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"That's right... It's begun again... How long must this war go on?"
—X, Mega Man X8

X (エックス Ekkusu),[3] also known as Mega Man X, or Rockman X (ロックマンエックス / ロックマンX Rokkuman Ekkusu) in Japan,[note 1] is the eponymous protagonist of the Mega Man X series. X also served as a guide during the Mega Man Zero series and appeared as Model X in the Mega Man ZX series. He was the successor of the original Mega Man and is Dr. Thomas Light's greatest creation. X is a Maverick Hunter who fought alongside his partners Zero and Axl in order to maintain peace and stability in the world and protect humans and Reploids alike from Maverick attacks, though X would like nothing better than the opportunity to stop fighting. Because of his aversion to violence, X is initially ranked a B-Class Hunter, but he was eventually promoted to S-Class.

X was the first robot to possess free will, sentience, and independent thought; no longer requiring restrictive programming or rules to dictate his behavior; based on technology pioneered by Dr. Light. Dr. Cain, the scientist who found him, was never able to fully analyze X's internal systems and system code. Despite this, Cain was able to replicate X's general architecture, making X the precursor to each and every Reploid brought into production. This made him the proverbial "father" of the current Reploids.


X without his helmet on.

As a more advanced successor to the original Mega Man, X's design is more detailed and mature-looking. He shares his predecessor's predominantly blue and cyan color pallette, but is taller and appears to be in his early teens (likely fourteen or fifteen years old, given his initial AI setting and height, whereas the old Mega Man was about ten years old). His upper torso is covered by a segmented chest plate with shoulder pads. His joints, such as his knees and wrists, have small black tabs on them. His helmet has cyan ridges atop it and above the visor, and a red lens sits on his forehead. The "ears" of his helmet and barrel of his X-Buster are black around the edges with red lenses within.

X has the ability to take his helmet off. Without his helmet, X has two ridges protruding in an arc in the middle of his forehead.

In Mega Man X8, X's body undergoes a minor redesign; besides the overall art style change in the game, his armor has several alterations. His buster possesses two cyan plates on either side of the muzzle, noticeable black lines run down his biceps, waist, and thighs, and the ridges above his visor extend behind his ears instead of stopping before them. His helmet's ears each have an "X" shape in the center, and he has new black boosters on his ankles.


X was designed by Dr. Light to be a robot who could think and make his own decisions without programming limitations. Unlike the many Reploids based on his design, X is unique in that his consciousness was tested by diagnostics for over 30 years before he was released into the world. This gave him a reinforced sense of justice and mercy, and ensured that he would never willingly harm a human or go Maverick, despite having the unlimited choice to do so.

True to his destiny, X is a hot-blooded, committed, and strong-willed robot who has little tolerance for injustice. Despite his gentle demeanor, he is no doormat, and will always stand up for what he believes is right. Though X fights with all his might against Sigma and his Mavericks, he is a pacifist at heart, echoing the wishes of the original Mega Man and Dr. Light. X would like nothing more than for the fighting to be over, and for humans and Reploids to coexist peacefully next to each other, like his creator had always wished. He cares deeply for the victims of war and for his friends who've fought so long with him, especially Zero, whom he regards as his best friend. He even cares for the Mavericks he fights and often tries to reason with them before it comes to violence. However, X is easily frustrated when things go awry, and rarely seems to understand the extreme motives of Sigma and other Mavericks.

Although constantly conflicted with the battles he must fight, X always come to terms with the reality of the situation and understands that he must indeed fight in order for the peace he desires to become a reality. Sometimes he requires the influence of friends such as Zero or Axl to keep his motivation going; he temporarily retired after the Nightmare Incident, but returned to the battlefield after watching his allies' efforts. This is flipped during the Zero series, wherein the relationship between X and Zero is reversed as it is X the one who actually supports Zero and encourages him to fight when he is confused or doubtful in his actions. This could be due to the fact of Zero's hibernation amnesia, where X realizes Zero lost most of his full personality from being shut down for over a century. He even returned the Z-Saber to Zero at the start of Mega Man Zero to help save Ciel.


Creation and Awakening

X's creation by the hands of Thomas Light began at some point during the later days of the original Mega Man series, sometime after Mega Man 11,[4] but no exact date is given. Unlike other robots of his time, X was created with a unique intelligence akin to that of a conscience, allowing him to think, feel and act completely on his own, along with highly advanced technology that far surpassed anything of the current day. Dr. Light's dream for X was to give robots the ability and freedom to grow in the exact fashion of all living beings. However, Light was not without foresight for the fate of his ultimate project, and was approaching the end of his life with no successor to continue his work on X.

To test the reliability of X's conscience, Light prepared a stasis capsule that would perform system tests on his AI to prove his maturity, which would take approximately 30 years to complete. Light left a final message including his hopes and fears for X, wishing for X to fight for peace in the future. On September 18, 20XX, readying all last preparations, X was sealed away.[5]

The sleeping X passed all tests the capsule had prepared, and he was awoken in the year 21XX (possibly in the year 2114 at minimum, according to the log of Cain's PC in the opening of Mega Man X, 100 years after X was sealed by Dr. Light) by scientist Dr. Cain. Cain, though not a robotics expert, was amazed by the specifications Light left on the computer as even a century later they were ahead of anything the world had ever seen. From these details and with the help of X, Cain began developing his own version of next-generation robots, which came to be known as Reploids.[6]

However, the Reploids never received the same degree of ethical testing as X, and due to this oversight (along with short circuits and other malfunctions), more and more Reploids began acting strangely, even becoming violent. These dangerous Reploids were deemed "Maverick", and as incidents of Reploids going Maverick increased, the human government chose to found a department tasked with controlling Mavericks. This force was known as the Maverick Hunters, and Dr. Cain's magnum opus Sigma was made its commander. Meanwhile, X found it difficult to find his place in the world of the Reploids, remaining unsure of the life Dr. Light had planned for him.[7]

Maverick Wars era

Mega Man X

The world forever changed when Sigma himself went Maverick on June 4, 21XX, beginning a worldwide Reploid rebellion bent on eradicating humankind. X felt responsible for this tragic turn of events, due to his close connection to the Reploid race, and requested to join Zero - the new leader of the Maverick Hunters after Sigma's treason - to help put a stop to the conflict.[8]

Zero rescues X from Vile.

Eager to protect the world, X travelled to the Highway where Sigma's forces stormed the city. He saw some success in fighting Mechaniloid soldiers, but was swiftly defeated by former Maverick Hunter Vile, who descended from the Death Rogumer piloting a Ride Armor and caught X with a paralysis shot. Just as X was helpless in Vile's grasp, Zero appeared and destroyed the arm of the Ride Armor, forcing Vile to flee on the Death Rogumer. X was disappointed by his failure, but Zero assured that he held the potential to one day surpass Vile and even himself. Zero then informed X that he would perform reconnaissance to locate Sigma's hideout, leaving defense against the rebellion up to him.[9]

To stop Sigma's rebellion, X hunted and destroyed eight former Maverick Hunters who had joined Sigma's cause. Upon defeating them all, X met back up with Zero, who had discovered Sigma's fortress and was ready to perform an infiltration mission.

