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This article lists the various weapons used by Mega Man X in the games he appears in.

Variable Weapons System and X-Buster


X, in firing pose.

Main article: X-Buster

Developed by Dr. Light in accordance for X's system, the Variable Weapons System is integrated into X's X-Buster (aka, the Mega Buster Mk. 17), and is very similar to Mega Man's Variable Weapons System, allowing him to use Special Weapons. X's buster system has the potential to become far more powerful in the fact that its weapon capabilities are theoretically infinite. The Arm Parts from X's armors unlock some of this potential by allowing X to charge the weapons obtained from enemies. Many other attacks are provided from the various armor's Arm Parts.

  • After Zero was damaged in Mega Man X3 and again at the end of Mega Man X5, X was given the Z-Saber.

List of Special Weapons

Mega Man X/Mega Man Maverick Hunter X

Graphic Weapon Boss Normal Attack Charged Version
X1SI Mmxsiceicon Shotgun Ice
Chill Penguin
(Icy Penguigo)
Fires a shard of ice that can freeze and/or damage a target. Upon collision, smaller shards will be fanned out in the opposite direction. Creates an ice sled shaped like Chill Penguin. X can stand upon this sled and ride it for a short period of time. In Maverick Hunter X, the sled produced is just a flat piece of ice with a sharp point in front, but it works just like the original version.
X1ES Mmxesparkicon Electric Spark
Spark Mandrill
(Spark Mandriller)
Fires electrically-charged spheres that dissipate upon contact with enemies; if a sphere hits a wall, it splits in two, and the two charges then run along the wall. In X1, two walls of energy are released behind and in front of X. In MHX, an enormous wave of electric energy is emitted in all directions from X that can destroy all enemies present.
X1RS Mmxrshieldicon Rolling Shield
Armored Armadillo
(Armor Armage)
A spherical ball of energy the size of X is fired. This shot will roll along the ground until it hits an enemy and dissipates, or bounces off of a wall and dissipates on collision with a second. A shield will surround X, until it is destroyed by heavy contact. The power of the shield has been increased in MHX as it now resists more enemies with higher defenses. 

*Note: In Maverick Hunter X, X can switch weapons while the charged Rolling Shield is active, but won't be able to fire the normal version of this weapon.*

X1HT Mmxhomingticon Homing Torpedo
Launch Octopus
(Launcher Octopuld)
Fires small rockets that home in on enemies, detonating on contact. Releases six larger fish-shaped missiles in a fanned-out manner. Missiles gain better attributes, including increased speed, fluidity, tracking, and attack power.

*Note: Is spelled mistakenly as 'Horming Torpedo' in the original Mega Man X game, which has been corrected in Maverick Hunter X. The color scheme of X's Armor in MHX changes from dark green to gray when X uses this weapon.*

X1BC Mmxbcuttericon Boomerang Cutter
Boomer Kuwanger
(Boomerang Kuwanger)
Similar to Cut Man's Rolling Cutter attack, the Boomerang Cutter fires a blade resembling Boomerang Kuwanger's horns. It can cut objects like Launch Octopus's tentacles and Flame Mammoth's trunk, as well as retrieve items that would otherwise be out of reach. If a cutter returns unscathed, the energy used to create it will be returned.

This attack also appeared in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

Eight larger cutters will surround X in a pattern before dissipating. In MHX, the number of large boomerangs is reduced to four but each of them will be double in size.
X1CS Mmxcstingicon Chameleon Sting
Sting Chameleon
(Sting Chameleao)
Fires a bolt of energy forwards that splits into three bolts just after being fired; these smaller bolts travel up-forwards, forwards, and down-forwards respectively. In MHX, X simply shoots out the three bolts from the X-Buster directly and its firing angle can be adjusted upwards or downwards and is slightly faster. X flashes in various colors of the rainbow and is temporarily able to walk through enemies and many other hazards without taking damage.

*Note: In MHX, X can switch weapons while the charged Chameleon Sting is active, and is able to fire the Normal Version of this weapon even when the Charged Version is active.*

X1ST Mmxstormticon Storm Tornado
Storm Eagle
(Storm Eagleed)
Fires a horizontal cyclone of air which can strike enemies multiple times. In MHX, the length of the cyclone that can attack enemies is halved, allowing for more attempts at a specific time frame.

