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The X Armor (イクスアーマー Ikusu Āmā, pronounced "iX" Armor), written as EX Armor in Bandai's Mega Armor line of figures, is an armor used by Mega Man X and Zero in Rockman X Mega Mission 3.

When Return X was shot in his back by Enemice-HL, Return X decided to suspend his fight against X and Zero and temporarily fused with the two Maverick Hunters to improve their power, becoming the X Armor for them. When Zero was knocked out, the part of Return X that was on him moved to X, improving his armor and becoming the All X Armor.

After defeating Mix Forte, Enemice-HL used his Sigma Chip to turn into Sigma Limited, and he knocks down Zero. When Zero got unconscious, the part of Return X that was on him attached to X, becoming the All X Armor.

All X Armor

The All X Armor (アルイクスアーマー Aru Ikusu Āmā, All "iX" Armor) is an armor made of Return X's body. X and Return X combined their busters into a powerful attack that defeated Sigma Limited, but the armor vanished because of the amount energy used, presumably destroying Return X. It is later revealed Return X survived.



  • Unlike traditional armors, the X Armor does not replace X's original armor, but instead mounts additional armor over his standard armor. The original armor can be seen via transparant segments of the X Armor.
  • The X Armor and All-X armor were released in model kit form in Bandai's Mega Armor Series. The original release included only the new parts of the armor in plastic bags molded in clear plastic, which would mount onto the original non-transluscent X and Zero model kits to replace only select parts. Later releases of the figure included translucent versions of the X and Zero model kits along with the X and All-X armor pieces.
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