The X-Hunters, known as Counter Hunters (カウンターハンター Kauntā Hantā) in Japan, is a group of three Mavericks and the main antagonists in Mega Man X2 formed to counter the Maverick Hunters. They recovered Zero's parts to revive him as a Maverick. After defeating two of the eight Maverick bosses, they will contact Hunter Base, each challenging Mega Man X to duel. They will then randomly appear in hidden rooms in one of the six remaining stages; if defeated, X will recover one of Zero's parts. They also appear as individual bosses in the final stages.


Room locations


Production Notes

Developer Comments
"When figuring out the limits of the CX4, a female X-Hunter was removed from what were called the 'Four Guardians' at the time. Violen also lost his second form. We just didn't have the resources to make that all happen." -Yoshihisa Tsuda [2]

Other Media

Archie Comics

The X-Hunters reappeared as a group in the Worlds Unite crossover event, having been three of many Mavericks recreated by Sigma-1. After attacking the Sky Patrol, they and most of their comrades departed for other worlds. They briefly invaded the world of Monster Hunter, but were brought down by the inhabitants, X, and Sticks the Badger. Based on dialogue from X and the X-Hunters, their previous encounter had been enough of a challenge that X was horrified that Sigma brought them back, and that apparently, Zero had been involved somehow in stopping them.


  • All three X-Hunters make brief cameo appearances during the opening cutscenes of Mega Man X3 (Sega Saturn, PlayStation, and PC versions) and Mega Man X5.
  • The theme for Gate's Laboratory in Mega Man X6 is a remix of the third X-Hunter stage theme.
  • The part of Zero that each X-Hunter holds is directly correlated with their character traits: Serges holds Zero's head (representing wisdom and ego), Agile holds Zero's pelvis and legs (representing speed and movement), Violen wields his chest and arms (representing power and bravery).
  • Keisuke Mizuno, an Illustrator from Capcom, made a design for a fourth member of the X-Hunters, χ -kai-, which was later made by TruForce Collectibles for NYCC 2015 as an exclusive figure. The concept being his creation was that the X-Hunters were originally four members, but the fourth character was cut from the game due to ROM capacity. Mizumo stated that χ -kai- was created because he was "amazed that Capcom didn't make a villain that looked exactly like Mega Man X."
    • However, it could be argued that he ignored the existence of iX from Rockman X Mega Mission, although it was released by Bandai instead of Capcom.


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