X and Zero rendezvoused outside Sigma's fortress, where Zero ordered him to find a safe route while he took the brunt of enemy fire. Upon reaching the interior, the two encountered Vile again. Zero told X to let him handle Vile, but X could hear him being overpowered through and rushed to his aid. X found Zero trapped in a cage and Vile piloting a new Ride Armor - Vile intimidated X to stand down, but Zero encouraged him to fight instead. Despite his efforts, X was still no match for Vile and was again paralyzed. Desperate, Zero mustered the rest of his strength to break out of his cage and overclock his Z-Buster, destroying the Ride Armor but wounding himself in the process. Amused by Zero's failure to finish him off, Vile continued to taunt X, but was shocked when the rookie suddenly broke out of his paralysis with a power boost. The two then fought, resulting in X finally destroying Vile. He then rushed to Zero's side, finding him split in half at the waist. Zero explained that he would not live to reach Sigma, and instead encouraged X to take his place and finish the fight. If X did not have the Arm Parts, Zero would also give him his own as a final parting gift.[10]

Invigorated by Zero's sacrifice, X continued through the next three sectors of Sigma's hideout. Along the way, he fought copies of the eight Mavericks he had defeated once before, finally reaching the tower where Sigma awaited him. Sigma was impressed by X's perseverance, and sent his guard dog Velguarder after him as a test. Once X destroyed it, Sigma congratulated him and faced him one-on-one. X defeated Sigma, destroying his entire body and leaving only his head intact. Sigma's head then entered another frame, the giant Wolf Sigma, but X overcame this challenge as well. Finished, Sigma lamented X's decision to defend the humans instead of helping his Reploid brethren evolve, and X fled the fortress as it exploded around Sigma.[11]

X watches the destruction of the Sigma Palace.

X rested on a cliff near the levitating fortress, watching it fall into the ocean and detonate. There he pondered the heroic sacrifices for peace, such as Zero's, but also the chaos which he himself had helped cause. He couldn't help but wonder if the fight against Mavericks would ever truly end.[12]

Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X
Main article: X/Maverick Hunter X

In the continuity of the Maverick Hunter X remake of Mega Man X, X's story has some slight differences. For example, X has already been a B-Class Maverick Hunter for a while by the beginning of the game, working directly alongside Zero under the command of Sigma in the 17th Elite Unit. Scenes of his construction by Dr. Light, along with the events leading up to Sigma's rebellion, are also shown in the included OVA The Day of Σ.

Mega Man X2

Six months after Sigma's defeat, X now leads the Maverick Hunters' efforts to finish off what is left of the rebels. However, little has changed, as the remaining Mavericks seem to pop up everywhere and a new uprising seems imminent. Dr. Cain locates an old factory where the Mavericks are creating Mechaniloid soldiers, and X leads a raid to hopefully finish them off.[13]

After X destroys a Gigantic Mechaniloid CF-0, being the only Hunter to make it through the factory defenses, his fears are confirmed as a new Maverick rebellion breaks out. The leaders of this rebellion remain unclear at first, but after X destroys two of the Maverick generals, the masterminds known as the X-Hunters - Serges, Agile, and Violen - challenge X to a series of duels. They lure him in with the three rebuilt parts of Zero's body, which they have been unable to use due to Dr. Cain guarding Zero's control chip. This gives X an opportunity to recover the parts of Zero so that Dr. Cain can reconstruct him - however, if X fails to face all three X-Hunters, they raid Hunter Base and steal Zero's control chip for their own purposes.

Once X has defeated all eight Maverick generals, Dr. Cain pinpoints the X-Hunters' base in the Arctic circle. X storms the fortress, destroying Violen, Serges, and finally Agile in the process. However, as Agile dies he cries out for his "master", revealing that the trio had secretly resurrected Sigma. X continues to investigate, and after fighting the eight Mavericks again, hears the familiar voice of Sigma taunting him.[14]

X heads to the Central Computer, where he confronts the resurrected Sigma. From here, two scenarios are possible based on the player's actions:

  • If X successfully collected all of Zero's parts from the X-Hunters, Sigma will have a Fake Zero with him, which he tries to convince X is the real one. However, the real Zero suddenly bursts into the room to destroy the Fake Zero. Sigma declares that he "knows Zero's secret" before fleeing to a chamber below. These events appear to be canon.[15]
  • If X failed to collect all of Zero's parts, Sigma will have the true, reconstructed Zero with him. X is forced to fight Zero and defeats him, bringing him back to his senses.

X reunites with the real Zero.

Zero says he'll destroy the Central Computer while X pursues Sigma, punching a hole in the floor to allow access below. X follows Sigma and destroys his body, revealing that Sigma has taken on a digital form called the Sigma Virus. X defeats the Sigma Virus as well, and as the Central Computer explodes, Sigma wonders aloud why Zero did not become a Maverick before disappearing.[16]

X flees the destruction of the base, meeting up with Zero by the sea. X again ponders if the fighting will ever end, and if so, what will have to be done in order to bring about such peace.[17]

Mega Man Xtreme

One morning, X finds himself back on the Highway from Sigma's first rebellion. After escaping to reality, he learns from Zero and Middy that the Maverick Hunters' Mother Computer has been hacked, causing havoc in the world's networks. X agrees to enter the Mother Computer again, with the help of Middy, to find the source of the hack and put a stop to it.

X discovers that the hacker, Techno, is the twin brother of Middy who has been influenced by Sigma and the new Shadow Hunters into evil. X defeats Zain and Geemel, then destroys the terminal connecting Techno and the Mother Computer to restore peace. However, kills Techno in the process, and since he shared the same CPU as Middy, the latter perishes as well. X, regretting this mistake, challenges Sigma in the digital world and defeats him, extracting a measure of vengeance.

Mega Man X3

X fighting off Doppler's forces.

X has finally finished Sigma's initial rebellion, leading to a period of peace wherein the scientist Dr. Doppler synthesizes a vaccine to the Maverick Virus. Thanks to him, reformed Mavericks gather and create a utopian city called Dopple Town.