This attack also appeared in Project X Zone.

Creates a massive vertical tornado that more or less annihilates everything in its path. In the original game, the tornado is generated exactly at the point where X stands, while in MHX, it is released a short distance forward.
X1FW Mmxfirewicon Fire Wave
Flame Mammoth
(Burnin' Noumander)
Releases a constant stream of flames that continues as long as the attack button is held down. Doesn't work underwater. Shoots out a fireball that creates a wave of flames when it hits solid ground and travels a short distance until it reaches a wall or the end of the solid ground.

*Note: Since the uncharged Fire Wave is continuous, weapon energy will be wasted to allow use of the charged attack. Color scheme of X's Armor in MHX changes from orange to red.*

Mega Man X2

Graphic Weapon Boss Normal Version Charged Attack
X2SSl X2-Icon-SonicSlicer Sonic Slicer
Overdrive Ostrich
(Sonic Ostreague)
Fires two blades of energy which reflect off of walls, ceilings, and obstacles. These blades can ricochet a great number of times before disappearing, but the angle of reflection increases on every hit, and it's different for each of them. Once the blades reach the sky or an enemy, they disappear.

This attack also appeared in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

Five energy blades are fired into the air, then fall back down.
X2SC X2-Icon-StrikeChain Strike Chain
Wire Sponge
(Wire Hetimarl)
Quickly releases a chain with a hook on its end. The hook can grasp to walls to pull X towards said wall, or grasp and bring back items. A longer chain is released. Enemies destroyed by this chain will result in energy pickups.
X2SW X2-Icon-SpinWheel Spin Wheel
Wheel Gator
(Wheel Alligates)
Fires a buzzsaw blade which crawls along surfaces. Can destroy some terrain and specific blocks. A large Spin Wheel is released and it immediately turns into eight energy bolts which fire in all directions.
X2BS X2-Icon-BubbleSplash Bubble Splash
Bubble Crab
(Bubbly Crablos)
Releases a stream of bubbles which float upward and pop if they make contact with anything.  Up to seven bubbles can be onscreen at a time, and the bubbles float upward much more quickly when X is underwater. A ring of bubbles surrounds X. Although enemies will be damaged on contact, weapon energy is constantly consumed by the shield. When used underwater, jumping height is further increased.

*Note: Since the uncharged Bubble Splash is continuous, weapon energy will be wasted to allow use of the charged attack.*

X2SB X2-Icon-SpeedBurner Speed Burner
Rushing Burner)
Flame Stag
(Flame Stagger)
A pair of fireballs are shot. Traces of damaging flames will appear if this weapon is fired on the ground. When used underwater, only two non-flaming drones are shot; they do little damage. Surrounded by flames, X can air dash, slightly longer than Second Armor's air dash. Can be used after the latter (or vice-versa) for further reach.
X2SS X2-Icon-SilkShot Silk Shot
Scrap Shoot)
Morph Moth
(Metamor Mothmeanos)
Launches hunks of garbage. This weapon's behavior and power vary from stage to stage, but the most common form is a chunk of scrap metal that arcs downward and explodes into diagonal shrapnel. X's buster attracts a huge mass of junk, creating a large block that shields him slightly. Releasing the button fires the mass of junk as a makeshift projectile. When charged up in certain unmarked rooms, it will instead pull a bunch of energy or weapon capsules out of the walls for X to collect.
X2MM X2-Icon-MagnetMine Magnet Mine
Magna Centipede
(Magne Hyakulegger)
Releases a mine that travels horizontally at a constant rate, and can be controlled vertically. It will detonate immediately on contact with an enemy, or after a short time upon contact with a wall. A miniature black hole is unleashed; it is controlled in the same fashion as the uncharged version, with the exception of being able to go through walls/obstacles. It can increase in size if it absorbs enough of a certain range of objects.
X2CH X2-Icon-CrystalHunter Crystal Hunter
Crystal Snail
(Cristar Mymine)
Fires a glob of liquid which crystallizes enemies on contact. The encased enemy can be destroyed by jumping on it, similar to performing a wall kick, or by dashing through it. It can also be used as a platform to access other areas. A weapon capsule will be obtained from destroying the crystallized enemy. The screen will shake and distort time for a short period of time, then all actions on screen are slowed down for a while.

