X Crusher (Xクラッシャー Ekkusu Kurasshā) is an iron ball type machine in Mega Man 6 that Mr. X pilots in the fourth stage of Mr. X's Castle to attack Mega Man. It is said that Mr. X likes to use it to get around in everyday life. The X Crusher swings in the screen and shoots a purple ball that splits in two when it touches the floor, each part sliding a different direction. When the machine is destroyed, he flies out from it and reveals that he is really Dr. Wily before escaping to his Wily Castle.


The player should stay to one side of the screen and attack the X Crusher by using any Special Weapon, specially Flame Blast as it is its weakness. Dodge the energy balls by jumping. A good strategy is to use a charge shot. The Rush Power Adaptor also sends the crush flying back if a charged punch is used, and deals 4 damage per hit.

Other Media

X Crusher in the Rockman 6 manga.

X Crusher appeared in the Rockman 6 manga. Like the game, Mega Man fought it inside Mr. X's fortress. After destroying it, Mr. X reveals to be Dr. Wily and escapes to his hideout.

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