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The X-Buster (エックスバスター Ekkusu Basutā) is Mega Man X's primary weapon in all games from the Mega Man X series. It is a Mega Buster Mark 17[1] created by Dr. Light alongside X. X can transform either of his arms into a powerful buster to shoot bullets of compressed solar energy, and has an energy amplifier that allows it to be charged up and release a more powerful shot.

The X-Buster also has a Variable Weapon System that allows X to use the Special Weapons of Reploids defeated by him, and it can also be powered up with different Armor Parts and Power-Up Parts. In The Day of Sigma, it's shown that X can detach his buster.

In Mega Man X: Command Mission, the X Buster was redesigned alongside X, and it is his starting weapon. X can find better versions of the X Buster during the game, the X Buster MKII and X Buster MKIII. X can also equip different types of busters. His Action Trigger is a Charge Shot.

Arm Parts

The Arm Parts obtained by X allows him to charge his buster further to use more powerful attacks. Excluding the Gaea Armor and Shadow Armor, all Arm Parts allow X to charge Special Weapons.

Armor Attack Description
First ArmorSpiral Crush Buster
X can charge his buster further, the third charge shot firing three trails of five spiraling shots.
Second ArmorDouble Charge Shot
X can charge his buster further. The third and fourth charge shots are identical to the first and second, but after the attack X has energy stored to fire another shot with two trails of four shots spinning around it.
Third ArmorCross Charge Shot
X can charge up to four charge levels. At the fourth, X can fire out a Cross Charge Shot by shooting both busters in each arm in rapid succession. When the Armor is fully assembled, X uses half the weapon energy for his Special Weapons. With the Arm Chip, X will be able to use unlimited charge shots as long as the Hyper Charge has weapon energy.
Fourth Armor Stock Charge Shot
One of the two charge shots that X can choose in Mega Man X4.
Plasma Charge Shot
One of the two charge shots that X can choose in Mega Man X4. This is the armor's shot in Mega Man X5.
Ultimate Armor Used from Mega Man X4 to Mega Man X6.
Falcon ArmorSpear Charge Shot
A shot that can pierce through any obstacle in Mega Man X5. In Mega Man X6 it lost its piercing property.
Gaea ArmorGaea Shot
A powerful buster variant turning the series of shots into dark green and black hued energy blasts. Short ranged, but compensates in power and with a variety of effects: Destroys V marked Gaea Blocks and naturally carries Shot Eraser and Virus Buster effects, allowing the neutralization of enemy shots and the erasure of harmful virus energy bodies, including that of the Sigma and Zero Viruses.

Appearances in other games

  • In the first Mega Man Legends game, the X Buster is an item that can be used to create the powerful Shining Laser. Its description says it is a laser weapon with batteries not included.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

The X-Buster is part of X's moveset.

Infinity Buster

X with the Infinity Buster

Near the end of the story mode, Iron Man and Thanos work together to create a weapon that has the ability to channel the power of the four Infinity Stones the heroes had. This weapon, dubbed the Infinity Buster by Iron Man, is given to X. X uses it to destroy Ultron Omega. The weapon was exceptionally powerful to such an extent that X had immense problems controlling said power even in his Ultimate form, experiencing violent convulsions while it was charging, thus requiring the heroes from both universes to lend X their energy via Doctor Strange and Morrigan as conduits to have X focus its charged energy long enough to obliterate Ultron Omega.

Other media

Rockman X manga

The X-Buster is near identical to the games, but originally it is only available in X's left arm. X can use Special Weapons by inserting chips from defeated enemy Reploids in his buster. During the battle against Sting Chameleon, his buster is severely damaged, but Armored Armadillo ordered a Metall C-15 to repair it, disobeying Sigma's orders to have an honorable one-on-one combat against X. Late in the story, X's buster is damaged again in the battle against Boomer Kuwanger in a tower, and becomes useless when he takes an energy cable from the tower and attaches it to his buster to fire a giant blast that destroyed Kuwanger and part of the tower. Without ways to attack, he's defenseless against Vile, but Zero gives his buster to X, allowing him to battle.

In the Rockman X2 manga, X gains the ability to use his buster with either arm, but he can use only one of them at a time. However, when facing the three X-Hunters in their base, he uses both busters at the same time to defeat them.



  • In Mega Man X, X's weapon is labeled "X. Buster" in X's inventory and "X-Buster" in the epilogue. The reason for this inconsistency is unknown.

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