Mega Man X3

Graphic Weapon Boss Normal Version Charged Attack
X3AB X3-Icon-AcidBurst Acid Burst
Acid Rush)
Toxic Seahorse
(Acid Seaforce)
Fires a glob of acid that splashes on contact. Two Acid Bursts are shot, but they bounce multiple times along the floor.
X3TF X3-Icon-TornadoFang Tornado Fang
Tunnel Rhino
(Screw Masaider)
Up to three drills can be fired in a column formation, to cause damage to up to three different enemies at the same time.

This attack also appeared in Project X Zone.

A large spinning drill is created on the end of the X-Buster. It can be used to attach onto a wall, and will be lost after air dashing.
X3TT X3-Icon-TriadThunder Triad Thunder
Volt Catfish
(Electro Namazuros)
Three dynamos will appear around X, passing thunder around in a triangle pattern, and then firing off in three directions. Continuously pressing the weapon fire button will invert the dynamos, prolonging the effect to three more times before the thunder will leave.

This attack also appeared in Project X Zone.

X will punch the ground, causing all grounded enemies to take damage. Two thunder bolts will then follow the ground in front of and behind X, causing damage on contact. X must be on the ground to use this weapon.
X3SB X3-Icon-SpinningBlade Spinning Blade
Crush Crawfish
(Scissors Shrimper)
Fires two saw-like blades in front of X that curve back in an arc. A giant spinning saw held by an energy line is released. It will stop after a period of time, or after X spins it in a whole circle.
X3RS X3-Icon-RaySplasher Ray Splasher
Neon Tiger
(Shining Tigerd)
Scatters small bolts of energy in a spread-out manner. X releases a small ball that will continually spray small bolts of energy in all directions.
X3GW X3-Icon-GravityWell Gravity Well
Bug Hole)
Gravity Beetle
(Gravity Beetbood)
Releases a ball that creates a high-gravity zone. Surrounding enemies are crushed by junk attracted to the ball. X fires releases a Gravity Well upward, generating a black hole. After a short time, the black hole settles in place and lifts enemies up towards it, partially similar to Mega Man's (and Gravity Man's) Gravity Hold.  This can also be used to lift up certain platforms to grant X access to new areas.
X3PB X3-Icon-ParasiticBomb Parasitic Bomb
Blast Hornet
(Explose Horneck)
Fires an explosive charge that can attach itself to an enemy, stunning it. Large enemies are only stunned, whereas small enemies are stunned and then flown to the nearest enemy to achieve double damage. Four crosshairs appear around X and seek enemies. After targeting an enemy, a mini bee will home in on the target and attack it.
X3FS X3-Icon-FrostShield Frost Shield
Blizzard Buffalo
(Frozen Buffalio)
Ice darts are fired, and upon contact, turn into three-pointed shards that attach to the floor. The darts are bigger when fired underwater.

This attack also appeared in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

A large ice shield is produced at the end of the X-Buster. After a period of time, it will detach and slide along the ground. If detached underwater, it becomes an object that X can ride to the water's surface.

Mega Man X4

Graphic Weapon Boss Normal Version Charged Attack
X4-LightningWeb-AllArmors Lightningweb Lightning Web
Web Spider
(Web Spidus)
Fires an electrically-charged spider net that damages enemies, but not after it unfolds. Can be wall-jumped off of after unfolding. Fires a web which quickly branches out to create eight more webs, causing damage to multiple enemies.
X4-SoulBody-AllArmors Soul Body Soul Body
Split Mushroom Creates a ghost-like silhouette of X in front of him that copies all his movements and damages enemies on contact. Disappears after a short period of time, or after taking enough damage. Creates an unarmored X clone that is restricted to the area of the current screen. Controls are passed to the X clone. Disappears after a short period of time or if it falls into a pit.
X4-AimingLaser-AllArmors Aiming Laser Aiming Laser
Cyber Peacock
(Cyber Kujacker)
A vertical semicircle appears with a crosshair that can travel along it when controlled by the up and down buttons. Pressing fire results in a laser rapidly firing at enemies. Up to three enemies can be targeted by the crosshair. A constant laser is fired directly in front of X, and can be moved up and down.
X4-DoubleCyclone-AllArmors Double Cyclone Double Cyclone
Storm Owl
(Storm Fukuroul)
Releases two balls of wind which curve upward.

