying in a large explosion caused by it.

Other appearances

The first form of Wily Machine II appeared in the book Rockman: Dr. Wily wo Yattsukero!! with a different color. Dr. Wily apparently planned to use it against Mega Man, but when Proto Man appears to assist him, he attempts to escape. Mega Man chases him and destroys the Wily Machine with the Super Adapter.



  • The sprites from this Wily Machine are disproportional with Dr. Wily's sprites.
  • In the first form's sprite, there is a part with Wily's logo connecting the top part with the legs. This part is absent in artworks, having the top part's propeller visible and the legs being connected directly to the top part.

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