The X-Buster (エックスバスター Ekkusu Basutā) is Mega Man X's primary weapon in all games from the Mega Man X series.


The X-Buster is a Mega Buster Mark 17[1] created by Dr. Light as part of X's body. X can transform either of his arms into this powerful buster to shoot bullets of compressed solar energy.

The X-Buster also has a Variable Weapon System that allows X to use the Special Weapons of Reploids he defeats, and it can also be powered up with different Armor Parts and Power-Up Parts. In The Day of Σ, it's shown that X can detach his buster from his forearm at will.

In Mega Man X: Command Mission, the X-Buster was redesigned alongside X's New Armor, and it is his starting weapon. Its attack is named Buster Shot, and his Action Trigger is a Charge Shot. X can equip other busters and even new versions of the X-Buster, the X-Buster MKII and X-Buster MKIII.

Charge Shots

X's body also possesses an energy amplifier that allows him to stockpile energy in his body, before releasing it all from his X-Buster at once as a more powerful Charge Shot.

Attack Image Description
Normal Shot (Lvl. 1) X1 XBuster1.png
X4 XBuster1.png
X7 XBuster1.png
X8 XBuster1.png
XMH XBuster1.png
X's default buster shots. They are bright yellow in color, and while they do not deal much damage on their own, they benefit from a high firing rate.
Semi-Charge Shot (Lvl. 2) X1 XBuster2.png
X4 XBuster2.png
X7 XBuster2.png
X8 XBuster2.png
XMH XBuster2.png
X's semi-charged shots. They are either green or blue in color, and are slightly larger and stronger than normal shots.
Charge Shot (Lvl. 3) X1 XBuster3.png
X2 XBuster3.png
X3 XBuster3.png
X4 XBuster3.png
X7 XBuster3.png
X8 XBuster3.png
XMH XBuster3.png
X's usual fully-charged shots. They are either blue, pink, or green in color, and are considerably larger and stronger than normal shots.
Charge Shot (Lvl. 4) X7 XBuster4.png
X8 XBuster4.png
Only available in Mega Man X7 and Mega Man X8, these shots are a tier above the usual Charge Shots. They are blue in color, and are much larger and stronger than normal shots.

Arm Parts

The Arm Parts obtained by X allows him to charge his buster further to use more powerful attacks. Excluding the Gaea Armor and Shadow Armor, all Arm Parts allow X to charge Special Weapons.

Armor Attack Image Description
First Armor Spiral Crush Buster[2]
X1 XBuster4.png
XMH XBuster4-1.png
X can charge to Lvl. 4. It is composed of multiple pink shots that pass through most walls, and creates a flash behind X that can damage those behind him (except in Maverick Hunter X).
"Zero Buster"
XMH XBuster4-2.png Exclusive to Maverick Hunter X, acquired from Zero if the player didn't equip the Spiral Crush Buster. It is instead one giant red shot, identical to Zero's, that deals especially heavy damage to bosses.
Second Armor Double Charge Shot[2]
X2 XBuster4.png X can charge to Lvl. 4. This allows X to fire a Lvl. 3 Charge Shot while also storing a second shot for future use; when briefly charged the second is a Lvl. 2 shot, while charging for longer makes it a new Lvl. 3 Charge Shot with shots spiraling around it.
Third Armor Cross Charge Shot[2]
X3 XBuster4-1.png
X3 XBuster4-2.png
X can charge to Lvl. 4. It is two shots like the Double Charge Shot, but the first shot can be combined with the second by firing them in rapid succession, splitting into a wall of five powerful shots.
Fourth Armor Stock Charge Shot[2]
X4 XBuster3-1.png One of the two Charge Shots available in Mega Man X4. By charging to Lvl. 3, X can store up to four Lvl. 3 Charge Shots and fire each of them at will.
Plasma Charge Shot[2]
X4 XBuster3-2.png One of the two Charge Shots available in Mega Man X4. It pierces enemies, leaving behind a damaging Plasma Ball for each it makes contact with. In Mega Man X5 this is the Fourth Armor's default Charge Shot, but it can only leave one Plasma Ball at a time.
Ultimate Armor X4 XBuster3-U.png
X6 XBuster3-U.png
X8 XBuster4-U.png
The Ultimate Armor has used the Plasma Charge Shot from Mega Man X4 to Mega Man X6, and Mega Man X8.
Falcon Armor Spear Charge Shot[2]
X5 XBuster3-F.png A Lvl. 3 Charge Shot that can pierce through any enemy or obstacle in Mega Man X5. In Mega Man X6 it has lost its piercing properties.
Gaea Armor Gaea Shot[Citation needed] X5 XBuster2-G.png
X5 XBuster3-G.png
Normal buster shots are short-ranged but powerful blasts reminiscent of a Lvl. 2 shot. Charging to Lvl. 3 increases the size of the blast, erases incoming projectiles, and can destroy Gaea Blocks.
Blade Armor Charge Saber[2]
X6 XBuster3-B.png
X6 XBusterS2-B.png
The Lvl. 3 Charge Shots leave behind damaging energy balls similarly to the Plasma Charge Shot, though smaller. X can also use a Charged Saber attack by holding Up while releasing the Lvl. 3 charge, giving the slash extended range and the ability to erase incoming projectiles. Notably, in this armor X's saber extends from his buster.
Shadow Armor Engetsurin[2]
(円月輪, "Crescent Moon Ring")
X6 XBuster1-S.png
X6 XBuster3-S.png
Normal buster shots are random shuriken-like shots similar to C-Shot. Charging to Lvl. 3 results in a Z-Saber slash with an added crescent moon effect for extended range and damage.
Glide Armor Glide Shot[Citation needed] X7 XBuster5.png Adds three homing projectiles around the Lvl. 4 Charge Shot to deal additional damage. If they do not hit the same target, they will home in on another nearby target.
Hermes Armor Spread Charge Shot[3]
X8 XBuster4-H.png Fires a spread of three Lvl. 2 shots in place of a Lvl. 3 Charge Shot, with the added capability of breaking guards. When X-Drive is in effect X also has access to a Lvl. 4 Charge Shot that fires five Lvl. 2 shots.
Icarus Armor Laser Charge Shot[3]
X8 XBuster4-I.png Upscales all of X's charge levels, making his normal shots into Lvl. 2 shots, Lvl. 2 shots into Lvl. 3 Charge Shots, etc. with additional guard-breaking power. His Lvl. 4 Charge Shot also becomes a laser beam that deals prolonged damage and can suspend X in the air.