This attack also appeared in Project X Zone.

X releases two cyclones in both horizontal directions.
X4-RisingFire-AllArmors Rising Fire Rising Fire
Magma Dragoon
(Magmard Dragoon)
X shoots an upwards fireball.

This attack also appeared in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite and Project X Zone.

X unleashes a rising uppercut, similar to that of the Shouryuken, releasing the fireball at the end of the uppercut.
X4-FrostTower-AllArmors Frost Tower Frost Tower
Frost Walrus
(Frost Kibatodos)
Creates a giant block of ice around X that protects him from enemies.

This attack also appeared in Project X Zone.

Large ice shards fall from the top of the screen, in a pattern of one, two, three, and four crystals in that order.
X4-GroundHunter-AllArmors Ground Hunter Ground Hunter
Jet Stingray
(Jet Stingren)
Fires a small drone that travels on the ground. If in midair, pressing down will make the drone go down to the ground instantly. A larger drone is released in a straight line that fires energy bolts when up or down is pressed.
X4-TwinSlasher-AllArmors Twin Slasher Twin Slasher
Slash Beast
(Slash Beastleo)
Two energy blades are fired diagonally up and down, slowly increasing size.

This attack also appeared in Project X Zone.

Eight energy blades are fired in a spread-out manner.

Mega Man X5

Graphic Weapon Boss Normal Version Charged Attack
X5-CShot-AllArmors X5-Icon-X-CShot Crescent Shot
Crescent Grizzly Fires crescent-shaped plasma shots in random directions. Crescent blades temporarily surround X, acting like a shield against solid projectiles like missiles.
X5-GooShaver-AllArmors X5-Icon-X-GooShaver Goo Shaver
Gel Shaver)
Tidal Whale
(Tidal Makkoeen)
Fires a blob of liquid nitrogen that crawls along the ground. X fires four blocks of ice in front of and also behind him.
X5-TriThunder-AllArmors X5-Icon-X-TriThunder Tri-Thunder
Volt Kraken Fires three lightning bolts (upwards, forwards and downwards) that transform into spheres that roll along surfaces.  Is similar to Elec Man's Thunder Beam. Six lightning bolts will sweep the screen at random points one at a time in the field.
X5-FireflyLaser-AllArmors X5-Icon-X-FireflyLaser Flash Laser
Will Laser)
Shining Firefly
(Shining Hotarunicus)
Fires a firefly-shaped projectile that can be remote controlled. X is immobile while the firefly is onscreen. Fires a large laser beam that remains active for a short time.
X5-DarkHold-AllArmors X5-Icon-X-DarkHold Dark Hold
Dark Necrobat Freezes time, halting all enemy movement in the area. Cannot be charged.
X5-WingSpiral-AllArmors X5-Icon-X-WingSpiral Wing Spiral
Spiral Pegasus
(Spiral Pegacion)
X performs an uppercut whiich releases a tornado rising upwards.  If X is moving when he uses Wing Spiral, the tornado will go straight for a second before going upward. Fires a tornado that expands in size as it goes further forward, giving it a large attack range.
X5-GroundFire-AllArmors X5-Icon-X-GroundFire Ground Fire
Burn Dinorex Shoots a fireball on the ground that will shoot out three smaller embers in random directions. Shoots large fire waves in front of and behind X.
X5-SpikeBall-AllArmors X5-Icon-X-SpikeBall Spike Ball
Spike Rope)
Spike Rosered Fires a green spike ball a short distance forward before returning to X. Fires a purple spike ball that bounces across the screen before disappearing.

