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"This weapon releases a boomerang that slices through enemies that come within its trajectory."
Alia, describing X's Wind Cutter, Mega Man X7

Wind Cutter (ウィンドカッター Windo Kattā) is a special weapon X and Axl receive from defeating Wind Crowrang in Mega Man X7. When equipped, the character fires an air-element boomerang that homes in on the nearest enemy. The Wind Cutter will return to them if it doesn't hit an enemy or if it strikes an enemy without destroying it. It will not return if it makes contact with an environmental obstacle, but whether it returns or not weapon energy is still consumed. Fired normally, only one Wind Cutter can be on screen at a time. When X charges this weapon, he fires eight projectiles in eight directions around himself that home in on enemies.

This weapon is Vanishing Gungaroo's weakness. It is also Sigma's first form's weakness, but it won't do much damage.


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