Not long afterwards, Maverick riots suddenly strike in Dopple Town, revealing that Dr. Doppler himself has gone Maverick and that his supposed vaccine is little more than a placebo. X and Zero are deployed to help quell the riots - however, in their absence Hunter Base is attacked by Doppler's forces, and the two hastily retreat to defend their headquarters. During the attack, the Hunter Mac betrays X and attempts to kidnap him for Doppler's plans, but Zero foils the attempt. X then defeats the massive Maoh the Giant, achieving a momentary victory.[18]

X and Zero return to Dopple Town to fight the Maverick uprising. After defeating two of the eight major Mavericks, X finds himself hunted by the Nightmare Police, Bit and Byte, who also plan to kidnap him for Dr. Doppler. Additionally, X learns that Doppler has reconstructed his old nemesis Vile, who is seeking revenge on his own terms by laying teleporter traps to a factory for a showdown. X is able to overcome all three of his pursuers (if done with their respective weaknesses, he destroys them in the process).

Once all eight Mavericks are destroyed, Dr. Cain uses their data to pinpoint the location of Dr. Doppler's base, which is hidden underneath Dopple Town. X and Zero storm the fortress, finishing off Vile and the Nightmare Police (if they haven't been destroyed already). X finally confronts Dr. Doppler himself, who reveals his loyalty to Sigma and plans to incorporate X's parts into Sigma's body. X comes out victorious over Doppler, while the scientist regains his senses from the Maverick Virus. He reveals that he has already constructed a body for Sigma further underground, and urges X to go stop him.[19]

X finds Sigma in his new body and the two face off: as usual, X destroys his first form before fighting a second form, this time known as Kaiser Sigma. However, the Sigma Virus lingers and threatens to possess X to take his body for his own. X flees on foot, but is backed into a corner - from here, two scenarios are possible:

  • If Zero is still in action, he will come to X's rescue with a new vaccine made by Dr. Doppler integrated into his Z-Saber. He slashes the Sigma Virus to neutralize him.

X ponders while looking at the remains of Doppler's lab.

  • If Zero is out of commission, Dr. Doppler will appear with the vaccine integrated into his body instead. He self-destructs, neutralizing the Sigma Virus.

X departs Dr. Doppler's ransacked laboratory, resting on a cliffside (with Zero, if he is still active). X laments the ongoing violence and ponders what Dr. Light truly planned for him in this life - in the back of his heart, however, X knows that he is destined to fight Zero someday.[20]

Mega Man Xtreme 2

X and Zero are deployed to Laguz Island to investigate the mysterious Erasure incident occurring there. Aided by Iris, they encounter the Soul Erasers responsible: the Reploid researcher Berkana and her right-hand-man Gareth.

Once they have destroyed the island's guardian Mavericks, X splits up to fight Berkana while Zero fights Gareth. After the fall of both Soul Erasers, it is revealed that Berkana had helped resurrect Sigma. X and Zero then work together to defeat Sigma, which effectively reverses the Erasure and returns the DNA souls taken from the Reploids' bodies.

Mega Man X4

In X's story, he is sent to help defend the Sky Lagoon from a sudden Maverick attack, fighting off Eregion and meeting Magma Dragoon before being forced to flee as the city plummets to the ground. X returns to the Sky Lagoon's crash site, where he finishes off Eregion before coming across Colonel from Repliforce. He requests Colonel disarm his men and come to Hunter Base for questioning, but Colonel refuses and instead illegally turns his back on the scene.[21]

Soon after, the Great Repliforce War begins, and X is deployed to stop Repliforce's violent coup d'état. He is assigned the rookie Hunter Double as an aide, whom he finds endearing. While fighting Repliforce, X also finds himself facing several Mavericks (such as Split Mushroom, Cyber Peacock, and the aforementioned Magma Dragoon) who are loyal to a mysterious Maverick force. After defeating four Mavericks, X is also challenged to a duel by Colonel, facing him at Memorial Hall. X wins the fight, but Colonel lives to fight another day.

As the climax of Repliforce's coup d'état approaches, X pursues them to the Space Port to stop them from occupying the Final Weapon. X confronts Colonel again, this time destroying him in their battle. However, Colonel managed to buy enough time for Repliforce to depart, forcing X to pursue them into space.[22]

X defeats Double.

X arrives on the Final Weapon to end Repliforce's plans before they begin, but is suddenly met with Double. The rookie Hunter shocks X by revealing that he is a Maverick agent, having killed an entire unit of Hunters already. Double then attacks him, and before his death ridicules X one more time for being so naïve. Shaken but not broken, X moves on to face General and stop the madness. After beating General, however, the Final Weapon's main cannon initiates, and General urges X to find who is responsible.[23] X discovers that Sigma is behind the operation, having manipulated Repliforce from the beginning. He taunts X for failing to see it sooner, and the two fight. X defeats all of Sigma's forms, and just when the Final Weapon seems like it cannot be stopped, General sacrifices himself to stop it.[24]

In X's ending, X returns to Earth in a shuttle, beginning to doubt his ability to remain sane forever. He contacts Zero and makes him promise that if he were to ever go Maverick, that Zero be the one to destroy him.[25]

Mega Man X5

For boss details, see Ultimate Armor X.

With peace restored since the Great Repliforce War, the Maverick Hunters hired several new officers, including Alia. Things seemed to be returning to normal, until X was called to deal with another reappearance of Sigma, confronting him in a city overrun by Mavericks. X defeated Sigma with surprising ease, but the resulting explosion spread the Sigma Virus all over the Earth; it was a trap. Furthermore, the space colony Eurasia suddenly began falling towards the Earth full of another virus, thanks to the help of Sigma's hired gun Dynamo. This combination overwhelmed the Maverick Hunters, threatening to irreversibly damage the planet.

The Maverick Hunters decided they could only mitigate the impact of the Eurasia colony, and planned two options: the outdated Enigma laser cannon and a Space Shuttle loaded with explosives. X and Zero were deployed to gather parts for the projects, but their efforts were hindered by the Sigma Virus' global spread, turning potential partners into enemies. They were also challenged to duels by Dynamo twice, who sought to impede them further. From here, there are several scenarios possible, mostly based on the actions of the player:

  • If Eurasia is destroyed in time, its fragments still hit the Earth but damage is drastically mitigated. The Colony Virus mixes with the Sigma Virus to create the Zero Virus, which in turn forms an underground void, Zero Space.
  • If Eurasia is not destroyed in time, it crashes into the Earth and causes nigh-apocalyptic damage. Additionally, the creation of the Zero Virus not only forms Zero Space but also awakens Zero to his original Maverick nature, turning him against X and the Hunters.

Either way, X enters Zero Space (with or without Zero) to pursue Sigma, who has hidden within. Before reaching Sigma, however, X and Zero are turned against each other. There are several possible reasons why:

  • If the player is X, he will confront Zero about how the latter's power has been rising disturbingly quickly. He demands that Zero return to Hunter Base, but he refuses.
  • If the player is Zero, he will be confronted by X (backed by two Lifesavers) to declare him Maverick for his bizarre immunity to the Sigma Virus. Zero is outraged.
  • If the player is X and Zero has gone Maverick, X is met with the Awakened Zero and forced to fight him.