Mega Man X6

Graphic Weapon Boss Normal Version Charged Attack
X6-YammarOption-AllArmors X6-Icon-X-YammarOption1 Yammar Option
Commander Yammark Summons three orbiting dragonflies which fire forwards every time the special weapon button is pressed.  They damage enemies on contact but will be destroyed if they take too much damage.  If less than three dragonflies are present when the button is pressed the missing ones will regenerate. The dragonflies auto-fire off at angles as they orbit X for a few seconds, then they revert to the uncharged form.
X6-GroundDash-AllArmors X6-Icon-X-GroundDash1 Ground Dash
Ground Scaravich A boulder forms and is thrown slowly at a short distance in a downward arc. Can destroy or move Nightmare Cubes. A giant boulder is created and thrown across the screen at a high speed. It has a much longer range than the uncharged version.
X6-MagmaBlade-AllArmors X6-Icon-X-MagmaBlade1 Magma Blade
Blaze Heatnix X swings a fiery Z-Saber and a fireball shoots out from it. Eight fireballs fly across the screen at random directions forward.
X6-IceBurst-AllArmors X6-Icon-X-IceBurst1 Ice Burst
Blizzard Wolfang Fires an ice block and three smaller ice shards.  If the ice block hits the ground, it solidifies and X can use it as a stepping stone. X starts to glow.  When he dashes, large ice spikes fly off him perpendicular to his dashing path.
X6-MeteorRain-AllArmors X6-Icon-X-MeteorRain1 Meteor Rain
Rainy Turtloid A water ball appears that goes straight up. If it hits a ceiling, it bounces back down in which it will disappear. Up to two shots can be onscreen at one time. A bubble goes up the screen, and twelve water balls rain diagonally downwards across the screen from random positions.
X6-MetalAnchor-AllArmors X6-Icon-X-MetalAnchor1 Metal Anchor
Metal Shark Player
(Metalshark Prayer)
X throws an anchor that bounces around, exploding if it hits something or after enough time passes. A maximum of two anchors can be fired at once. Six metallic clones of Storm Eagle rain down diagonally downwards from random positions.
X6-GuardShell-AllArmors X6-Icon-X-GuardShell1 Guard Shell
Shield Sheldon
(Shieldner Shieldon)
A small energy shield appears, blocking certain energy shots. Can be deployed in front of, above, or below X. Only uses weapon energy when an enemy shot hits the shield. Four scallop shells appear on each corner of the screen that shoot at enemies with up to eight diagonal shots each.
X6-RayArrow-AllArmors X6-Icon-X-RayArrow1 Ray Arrow
Arrow Ray)
Infinity Mijinion A beam is shot straight forward. If it hits an object, it turns 90 degrees and goes up. If down button is pressed, the ray goes downward instead. Five beams shoot straight up from the bottom of the screen to the top, damaging or destroying all enemies on screen that comes into contact.

Mega Man X7

Image Weapon Boss Normal Version Charged Attack
XVoltTornado X7-Icon-VoltTornado-Small-Edited Volt Tornado
Tornado Tonion
(Tornado Debonion)
Creates a vortex of electricity around X, which moves forward after a few seconds. X is surrounded by an electric field that generates Energy pickups when enemies make contact with it.
XSplashLaser X7-Icon-SplashLaser-Small-Edited Splash Laser
Splash Warfly Sprays water at enemies.Sp Shoots a spray of super-powerful bubbles at enemies.
XCircleBlaze X7-Icon-CircleBlaze-Small-Edited Circle Blaze
Flame Hyenard Sends a fireball that causes an explosion upon impact. Sends a fireball that causes multiple explosions upon impact.
XMovingWheel X7-Icon-MovingWheel-Small-Edited Moving Wheel
Ride Boarski
(Hellride Inobusky)
Fires a single wheel that moves along the ground. It can also move up walls. Fires three wheels in a row.  One moves on the ground while the other two bounce on the floor.  Each of them explodes when hitting a wall.
XSniperMissile X7-Icon-SniperMissile-Small-Edited Sniper Missile
Snipe Anteator
(Snipe Ariquick)
Launches a homing missile that can pierce through enemies and only explodes when it hits an obstacle. Launches three homing missiles at once.
XWindCutter X7-Icon-WindCutter-Small-Edited Wind Cutter
Wind Crowrang
(Wind Karasting)
Shoots an air-element boomerang that comes back if it doesn't hit anything. Sends out eight shots that home in on enemies.
XExplosion X7-Icon-Explosion-Small-Edited Explosion
Vanishing Gungaroo
(Vanishing Gungaroon)
Sends a slow but powerful energy blast forward. Sends out six blasts in all directions.
XGaeaShield X7-Icon-GaeaShield-Small-Edited Gaea Shield
Soldier Stonekong Generates a stone shield that blocks shots and attacks in front of X. Creates a huge boulder that splits in two; the two pieces then move out in opposite directions.

