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Omega-Xis, a battle Wizard

Wizards (ウィザード) are EM Wave beings that permanently replace NetNavis in the Mega Man Star Force series. Although NetNavis still exist, they have fallen into disuse, sparking these new characters.


A Wizard is a sentient, or semi-sentient, electromagnetic (EM) wave with artificial intelligence designed to be an assistant for the operator and resides in his or her Hunter-VG (although they can materialize into the real world if their owner allows them to). Wizards are given a unique personality that often reflects upon their operator's personality and usually develop a strong friendship with their operators. Wizards can also be used as assistants in their operator's occupation.


The Hunter-VG has numerous functions controlled by the Wizard that resides within under normal circumstances. A Hunter VG is, however, also capable of connecting to computerized devices, referred to as "Pulsing In" (Pulse-In), in which case the Wizard is transferred to that device and may roam around it, affecting programs contained in that device as required, and moving through that device to any other devices connected to it, such as moving from a specific computer to the larger Internet/Wave World. In addition, Wizards may function as anti-virus software, directly combating the offending programs in an activity called "virus busting".

Two Wizards can also battle one another in "EM Battles" or "Wave Battles". Some AM/FMians such as Omega-Xis and Lyra become their partner's Wizards in Mega Man Star Force 3. When a Wizard is defeated in these battles, they are usually logged out to avoid permanent damage (as carrying on the recurring theme from the Mega Man Battle Network series), though in Mega Man Star Force, some FMians were completely deleted. Wizards have the ability to upload Battle Cards for use in battle against viruses or each other. Certain Wizards have elemental stereotypes that define their fighting styles and techniques. Malicious users may use their Wizard to hack into secure computer networks and commit crimes. Though these Wizards are not technically viruses, they are treated as such.


Additionally, Wizards can be corrupted by extreme noise exposure and be turned into Noise Wizards, insane versions of themselves that attack everything in sight until defeated in a Wave Battle. There is also a style of Wizard referred to as the Mal Wizard, which is the functional and spiritual successor of the Heel Navi from the Mega Man Battle Network series.

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