Wolfon (オルフォン Orufon) is a small wolf-like Reaverbot from Mega Man Legends 2. There are two varieties of Wolfon in the game, an orange Wolfon that appears as a sub-boss on Forbidden Island, and a weaker red Wolfon that appears in groups in Saul Kada Ruins after defeating the Wojigairon.

In Forbidden Island, Wolfon climbs up on top of airship debris and does howls before jumping down into the pit to fight Mega Man Volnutt. Escape is impossible, as one can expect from all other boss battles. Its highest point is speed, and uses this to its advantage by running around the large pit and does not stop to rest. It charges at Mega Man then pounces to attack. This can be avoided by rolling to the left or right. There are few strategies other than to lock-on to Wolfon and keep blasting away. With this strategy, eventually it will be defeated. Take note that most shots may pass through the ring that makes its abdominal region, so shooting from its side will be ineffective. One must take the risk and attempt to shoot it from the front or rear in order to deal sufficient amounts of damage to it.


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