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"Even the children continue to wage war."
—Wood Man, Enter the Wood Man
This article is about the Mega Man: Fully Charged character. For others, see Wood Man.

Wood Man is a character from the TV show Mega Man: Fully Charged. He's based on Wood Man from Mega Man 2 and first appears in the episode Enter the Wood Man.


This version of Wood Man is slimmer than his bulky video game counterpart. Parts of his limbs are colored green and have glowing lights on them. His mouth is concealed and he has green eyebrows. 


Wood Man acts similarly to a ninja, just like Shadow Man from the classic games. He is able to launch leaf-shaped shurikens from his arm cannon and can camouflage himself to become a log. When in log form, he can also attack by rolling at his enemies at high speed.


During his debut, he was camouflaged as a tree. When he was reactivated, he still thought the wars of the Hard Times were going on, and presumed the army he served in to have lost. He called Mega Man a deserter, due to him not having a rank visible.


Being made mostly of wood, Wood Man is naturally weak to fire (like how his video game counterpart is weak to Heat Man's Atomic Fire), which makes using fire-based weapons like Fire Man's schematics an ideal strategy against him. Wood Man is also an extreme environmentalist and will have a meltdown whenever he or someone else accidentally damages part of the environment (like when Wood Man accidentally hit a tree with many of his own shurikens), leaving him momentarily distracted.


  • During the wars of the Hard Times, Wood Man and Principal 100100 were close allies and fellow soldiers.
  • Wood Man is currently the 1st Robot Master in the television series to be fully reformed at the end of the episode where he made his debut.
  • Wood Man seems to share some similarities with Shadow Man as he is depicted as a ninja-like robot with his "leaves" rendered as ninja stars.