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The Wily Tower (ワイリータワー Wairī Tawā) is Dr. Wily's main stronghold in Mega Man 8. Located within a volcano at the Middle East, the Wily Tower contains a powerful force field around it. Mega Man defeats four Robot Masters to find a way to disable the force field and enter the fortress.

Below is a list of all the stages and their enemies from Wily Tower.

Stage 1

The first stage is the castle catacombs. It is identical to Frost Man's stage, in that it is navigated mostly on a jet sled, and contains dangerous jumps. It also has several gaps that must be crossed by swinging over them.


Stage 2

The second stage involves a long flight on Rush Jet, similar to Tengu Man's stage.


Stage 3

The third stage takes place directly inside the tower

IMG 0023


Stage 4

A small room containing teleporters to areas where the eight Robot Masters are fought one by one. After all eight are destroyed, an elevator will take Mega Man upwards to an area where he fights Dr. Wily in his Wily Machine 8 and Wily Capsule Great.


Other media

The Wily Tower appears in the Rockman 8 manga. It also appears briefly in the end of Mega Man Gigamix, where Dr. Wily starts a new attempt to conquer the world.


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