Regardless, X and Zero's battle comes to a standstill where both lay exhausted on the ground. Sigma then reveals himself, pleased with the outcome, but Zero comes to X's defense and forces Sigma to retreat. After recovering, X and Zero pursue and face Sigma, determined to put their conflict behind themselves. In the final struggle, Sigma self-destructs just before his defeat, severely damaging both Hunters.

Following the blast, X finds Zero with his lower body destroyed. X lifts him, but Sigma's lingering head fires a laser, piercing them both through the chest. As Zero falls from X's arms, he fires a final shot to destroy Sigma. Much of X's body was destroyed as well, but he is approached by what appears to be a hologram of Dr. Light and is mysteriously repaired, allowing him to escape. There are then two varieties of X's ending:

  • If Zero was normal, X is shown three years since the incident. He and several Maverick Hunters are deployed to handle a Maverick attack, with X wielding Zero's Z-Saber into battle. This appears to be the canon ending, though the time skip was shortened to three weeks instead of three years.
  • If Zero went Maverick, X is shown a week since the incident. He has had his memory wiped by Dr. Light during his repairs, remembering little of Zero. Alia explains that X now has some sort of memory block that rejects anything to do with Zero. X is then seen with several other Maverick Hunters, encouraging them to work hard to make the utopia Elysium a reality.

Mega Man X6

Three weeks later, X is still coping with the loss of his friend, unaware that Zero is secretly alive. He is sent to the Eurasia crash site to deal with some Mavericks, where he fights D-1000. X defeats it, but the final blow is dealt by the mysterious Zero Nightmare before it disappears. Not far behind is High Max, who claims to be investigating the Nightmare Phenomenon and attacks X for interference. X is unable to damage him, and High Max scoffs before leaving. Shortly afterwards, X and the Maverick Hunters hear an announcement from the scientist Isoc that a worldwide investigation of the Nightmare has begun. Isoc blames the "ghost of Zero" for the events, infuriating X.

X with Zero's Z-Saber.

The Maverick Hunters are suspicious of the Nightmare Investigators, so X is deployed to do his own research. He finds that the Nightmare Investigators are hostile and share data with deceased Reploids, and he also encounters the Zero Nightmare again. If X destroys the Zero Nightmare, he is overjoyed to see Zero suddenly return, having been hiding and repairing himself until this point. Reunited, X and Zero continue the investigation.

Once X destroys all eight Nightmare Investigators (or defeats High Max), then Gate - the true mastermind behind Isoc, High Max, and the Nightmare - challenges the Hunters to storm his laboratory. X complies, finishing off High Max before facing Gate. After Gate is defeated, he reveals that he also resurrected Sigma as a backup, who appears and kills Gate before fleeing further into the laboratory.

X pursues Sigma and defeats him, stating that he will fight Sigma as many times as it takes to keep him down. Afterwards, X collects the remains of Gate for Alia to hopefully repair, knowing what it's like to lose a colleague and not wanting to see any more innocent Reploids die. Alia thanks him, and they promise to rebuild the Earth. Alternatively, if X didn't defeat the Zero Nightmare to reunite with Zero, Zero secretly observes X and Alia from afar before hunting the lingering Zero Nightmare.

Mega Man X7

Months later, the Maverick Hunters are severely crippled as X retires from active duty to pursue peaceful means to ending Maverick conflict. In his absence, a new Maverick-hunting faction known as Red Alert formed around the skilled vigilante Red, though their standards were more dangerous than those of the Hunters.[26]

After Axl fled from Red Alert and was arrested by Zero, X reprimanded him at Hunter Base for letting his workplace politics cause so much public damage. Red then contacted the Hunters and challenged them to a duel over custody of Axl, something which X initially refused to take part in.[27]

X ponders the conflict with Red Alert.

Once Zero and Axl had rescued 64 Reploids (or defeated the eight Red Alert Mavericks), X decided that the fighting was too intense to ignore and finally came out of retirement to help. He joined them in attacking Red Alert's fortress, the Crimson Palace, helping them defeat Red and discovering that Sigma was indeed behind the conflict. Sigma boasted he would one day steal the bodies of X and Zero, but lost the ensuing battle. With Sigma reduced to a damaged form, he punched Axl through a wall, and Red suddenly reappeared to fight X and Zero. Sigma attempted to absorb Red for his power, but it turned out to be Axl in disguise, who then shot him out of a window. X was bothered by Axl's recklessness, but glad he had defeated Sigma.

In the ending, X hesitates to make Axl an official Hunter. Axl says that he's only caused as much damage as X did in previous adventures, but X claims that he was wrong to do so in the first place. Axl then heads out to fight a Maverick attack, determined to prove himself. Elsewhere, Zero has a disturbing nightmare of X (or a similar individual) on a murderous Maverick-killing rampage.[28]

Mega Man X8

Some time after the Red Alert incident, construction began on the Jakob Project. One of the personnel transport cars exploded off the spiral track of the elevator and crashed, and X was the first to arrive on the scene. After requesting a rescue, X was shocked to see an army of Sigmas emerge from the burning debris. The leader of these Reploids, Lumine, appeared to explain that the Reploids had taken on Sigma's durable from to survive the accident, being New Generation Reploids capable of changing shape via Copy Chips. Lumine further explained that this power over their bodies allowed them to nullify viral infections as well. X was left befuddled and disturbed by the incident.[29]

A few hours later, X, Zero, and Axl are deployed to Noah's Park to deal with a Maverick Mechaniloid called Crabs-Y. They destroyed it, but were then met with a newly-upgraded Vile. Vile announced that he and other Mavericks were hijacking the Jakob Project, revealing that he had kidnapped Lumine.[30]

X and the others returned to Hunter Base, learning that New Generation Reploids involved in the Jakob Project were rioting all over the globe. X lamented the new conflict, but Axl's enthusiasm helped him quickly accept the situation. The trio of Hunters then headed out to stop the Maverick uprising; in doing so, X learned that many of the New Generation Reploids saw him as an outdated model with little to offer in their ideal new world. After defeating four Mavericks, Alia's research revealed that Sigma's data was unique to the New Generation Reploids and pointed towards his involvement in the riots. X was disappointed, but not surprised by this development. Later, he had to explain the history of between Zero and Sigma to the curious Layer.