Mega Man X8

Image Weapon Boss Normal Version Charged Attack
GreenSpinner X8-Icon-GreenSpinner Green Spinner
Bamboo Pandamonium
(Bamboo Pandemonium)
Shoots a single green rocket straight forward that explodes upon contact with any obstacle. Can be used to break enemy barriers. Shoots a rocket upward that causes four missiles to rain down around X, causing a wide-range but weaker attacks. Can be used to break enemy barriers.
ShiningRay X8-Icon-ShiningRay Shining Ray
Optic Sunflower
(Optic Sunfloward)
Shoots a burst of light upward that spreads into eight directions of light rays, causing a wide range of attack. X has to be on solid ground to use this attack. Shoots a larger burst of light upward that splits into four smaller bursts before each of them spreads in eight directions of light rays, causing an even wider range of attack. X has to be on solid ground to use this attack.
ShadowRunner X8-Icon-ShadowRunner Shadow Runner
Dark Mantis
(Darkneid Kamakil)
Shoots out a black boomerang that can home in on targets to attack them. If there are no targets to home in, the boomerang will return to X and the energy used for that attack is restored. Shoots five black boomerangs (three in front and two behind) that homes in on multiple targets and they can attack enemies up to two times before dissipating. Energy used will not be restored if they returns to X.
SqueezeBomb X8-Icon-SqueezeBomb Squeeze Bomb
Gravity Antonion
(Gravitate Ant-Onion)
Shoots out a purple orb that can attack enemies as well as absorb any solid projectile shots. Creates a giant purple orb that expands to the whole screen that neutralizes all enemy attacks at once. Does not do any damage whatsoever to enemies.
CrystalWall X8-Icon-CrystalWall Crystal Wall
Earthrock Trilobyte
(Earthrock Torirovich)
Creates a large crystal barrier that allows X to defend himself from projectile attacks by deflecting them with the barrier. Can be used to break certain enemies' defenses. X has to be on solid ground to use this attack. Creates a larger crystal barrier which lasts longer. Can dig out energy items for emergency use as well as certain Rare Metals. X has to be on solid ground to use this attack.
ThunderDancer X8-Icon-ThunderDancer Thunder Dancer
Gigabolt Man-O-War
(Gigabolt Dokragen)
Shoots out a short-range thunderbolt that ricochets to other enemies nearby when the bolt hits one of them, taking multiple enemies out at once. Sends three short-range thunderbolts that does the same effect as the Uncharged version, giving the ability to strike even more enemies at once.
DriftDiamond X8-Icon-DriftDiamond Drift Diamond
Avalanche Yeti
(Ice-Snow Yetinger)
Shoots two snowflake shots that go diagonally forward similar to Mega Man X4's Twin Slasher that can freeze enemies upon contact. Fires a snow barrier that surrounds X and enemies that try and damage him will be frozen by it. Dissipates after taking enough damage or after some time.
MeltCreeper X8-Icon-MeltCreeper Melt Creeper
Burn Rooster
(Burn Kokekokker)
Shoots out a line of flames that go forward on the ground. If it hits a wall, it will stop there. But if it hits a downward step, it will continue the path downwards until it dissipates after travelling a short distance. X has to be on solid ground to use this attack. Shoots out two lines of flames in front and behind X that works the same way as the Uncharged version and lasts slightly longer. X has to be on solid ground to use this attack.

Mega Man X: Command Mission

MMXCM-X sWeapons

X has access to a various range of Buster weapons, but doesn't obtain them from enemies directly. Instead, he can find or buy buster parts that he can then equip.