Appearances in other games

  • In Mega Man X DiVE, the player starts with a "Normal Buster" (named Mega Buster in the English version) that can be used by all playable characters.
  • In the Mega Man Zero series, the X-Buster is one of the Ten Shining Weapons. As X only appears as a Cyber-elf in the series, his buster isn't shown, but his copy, Copy X, also has a buster, and in the Ciel's Memory radio drama, is at least capable of using the X-buster while in his default form due to using it to fire a blast at Zero.
  • In the first Mega Man Legends game, the X Buster is an item that can be used to create the powerful Shining Laser. Its description says it is a laser weapon with batteries not included.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

The X-Buster is part of X's moveset.

X with the Infinity Buster

Near the end of the story mode, Iron Man and Thanos work together to create a weapon that has the ability to channel the power of the four Infinity Stones the heroes had. This weapon, dubbed the Infinity Buster by Iron Man, is given to X. X uses it to destroy Ultron Omega. The weapon was exceptionally powerful to such an extent that X had immense problems controlling said power even in his Ultimate form, experiencing violent convulsions while it was charging, thus requiring the heroes from both universes to lend X their energy via Doctor Strange and Morrigan as conduits to have X focus its charged energy long enough to obliterate Ultron Omega.

Other media

Rockman X manga

Web Spider after taking the full force of X's Buster.

The X-Buster is near identical to the games, but originally it is only available in X's left arm. X can use Special Weapons by inserting chips from defeated enemy Reploids in his buster. During the battle against Sting Chameleon, his buster is severely damaged, but Armored Armadillo ordered a Metall C-15 to repair it, disobeying Sigma's orders to have an honorable one-on-one combat against X. Late in the story, X's buster is damaged again in the battle against Boomer Kuwanger in a tower, and becomes useless when he takes an energy cable from the tower and attaches it to his buster to fire a giant blast that destroyed Kuwanger and part of the tower. Without ways to attack, he's defenseless against Vile, but Zero gives his buster to X, allowing him to battle.

In the Rockman X2 manga, X gains the ability to use his buster with either arm, but he can use only one of them at a time. However, when facing the three X-Hunters in their base, he uses both busters at the same time to defeat them.

The massive power of the buster is demonstrated again in the Rockman X4 manga, where X is able to mortally wound Repliforce guerrilla commander Web Spider with a single charged shot. The force of the blast resulted in Spider's head being dis-attached from his body, with him having to hold it in one hand before losing all strength and dying seconds later.


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  • In Mega Man X, X's weapon is labeled "X. Buster" in X's inventory and "X-Buster" in the epilogue. The reason for this inconsistency is unknown.
  • The X-Buster's normal and semi-charge shots in Mega Man X3 have slightly different colors than in Mega Man X and X2 despite being the same sprites, due to a universal palette change in the game.

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