Once all eight Mavericks were destroyed, Sigma contacted Hunter Base and challenged X to face him in space. X and the Hunters boarded Jakob, fighting Vile on the way. In the Gateway, X fought what appeared to be Sigma himself, but turned out to just be a New Generation Reploid copying his form. However, Sigma's presence was pinpointed on the Moon within a newly-constructed Sigma Palace.[31]

In the Sigma Palace, X fought and defeated Vile for the last time (in Hard Mode, Vile separates the Hunter duo). He then confronted Sigma, who thanked him for inspiring his Maverick thoughts in the first place with his unique view on justice. In the ensuing battle, X and the Hunters defeated Sigma, reducing him to a pile of scrap. Lumine then revealed himself, only to explain that he had taken advantage of Sigma to hasten the supremacy of New Generation Reploids. X and the Hunters defeated both of Lumine's forms, leaving his body immobile. However, as Axl approached Lumine's body, a tentacle lashed out and struck him in the head, forcing X to quickly destroy it with a Charge Shot.[32]

X carried Axl's comatose body back to the Earth. He pondered Lumine's argument - that they were fighting an inevitable future that would always seem Maverick to them - and lamented the hopelessness of their conflict with fate. Zero reassured him that they would continue to fight, no matter what their destinies might hold.[33]

The Elf Wars

Several years later after the events of the Mega Man X series, X finally ended the Maverick Wars with the help of the "Sigma Antibody Program", also known as the Mother Elf, which had been reverse-engineered from Zero's internal workings and immunity to the Sigma Virus. This led to a period of great peace, even though X no longer had Zero at his side.

Some time after this, a human scientist named Dr. Weil proposed Project Elpizo, a plan to create a perfect ruler to control all Reploids to end Maverick behavior. X disagreed with the project, believing Reploids and humans to be capable of co-existing peacefully without external control. Bitter, Weil corrupted the Mother Elf into the Dark Elf, starting the "Elf Wars" to prove the unreliability of Reploids. Weil also stole Zero's body to create Omega, requiring Zero's "mind and soul" to be placed in a new body created by Dr. Ciel's ancestor so he could help X defeat Omega. For the unprecedented suffering Weil and Omega caused, Weil was modified into a cyborg and banished to the wasteland, while Omega was sentenced to perpetual exile in Earth's orbit.[34]

With the end of the Elf Wars, Zero sealed himself away once again, trusting that X could protect the world as leader of the utopian city Neo Arcadia. X attempted to stop Zero's encapsulation, but by the time X arrived to halt the procedure, it was already halfway finished, although not before Zero offered words of encouragement to X. It was presumably around this time that X retrieved Zero's Z-Saber again, which he would keep for years.

Neo Arcadia era

X in his Cyber-elf form in the Mega Man Zero series.

Main article: Cyber-elf X

During his rule of Neo Arcadia, X oversaw the welfare of both humans and Reploids for a long, undisclosed period of time. Maverick attacks continued to occur due to the lingering influence of the Dark Elf, and X grew weary of his long life of countless battles with no end in sight. He began fearing that he would someday lose himself and become worse than the Mavericks he faced (hearkening back to his fears in Mega Man X4).

After all attempts to seal away the Dark Elf failed, X decided to use his own body as a seal, planning to lock the Dark Elf within Yggdrasil forever. The burden of becoming the seal caused his mind to be removed from his body. To get around this, X's mind and DNA were copied and split into four parts in order to create the Four Guardians: four powerful Reploids who would protect X's body along with the rest of Neo Arcadia. Additionally, X's soul persisted in the form of a Cyber-Elf, watching over Neo Arcadia while totally unbeknownst to the world.

Due to X's disappearance at this time, a young genius named Ciel created an exact copy of X to fulfill the role of the leader of Neo Arcadia. While Copy X at first fulfilled his duties as a leader rather well, the replica eventually started using extreme measures against Reploids to ensure peace and prosperity for the humans. This horrified Cyber-Elf X, but he was unable to do anything about it in his current form. Copy X's rule was the exact opposite of what X himself would have done, as it went against his dream of Reploids and humans co-existing peacefully together.

When Ciel created a Resistance to oppose Copy X and the now-corrupt Neo Arcadia, X had little faith that they could make any meaningful changes, what with the Four Guardians now serving Copy X. To help them have a fighting chance, X sent Ciel the necessary information that would help her find the only one who he knew would step in to help save them: Zero. Without a physical body, X could only fight by supporting his comrade Zero, such as giving him his old Z-Saber back.

Elpizo destroying X's body.

After Copy X's destruction, while Zero was fighting in Neo Arcadia in Mega Man Zero 2, Cyber-Elf X was holding Elpizo back from the Dark Elf. After a series of battles, Zero arrived at the top of Yggdrasil, where X's body rests. Zero arrived before Elpizo could finish breaking the seal, but Elpizo trapped Zero in an energy field. He then forced Zero to watch as he stabbed X's body with his beam rapier, destroying X's body and finally awakening the Dark Elf, obtaining her power. While his body was destroyed, X continued to exist as a Cyber-Elf.

Cyber-Elf X persisted until the end of Mega Man Zero 3, where he used up the last of his power helping Zero and finally dissipated, entrusting the world to his friend's hands as he had done with X years ago.

Mega Man ZX series

Model X

Main article: Model X

X reappears in the form of Biometal Model X, a powerful artifact which contains the "soul" of X. This Biometal is used by Vent/Aile to Megamerge into Mega Man Model X, which can further transform by combining with other Biometal Models.


Mega Man X opening scene

X's specifications.[35]

  • Some information is referencing this image of X's schematics from Rockman & Rockman X Daizukan. Additional info will be listed in quotations. Full document here. Translation by Sidier.

Height: 160 cm (5 ft. 3 in.) (165 cm [5 ft. 5 in.] in Mega Man X: Command Mission)
Weight: 57 kg (125.7 lbs)

  • "(He’s lighter than Rockman due to scientific progress)"

A.I. age: 14–15 years old (To Note: Only at the time of his awakening. X matures as time passes, like all reploids.)

  • "In humans terms, he’s about 14-15 years old."

Armor part:

  • Interior Skeleton: Reactive Super-flexible Armored Skeleton which reduces 93 percent of damage.
  • Body Skin: Lightweight "Titanium-X" alloy.
  • "It’s very light and it’s a metal resistant against heat and shots; the strongest metal in the world."

Head part:

  • Broad-range Eye Camera: X's optical input device. His "eyes." "Broad-range" may imply being able to see spectrum of light beyond human eyes.
  • "He can see way more things than a normal human would be able to."
  • Ears X's ears are his auditory input device, which are able to hear things the average human cannot.
  • "He can hear ultrasonic sounds which normal people cannot hear."
  • Ultra-sensitive Voice Recognition System: X's voice recognition system. "Ultra-Sensitive" may refer to acute voice recognition in low volume/clarity situations.
  • Voice Generation Device: Made by HAYATOM Inc. (MOKUOO Inc. in Japanese version) X's voice is synthesized from this system.