  • X Buster - Better versions of X's trademark weapon (X-Busters MKII and MKIII) are available during the progression of the game. X fires a Buster Shot with them.
  • Guard Buster (ガードバスター) - This buster has decent power, but mainly increases X's Defense Stats. It fires a Buster Shot.
  • Scope Buster - This buster's Marker Shot has a high chance of striking a critical hit.
  • Limit Buster - Although the Limit Buster is reliable, its Justice Shot has a rare chance of dealing a finishing blow to an enemy, making it useful for triggering Final Strikes.
  • Fire, Ice and Thunder Buster (ファイア/アイス/サンダーバスター) - These Busters are embedded with elemental strengths which prove useful against certain enemies. Their stat ranges are almost identical. Each one fires an elemental Buster Shot.
  • Gatling Buster - This weapon fires an eight-shot round of bullets. Each Gatling Shot has a 30% less chance of hitting.
  • Aero Buster - The Buster Shot from this weapon has a higher chance of striking Air Units.
  • Brave Buster - The Brave Buster's Brave Shot has the ability of striking more damage after X has taken damage himself, similar to the Mega Man Battle Network series' Muramasa.
  • Turbo Buster - The Turbo Buster puts a large amount of energy into a Quick Charge, and deals more damage if X's WE is high.
Buster Power
(Melee Def.)
(Shot Def.)
(Speed Red.)
Obtained at: Additional stats
X-Buster 10 5 5 8 Start of game None
X-Buster MKII 30 12 12 12 Chapter 4 (Weapon Shop) None
X-Buster MKIII 110 30 30 20 Dropped by Cannon Driver None
Guard Buster 12 10 10 16 Dropped by Hippopressor None
Guard Buster MKII 20 18 18 20 Chapter 5 (Weapon Shop) None
Guard Buster MKIII 60 30 30 26 Chapter 9 (Weapon Shop) None
Scope Buster 20 9 9 9 Chapter 3 (Weapon Shop) High Hit Rate,
Critical +4%
Scope Buster MKII 43 17 17 13 Chapter 7 (Weapon Shop) High Hit Rate,
Critical +4%
Limit Buster 53 16 16 16 Chapter 8 (Weapon Shop) Low chance of finishing blow.
Limit Buster MKII 96 24 24 20 Dropped by Red Hubcap Low chance of finishing blow.
Fire Buster 15 7 7 9 Chapter 2 (Cumin's Weapon Shop) Fire Attribute
Fire Buster MKII 37 14 14 10 Dropped by Mach Jentra Fire Attribute
Fire Buster MKIII 80 23 23 13 Chapter 10 (Weapon Shop) Fire Attribute
Ice Buster 22 10 10 11 Dropped by Silver Horn Ice Attribute
Ice Buster MKII 39 14 14 12 Chapter 6 (Weapon Shop) Ice Attribute
Ice Buster MKIII 83 23 23 16 Chapter 10 (Weapon Shop) Ice Attribute
Thunder Buster 18 9 9 10 Dropped by Wild Jango Thunder Attribute
Thunder Buster MKII 38 15 15 12 Chapter 6 (Weapon Shop) Thunder Attribute
Thunder Buster MKIII 81 25 25 16 Chapter 10 (Weapon Shop) Thunder Attribute
Gatling Buster 15 5 5 22 Stolen from Killer Mantis Accuracy -30%
Gatling Buster II 20 8 8 23 Melda Ore Plant Accuracy -30%
Aero Buster 34 1 1 2 Ulfat Factory Evasion +5%
Aero Buster MKII 72 3 3 5 Chapter 8 (Weapon Shop) Evasion +5%
Brave Buster 80 20 20 24 Stolen from Metaroid Damage amount increases with damage made to X.
Turbo Buster 90 10 10 0 Cumin's Secret Shop Damage amount increases with higher amounts of WE.

