Switching Jobs to Gospel! is the forty-second episode of the MegaMan NT Warrior anime in Japan and the thirty-second episode of the English dub, in which it goes by the title Working for Grave.


Maddy is bored and restless since the disintigration of World Three, so she jumps on the offer to become Mr. Gauss's new executive assistant--despite protests from her old companions. Meanwhile, Commander Beef gets wind of a secret meeting for senior Grave officers which is to take place at Gauss's mansion. He, Lan, and the others crash Gauss's costume party, unaware that it is actually a ruse to lure them into his trap. When Gauss traps them in the basement of his mansion and begins flooding it, Lan tries to save himself and his friends by jacking into the net while fighting rising waters. In order to pull the plug on the rising water, MegaMan must battle MagnetMan. Watching the drama unfold, Maddy begins questioning Grave's ruthless and controlling methods and decides to aid Lan, lending WackoMan's support to MegaMan in a mad NetBattle against MagnetMan. In the end, Maddy realizes that she's happier back with her old friends--even if it means washing dishes back at #1 Curry![1]