Body part:

  • Accumulative Energy Generation Device: Stores solar energy. This primary power supply generates both the necessary energy to fuel all of X's systems.
  • Ultra-Compact Fuel Tank: A large quantity of (Micro-Fusion) fuel is stored in an ultra-compact tank, in order for X to be active when in dark places where renewing solar energy is impossible- such as underground or underwater. This becomes his power source if his accumulated solar energy runs out.
  • Central Joint Controlling System: X's motor control system for his whole body.
  • "X’s secondary brain that accurately controls all of his movements."

Arms part:

  • X-Buster (Mega Buster Mark 17): X's main weapon. Converts solar energy into a high powered burst. When not in use, the X-buster reverts to the default arm/hand configuration.
  • "X’s strongest weapon. Turns solar energy into a high output beam and shoots it out." (The X-Buster is "X's strongest weapon" only in his default form since it is also his only weapon to start with. The X-Buster also does not fire a beam, as that would imply a continuous stream of energy. Instead it fires separated bursts of energy, like the solar bullets the original Mega Man used.)
  • Energy Amplification Device: Amplifies stored energy to release a more powerful charge shot.
  • Variable Weapon System: Can use weapons or systems copied from other robots or Reploids through some unknown process. In some media, this is shown to be X either copying a Reploid's DNA data or taking a chip from their remains.
  • "By adding in the special weapon chips taken from the bosses, he can use a wide variety of weapons."
  • Either one of X's arms may take on the form of an X-Buster. With upgrades, X can even use two X-Busters simultaneously for double charged shots.
  • In the Day of Sigma OVA continuity, his arms can be detached at will, as demonstrated by X late into the film.

Legs part:

  • Full Auto Balancer (Gyroscopic Stabilization System): Assists X with balance, stability, and presumably allows him to perform amazing feats of agility as seen during gameplay.
  • "He can land properly from any state he’s in."
  • Emergency Acceleration System: Accelerate in a blink of an eye, can dash with a sudden burst of speed. Originally an upgrade available through an armor piece, X seems to have internalized this upgrade to be used at any time.
  • "Accelerates in the blink of an eye, and allows him to run at amazing speeds." (It should be noted that X does not run when using this system, but lowers himself into a dashing position.)

Power and abilities

Main articles: X's weaponry and Armor Parts

Being a robot, X possesses strength, speed, endurance and other abilities well above the normal human capacity, although his physical limits are never revealed in the games. He can performs various specially defaulted actions like Dash, Wall Kick and Air Dash. He also has upgrades in which completed set are armors. The true scope of X's abilities are constantly under speculation by many of the characters in the series. X seems to constantly change and evolve. In many instances he seems to draw on some unknown power within himself. Both Dr. Cain who examined X as well as Sigma who is obsessed with X and Zero's capabilities don't understand a large portion of how both Hunters' internal systems work. What is known is that these hidden abilities make X immune to the Maverick Virus and let him match any opponent. It is also likely that the armor that Dr. Light left him may be tools that allow X to slightly tap into his "limitless potential". It can then be assumed that X's true power is capable of release only on his standard frame.

However, this only happened during X's fight with Sigma in the last chapter of "The Day of Σ", and only for a moment due to the damage received from Sigma.[36][37][38]

  • X-Buster: An upgrade of the Mega Buster. The X-Buster can fire powerful bullets, and it can focus energy to fire a Charge Shot that causes more damage.
  • Variable Weapon System: Like the original Mega Man before him, X has the ability to obtain and use Special Weapons from powerful Reploids that he has defeated. These weapons come in many varieties, often providing additional mobility as well as offense. Of course, the Mega Man series convention of janken applies, and each boss character is weak to a different boss character's weapon.
  • Upgrades: X can take on various upgrades like Armor Parts, which significantly increase his power/mobility. Certain armors even come equipped with special, high powered attacks such as the Giga Crush, Giga Attack, and Nova Strike. Some armors, like his third armor, can be augmented with chips.

Comparison with classic Mega Man

Mega Man X incorporates some abilities that in the classic series had to be acquired as separate parts.

Appearances in other video games

Mega Man X: Command Mission

X during the Giga City mission.

Some time after the discovery of Force Metal, Epsilon created a Reploid army in Giga City, a city built for Force Metal excavation. Epsilon fought for Reploid rights, but the Federation Government decided he was too dangerous. The Maverick Hunters X (with a New Armor), Zero, and a new character named Shadow are deployed to Giga City to defeat Epsilon and his "Rebellion Army". The three Hunters reach Epsilon, but Shadow betrays X and Zero, and reveals that he is working for Epsilon. After an all-out attack by the four Rebellion Army leaders or "Cadres", X and Zero are separated.

X spends the rest of the game teaming up with the Resistance inside Giga City and defeating the Rebellion Army Mavericks. He gains many new allies and also reunites with Zero and also Axl, who arrived in the city looking for some info on his copy powers (as Axl's Copy ability supposedly was developed there) after many intense battles, one which cost X's ally Spider his life, X engages Epsilon in battle. After his defeat, Colonel Redips, the Federation officer who commanded the Maverick Hunters in this mission appears before X and takes the Supra-Force Metal.

As X bids his new allies goodbye, Colonel Redips' gunship attack X and his friends, killing Chief R. Angered, X and his crew chase after Redips and engage him in battle where he reveals that he was Spider all along. Now equipped with two Supra-Force Metals, X and the others are no match for Great Redips. However, thanks to Ferham, they manage to defeat him. After the battle Epsilon is cleared of his Maverick status and Colonel Redips is stated as the true Maverick mastermind in all official records.

In Command Mission, X's armor received a major design overhaul. Although similar, it introduced gold and white accents and a black body instead of the usual cyan. His armor was more streamlined and featured large red jewels on the arms and legs. Whenever running or in battle, his back generated red energy that flared out to resemble a fiery scarf. This change in appearance was supposedly to allow use of Force Metals, according to a line of dialogue.[Citation needed]

Marvel vs. Capcom series

X appears in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as a collectible ability card in the free DLC mode, Heroes and Heralds, and as a DLC costume for Zero.

X would later appear as himself in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite as a playable character.[39] Unlike Zero, X primarily uses punches and kicks for his normal attacks. His X Buster is a separate command and locks him in place when charging, though he is not entirely immobile as he can immediately follow up the attack with either a dash or an overhead smash. He has access to weapons from several games such as the Boomerang Cutter, Rising Fire and Sonic Slicer. He can fire any of these weapons twice in a row or fire one and cancel into another weapon to enhance his projectile game. His Hypers include a Charge Shot that comes out instantly. His Armor of Light has him don the Armor Parts from the first game, which increases his speed and power while at the same time enhancing his Full-Power Charge Shot Hyper to fire off a Double Charge Shot. His Lv. 3 equips the Ultimate Armor to hit nearby opponents which he then launches them into the air and fires off a Nova Strike-style projectile. His alternate costumes are his armor from Command Mission and a new outfit called X Special, which is based on the TruForce redesign of X by Keisuke Mizuno that was initially used as an April Fool's joke.