Mega Man Xtreme

Graphic Weapon Boss Normal Version Charged Attack
MMXT1-ShotgunIce-AllArmors-V2 MMXT1-Icon-ShotgunIce-V2 Shotgun Ice
Chill Penguin
(Icy Penguigo)
A single ice shard is fired. If it hits an enemy or solid obstacle, it will disperse into smaller ice shards going the opposite direction, spreading as they leave the said obstacle. An ice plate is formed, sliding along the ground. Unlike the charged form of Shotgun Ice in X1, X cannot ride on the ice plate.
MMXT1-ElectricSpark-AllArmors-V2 MMXT1-Icon-ElectricSpark-V2 Electric Spark
Spark Mandrill
(Spark Mandriller)
An electrically-charged sphere is fired. It splits into two spheres, going in opposite vertical directions upon contact with any un-damageable obstacle. Two energy walls are fired at opposite horizontal directions.
MMXT1-StormTornado-AllArmors-V2 MMXT1-Icon-StormTornado-V2 Storm Tornado
Storm Eagle
(Storm Eagleed)
A horizontal tornado is fired. This tornado can inflict damage on a target several times. A powerful vertical tornado is fired exactly where X stands.
MMXT1-SpeedBurner-AllArmors-V2 MMXT1-Icon-SpeedBurner-V2 Speed Burner
(ラッシングバーナー, Rushing Burner)
Flame Stag
(Flame Stagger)
Fires a pair of fireballs that circle one another. X does a fiery dash. This fiery dash goes farther than the ordinary dash.
MMXT1-SpinWheel-AllArmors-V2 MMXT1-Icon-SpinWheel-V2 Spin Wheel
Wheel Gator
(Wheel Alligates)
A round saw blade is fired, which rolls along the ground. This can destroy certain blocks. Fires a Spin Wheel which scatters into energy shots, firing in eight directions.
MMXT1-MagnetMine-AllArmors-V2 MMXT1-Icon-MagnetMine-V2 Magnet Mine
Magna Centipede
(Magna Hyakulegger)
Fires a mine that travels horizontally, but can be controlled vertically. Upon contact with an enemy or other obstacle, it stays there for a few seconds before detonating. Fires a black hole which can also be controlled vertically. It can go through any obstacle, and can enlarge if it absorbs a sufficient range of objects.
MMXT1-RollingShield-AllArmors-V2 MMXT1-Icon-RollingShield-V2 Rolling Shield
Armored Armadillo
(Armor Armage)
An energy ball the size of X is fired, then rolls on the ground. It will dissipate upon contact with an enemy, or if it hits a second wall after rebounding from a first wall. X is surrounded by a spherical shield, which dissipates upon heavy contact. This charged form also protects X from spikes.
MMXT1-SilkShot-AllArmors-V2 MMXT1-Icon-SilkShot-V2 Silk Shot
(スクラップシュート, Scrap Shoot)
Morph Moth
(Metamor Mothmeanos)
A compound of junk is fired in a projectile path, exploding into four pieces fired at diagonal directions. A larger compound of junk is fired in the same manner, exploding into eight pieces fired in eight directions.

Mega Man Xtreme 2

Graphic Weapon Boss Normal Version Charged Attack
MMXT2-RayClaw-AllArmors-V2 MMXT2-Icon-RayClaw-V2 Ray Claw
Neon Tiger
(Shining Tigerd)
An energy blade is fired continuously. It dissipates upon contact with enemies. Small energy orbs are fired out in a spread-out manner.
MMXT2-MarineTornado-AllArmors-V2 MMXT2-Icon-MarineTornado-V2 Marine Tornado
Launch Octopus
(Launcher Octopuld)
Fires a vertical tornado similar to the charged form of Storm Tornado, but the tornado lasts for less than a second. Fires four missiles in a fanned-out manner.
MMXT2-TriThunder-AllArmors-V2 MMXT2-Icon-TriThunder-V2 Tri-Thunder
(トライアードサンダー, Triad Thunder)
Volt Catfish
(Electro Namazuros)
X fires three electrically-charged spheres in a fanned-out manner. X releases six spheres of electrical energy in six directions in a Giga Crush posture.
MMXT2-FireWave-AllArmors-V2 MMXT2-Icon-FireWave-V2 Fire Wave
Flame Mammoth
(Burnin’ Noumander)
A small, fiery blast is fired that becomes a horizontally-travelling stream of fire when it hits ground. Large fireballs rain down anywhere from the top of the screen.
MMXT2-StrikeChain-AllArmors-V2 MMXT2-Icon-StrikeChain-V2 Strike Chain
Wire Sponge
(Wire Hetimarl)
Similar to the Mega Man X2 version. Similar to the Mega Man X2 version.
MMXT2-BombBee-AllArmors-V2 MMXT2-Icon-BombBee-V2 Bomb Bee
Blast Hornet
(Explose Horneck)
A bee-bomb is fired, locking on to the closest target. Three bee-bombs orbit around X (like the Yammar Option). They explode upon contact with enemies.
MMXT2-SonicSlicer-AllArmors-V2 MMXT2-Icon-SonicSlicer-V2 Sonic Slicer
Overdrive Ostrich
(Sonic Ostreague)
An energy blade is fired, bouncing off walls for an infinite number of times. Three large energy blades are fired skyward, then fall back down.
MMXT2-TornadoFang-AllArmors-V2 MMXT2-Icon-TornadoFang-V2 Tornado Fang
Tunnel Rhino
(Screw Masaider)
Similar to the Mega Man X3 version. Similar to the Mega Man X3 version, but can't be used to cling to walls.

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