For the Mega Man & Bass boss, see Wily Capsule.

Wily UFO (ワイリーUFO),[1] also known as Wily's spaceship,[2] is Dr. Wily's personal transport, a spaceship used by him in most games from the Mega Man series.


The spaceship first appeared in the first Mega Man game, where the top part is red and the bottom is yellow. From Mega Man 2 onward, the appearance changed and the red color was replaced by blue, having minor design changes in some games. In Mega Man Powered Up, the spaceship is red and blue. The top part can rise, revealing Dr. Wily inside the flying saucer. In Mega Man 7 it has a hatch on the top instead of rising the whole top half. The top part can become transparent in the Game Boy games, and it has a different color in Brain Crusher's artwork.

In Mega Man 8, Wily uses a slightly different transport with a skull motif.


Wily UFO activating the Speed Gear in Mega Man 11

The Wily UFO is equipped with a mechanical claw in Mega Man 7, Mega Man 8, Mega Man 9, and Mega Man Powered Up, a tractor beam in Mega Man 11 and Mega Man: The Wily Wars, a laser beam in Mega Man V, and a Speed Gear in Mega Man 11.

Wily usually doesn't battle using only the spaceship, except for Mega Man IV where it is like a Wily Capsule and the ending of Mega Man V, but it was attached to Wily Machine 1, Wily Machine 2, Wily Machine I, Wily Robo Iron Golem, and Brain Crusher. It also appears to be part of the Wily Machine from Mega Man 10, but with a different size and shape.

In other media

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

Wily's saucer in the Archie Comics Mega Man series.

Dr. Wily's flying saucer appeared in the Archie Comics Mega Man comic book series, debuting in the second story arc, Time Keeps Slipping, although the first one shown lacked the ability to fly, had an onboard projector to act as a decoy, and a turrent. Wily uses the actual flying saucer in the end of the arc to escape, transmitting his voice to the fake saucer from the real one. Its only appearance after this was in issue 12 as part of the Wily Machine 2.

The UFO also appeared as Wily's personal transport in the Worlds Collide crossover, usually along with Dr. Eggman's Egg Mobile. Wily also used a miniature saucer inside the Wily Egg. The Wily UFO and Egg Mobile were capable of becoming the cockpits from the Egg-Wily Machine X, each attached to one half of the machine.

Other appearances

Wily's saucer appeared in several media, including Mega Man Megamix, the Rockman manga series by Shigeto Ikehara, and Rock'n Game Boy. Transports with a skull motif were used in the Rockman 8 manga and Rockman & Forte manga.


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