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The X Foundation (エックス財団 Ekkusu Zaidan) is a mysterious organization headed by Mr. X that appears in Mega Man 6.


Little is known about the X Foundation, except that the billionaire Mr. X is its leader and sponsors the World Robot Alliance and the First Annual Robot Tournament as part of his plan to conquer the world. Mega Man faces Mr. X in the X Foundation Headquarters to stop him. It is unknown what happened to the X Foundation after the game, but it can be assumed that it went out of business after Mr. X's defeat.

Other Media


X Foundation members in the Mega Man comic.

Mega Man (Archie Comics)


X Foundation members in the Mega Man comic.

The comic series features the X Corporation as a mysterious group led by Mr. X. Their membership includes both men and women, who wear black uniforms and masks decorated with white letter Xs. Led by Madam Y, a group of them traveled to the ruined Wily Castle after the battle between Mega Man and Gamma. After searching, they found an injured but still alive Dr. Wily and transported him away from the ruins as part of their master's plans. It is revealed in Issue 49 that their agenda, similar to the Emerald Spears and Xander Payne, was to have humanity realize their error regarding their reliance on robotics, and that they saved and recruited Dr. Wily specifically for this reason as their leader had "seen the future." They also took over the remains of the Wily Castle and Gamma, apparently owning the island on which the former had been built.

The X Corporation had apparently been rumored to exist for years, with Gilbert D. Stern investigating it despite the skepticism of his colleagues. Mr. X provided his resources to Dr. Wily to enable him to build a new line of Robot Masters, but Wily was abducted by Sigma before he could begin, a development that Mr. X anticipated. After it became known that Mr. X was an older version of Xander, he explained to Wily how the corporation had come to be. After being sent several decades into the past, he used his knowledge of "future" events to make a fortune that he used to found the corporation. Wily employed the corporation's resources in kidnapping Kalinka Cossack as part of his plans to manipulate her father Dr. Cossack, something that Madam Y objected to but that Mr. X allowed.

Mega Man Megamix

Mr. X appeared and poured his seemingly limitless funds and talents into reestablishing the Global Robot Union as the World Robot Alliance.

Rockman 6 manga

Like the game, the X Foundation funds the World Robot Alliance and the First Robot Tournament, and Mr. X tries to conquer the world.


  • X Foundation soldiers are dressed similar to Racer X from the Speed Racer series.
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