Project X Zone

X appears in the Capcom, Sega and Namco Bandai crossover game as a playable character alongside Zero.[40] He, along with Zero and Vile, makes his debut in the game in Chapter 20 on the Cyberspace battle map. Tron Bonne mistakes him for MegaMan Volnutt at first.

X uses Nova Strike alongside Zero's Rakuhouha while donning the Ultimate Armor for his unit's finisher attack, and uses Hadouken alongside Zero's Genmurei for his multiple assault attack, which is learned by the pair at some point during Chapter 29. X also uses the final level charge shots from X3 and X4, respectively.

Other moves X uses in the game include Tornado Fang, Rising Fire, Storm Tornado, Frost Tower, Twin Slasher, Triad Thunder, Spin Wheel, Double Cyclone and Nova Strike. All of X's charge moves and special abilities (i.e. hovering) which previously had weapon energy limits and/or were armor exclusive are used in his base form.

Project X Zone 2

X returns for the sequel, along with Zero. Again the party meets them in Cyberspace, and the Maverick Hunters apparently know Captain Commando and his unit's efforts in maintaining peace across the galaxy.

Super Smash Bros. series

X appears in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as part of Mega Man's Final Smash, Mega Legends, alongside MegaMan.EXE, MegaMan Volnutt, and Star Force Mega Man. In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U X also appears as a collectible trophy, and in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate he appears as a spirit.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U Trophy:

North American version European version
The hero of the Mega Man X series is a Reploid — a type of robot with the same thought capacity as a human. Built for combat, his powerful X-Buster is capable of Charge Shots. He also upgrades himself with parts he finds. In Smash Bros., he appears as part of Mega Man's Final Smash.
Mega Man X
The hero of the Mega Man X series is a Reploid — a type of robot with the same thought patterns as a human. Built for combat, he's equipped with the X-Buster, a weapon capable of Charge Shots. He also upgrades himself with parts he finds. In this game, he appears as part of Mega Man's Final Smash.


X is a playable character in TEPPEN, where he is a robot from an ancient civilization that awakened in the present. In an unfamiliar world, his only certainty is his mission to protect humans and maintain peace. A battle against Wesker shortly after the latter had murdered Oswell E. Spencer got him disillusioned about his mission, and he was convinced to seek the Land of Illusion to figure out if what he is doing is right.[41] He is a Hero of the green element whose Hero Arts are Heart Tank, Charge Shot, and Gaea Armor.[42] He is also available as an unit cards, having several versions.

In TEPPEN, X's design is decidedly more robotic, with his limbs and hands having multiple panels and joints, along with panel lines on his face. During battle, two halo-like constructs float above his head, similar to his Cyber-Elf form. When in critical health, one the halos disappears.

Other appearances

X in Zero's ending in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars.

Appearances in other media

X appears in the Mega Man cartoon, in the last issue of the Mega Man comic book by Dreamwave Productions, in the Rockman X manga, Irregular Hunter Rockman X, the Novas Aventuras de Megaman comic book, and the Rockman X Carddass series, including Rockman X Mega Mission. X also had several figures, most of them being released by Bandai.

Though he doesn't appear in person, X's creation is vaguely mentioned in the Mega Man Megamix manga during the "Warrior's Day Off" chapter when Dr. Light stays behind to work on a "legacy for the future". Similarly, X's future creation is referred to in issue #5 of the Mega Man comic book by Archie Comics when Dr. Light and Mega Man discuss free will, during which Dr. Light comments on one day capturing the "x-factor" and creating a robot with true free will.

Rockman X (manga)

Similar to his role to the games, X is the main character whose primary weapon is the X-Buster, a flare gun that emerges from his transformed arm, and his fully charged flares can destroy even the strongest enemies in a single blow. Initially, only his left arm transformed into a buster, but when he was injured in the battle with Overdrive Ostrich, Cain had him modified so that his right arm can transform into a buster as well. In addition to his buster, he has excellent physical strength and can punch through enemies, even small fry, and has broken down doors. He also threw the giant Blizzard Buffalo away, albeit barely. Although he is unaware of it, he is the successor to the legendary Reploid "Mega Man", and his potential is unlimited, as he can use enemy weapons as his own power, and has his own strengthening components. When he uses the "Triangle Jump," which is said to be the power of those who exceed the special A class, two jet holes develop on his back, which he uses to accelerate. Just like in the games, initially, he could not use the dash function without the foot parts, but after the first battle with Sigma's army, he was able to dash without them.

He is kind-hearted and sensitive. He does not like to fight, but he has an unyielding grit and will not give up until the end. His personality is often underestimated by the bosses as "naïve" or "greenhorn," but only a few thoughtful people see through his true nature. He is the only Reploid who can shed tears. He is deeply emotional and sometimes shows comical expressions. He even vomits when he sees a mangled corpse (throwing up screws and other parts), and Zero is shocked that he is so "human-like". Like Zero, he is ignorant of love, and his taste in girls' clothes is "bad" according to Marty.

In X1, he is a B-class hunter in the 17th Elite Unit. In the first battle against Sigma's army, he learned the Triangle Jump, and after battling eight of Sigma's special A class, he grew up and gained armor. In the battle at Sigma Castle, he defeated Vile with his Buster, which was strengthened by the power of the dying Zero, and realized that he too was a "Maverick demon." Immediately after returning to Earth after finishing the battle with Sigma after barely going back to his senses, his armor except for the head part vanished, and he removed the remaining head part with his own hands and threw it into the ocean after screaming inaudibly.

In Rockman X2, he was promoted to the captain of the 17th Elite Unit for his achievements in the battle against Sigma's forces. He is mainly active in rescue work, and due to the psychological trauma he suffered in a previous battle, he had sealed his buster with a ring, but when he learned that Sigma had been resurrected, he unsealed the buster and was determined to defeat Sigma no matter how many times he was resurrected. In the battle against the new Sigma army, he also had to fight against the revived Zero as an enemy, but after successfully bringing him back to his senses, he defeats Sigma with him.

In Rockman X3, he fought with Zero against Doppler's army and even managed to save some of the eight bosses. After the battle with the eight bosses, he was defeated by the enhanced Nightmare Police and was almost publicly executed on Christmas Day, but thanks to the efforts of Marty and others, he was given enhanced armor and revived. After the suicide of the reformed Dr. Doppler, he becomes the "Demon for Ruin" in order to defeat the mastermind Sigma. After defeating Vile MK-II, who also calls himself a "demon," he battles Sigma and is once annihilated by Kaiser Sigma's attack, but is resurrected by the "Heart" program. With his determination to live, he destroyed Kaiser Sigma with his fist.

