Wood Soul

Wood Soul is exclusive to the Blue Moon version of MegaMan Battle Network 4 after defeating Sal and WoodMan.EXE. MegaMan.EXE performs Double Soul with WoodMan.EXE by sacrificing a wood element Battle Chip.


  • MegaMan heals on grass panels, at a rate much faster compared to any other Wood Style, Soul, or Cross in the other games.
  • Status Guard: MegaMan is immune to status ailments like paralysis or confusion.
  • Gaia Absorb: Non-dimming wood chips can absorb non-elemental chips selected after them to have their attack value added on as well.
    • Note: only the displayed value is added on - meaning Vulcan only gives a 10 damage increase.
  • Charge Shot: Wood Twister (an 8-hit wood-element Tornado that does 20 damage per hit)
  • Weakness: Wood Soul is vulnerable to fire attacks, and while MegaMan is able to heal very rapidly on grass panels these can be erased with a fire attack.

Competitive Play

  • Wood Soul is preferred as a defensive Soul due to its Status Guard ability. Its offensive capabilities are not as strong, otherwise, except for those using Tornado folders, where its Charge Shot benefits off the general strategy.

MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

SparkMan.EXE attacks a train in a them park that Lan and Chisao are on. Sal and WoodMan were trailing SparkMan and help MegaMan fight him. They form a Double Soul which allows MegaMan to delete SparkMan.

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