In Rockman X4, after the Doppler Incident, X disappeared, but in an effort to stop AX-10, he blends in with the Colonel forces of the Repliforce, and after AX-10 is destroyed, he reveals himself and returns to being a Maverick Hunter. During the Repliforce's revolution, he fights for the safety of Zero, who has defected, but loses Frozen Buffalo in the battle against Frost Walrus, and suffers the utmost despair and humiliation when he is unable to defeat Walrus and is saved by the enemy General. When the Walrus base collapsed, he disappeared, leaving behind his own buster, and in the jungle where he fought Web Spider, he put on the forbidden Ultimate Armor. He becomes a being who only wants to defeat his enemies, and defeats Slash Beast, Storm Owl, and Magma Dragoon. He regains a little bit of his mind after the Dragoon battle, but the fight with Double makes him angry and upset again. However, thanks to General, he regains his composure and his Ultimate Armor changes to Fourth Armor. The story ends with him and the reconciled Zero going into battle against Sigma.

Mega Man (Ruby-Spears)

X in the Mega Man animated series.

In the Mega Man cartoon series by Ruby-Spears, X appears in the episode "Mega X", and is voiced by Michael Donovan. In this cartoon, X came from the future to stop Vile and Spark Mandrill from stealing rods of Lightanium for Sigma, which is worth billions in his time. His appearance was evidently different from the games; the trim on his helm is white, his neck is exposed, he is extremely tall, his armor is relatively less detailed, his forehead gem is larger, his eyes are smaller, and his voice is deeper, which makes him closer to an adult in appearance than Mega Man.

In this incarnation he is portrayed very differently from his game's counterpart; he is shown to destroy anything to get rid of Mavericks, no matter what the cost, and could easily be considered quite the opposite of a pacifist in combat. He is also obscenely powerful, easily eclipsing Dr. Wily's robots and Mega Man himself, though Vile and Spark Mandrill are able to fight him on more equal terms due to also coming from the future. The scene in which X is introduced is more or less a showcase of his abilities: he is shown destroying entire sections of landscape with a single X Buster shot, moving faster than the human eye can track, leaping dozens of meters through the air, and shrugging off hits that would have destroyed other robots.

However, he is shown to eventually revert to a more peace-loving attitude; asking out loud if the fighting would ever end, with Mega Man taking the part of Zero encouraging him, and using the less destructive Search Snake instead of his own weapon to destroy Dr. Wily's Super Blaster.

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

Main article: X/Archie Comics


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Main article: X/Videos



  • X has blue eyes in the first four Mega Man X games, although they are green in concept art. His eyes are green on later games.
    • However, X's eyes appeared as blue in the Mega Man Zero series.
  • In Mega Man X4, X has attained the rank of Commander (隊長 taichō, lit. "commander", "captain", "leader") in the Maverick Hunters.[43] In Mega Man X5, X's rank was translated as Captain,[44] but he retains the same rank from the previous game in the Japanese version.[45]
  • Mega Man and X aren't the same robot. Mega Man was created before X.[46]
  • In Mega Man's ending from Mega Man: The Power Battle, Dr. Light says that like humans, robots have to determine what is right and wrong by themselves, and need to research more on A.I. program. The research mentioned could be the result of X's creation.
  • Just like his predecessor, X has a few doppelgangers: X-Kai, iX and Copy X.
  • In Mega Man X4, X had the same English voice actress as the original Mega Man from Mega Man 8, Ruth Shiraishi.
  • Although X and Zero aren't technically Reploids (as the term was possibly coined several years after their creation), they are known as such because the term Reploid is used as a blanket-term all robots with human-like artificial intelligence. For instance, in some crossover games Zero calls Roll a "housekeeping Reploid" and the Servbots "Reploid-wannabe servants".
    • X can be considered the 'father' of all Reploids, as he was one of the first robots with a "human-like" A.I. created, and Dr. Cain used him as basis for his first Reploid.
    • X can also be considered the "biological father" of the Four Guardians, as they were born from X's DNA.
  • In the original concept for Mega Man Zero, the main villain was the real X instead of Copy X. This had been altered due to not only the unauthorized creation of Mega Man X6, but the storyline also involving Zero.
    • This was foreshadowed in X's ending of Mega Man X4, where he asks Zero to "take care of him if he ever went Maverick", as well as the pre-credit narration implying that he will become a Maverick in the future.
    • This is also foreshadowed in Zero's ending of Mega Man X7, where Zero dreams of seeing X, face hidden in shadow, aiming his X-Buster at him atop a pile of dead Reploids, babbling "Eliminate the Mavericks!" and firing just as Zero wakes up. Zero comments that he HOPES it was a dream. However, as it was created after the creation of Mega Man Zero and especially Mega Man X6 (the latter of which was the reason why that plot point was changed), it more likely foreshadowed Copy X.[47]
  • In the original Mega Man X game, Zero and X have a student/mentor relationship with Zero helping and encouraging X throughout the game. While the two become equals and good friends in the following games, the Zero series reverses this relationship and has X become the mentor to an amnesiac Zero.
  • In Mega Man Zero 2, when the original body of X is destroyed, one who watches carefully will see that X's arms break off before the seal breaks and the explosion follows.
  • Throughout the Rockman X manga, X never appeared without his helmet, although he proved he was at least able to remove it, doing so offscreen when equipping his new helmet. In the compilation of the Rockman X4 manga, X is shown without his helmet, although his head is obscured by lighting effects.
  • In the Rockman X manga and in the novel, X is the only Reploid physically capable of producing tears when saddened. X is often seen crying when forced to resort to destroying a maverick or unable to save those close to him.
  • In the comic series "FoxTrot", Marcus Jones once dressed up as X for a Halloween party that ended up having all of the food eaten (presumably by Jason Fox, who was wearing a Jabba outfit).[48]
  • X has a cameo appearance in Avaturma, which is a special edition of the Brazilian comic series Turma da Mônica. In the story, X appears along many other blue-colored characters from popular culture. The story itself is a parody of James Cameron's Avatar .[49]
  • The Hadoken and Shoryuken are one hit KO abilities if used on bosses (shown in Mega Man X and its remake Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, as well as in Mega Man X2). X's Hadouken is Ryu's Hadouken due to its single hitting nature and capability of knocking down opponents upon contact, and his Shoryuken is Ken Master's fierce Shoryuken due to its multi-hitting property and burning fist aesthetic present in the animation. The Shoryuken however leaves X completely helpless if he goes over the platform, and lands on a bed of spikes or a bottomless pit.
  • X appears to hold feelings for the Medic-turned-Pirate Queen Marty in the Rockman X manga. Marty appears to share these feelings, but seems much more reluctant to express them.

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