X and Zero are the final bosses of Vile’s story in Mega Man Maverick Hunter X. They confront him in the third part of Sigma’s palace, where they attempt to stop the rogue Maverick Hunter for good. X is equipped with both his full armor and some of the Maverick’s Special Weapons.


Having infiltrated Sigma’s palace at the same time as Vile, X and Zero head him off as he made his way to confront their former commander. Attempting to stop him and Sigma in one go, X and Zero tag team Vile, but are still badly beaten. He beats and taunts the heavily damaged X and is about to finish him off before Zero grabs Vile’s leg, distracting him long enough for X to charge his buster and nearly destroy Vile. The two escape and the nearly-dead Vile is confronted by Sigma. Vile asks what make X so special, and Sigma asks instead what Vile had planned to do once he destroyed X and confronted him, to which Vile admits he had not thought about it. Sigma orders his men to retrieve Vile and walks away. Vile declares that he has no care about the fate of the world and that by defeating X he has validated his existence before deactivating again.


Some attack names are conjectural.

Joint Charged Shot - Zero fires his charged shot first followed by X. The two shots collide and separate into four shots that shoot across the screen and chase Vile while X departs as Zero continues the fight.

Pincer Buster Attack - Zero jumps to one end of the screen and X teleports to the other. X is shielded by a charged Rolling Shield. Zero will begin shooting charged shots while X takes pot shots with his buster. Zero will teleport out while X continues attacking.

”Aura” - Once either X or Zero have been defeated, the other will begin glowing. Their buster shots will all be charged and their attacks and stronger.

X’s abilities

X-Buster - X will shoot three shots of his X-Buster. If Zero was defeated, then X will only fire Charge Shots

Homing Torpedo - X launches two Homing Torpedos. If Zero was defeated, then X will fire six Homing Torpedos instead.

Charged Rolling Shield - X swaps with Zero with a pre-charged Rolling Shield. X's Rolling Shield must first be destroyed in order to actually damage X.

Charged Storm Tornado - X launches a charged Storm Tornado near Vile's location. If Zero was defeated, X will summon a pair of Charged Storm Tornados instead.

Zero’s abilities

Charged Shot - Zero fires a charged Z-Buster shot along with three normal shots. If X was defeated, Zero will only fire Charge Shots.

Downward Kick  - Zero will jump up and kick down diagonally towards Vile. If X was defeated, Zero's kick will come out at a faster speed and at a longer range.

Guard - Zero is able to block damage from Vile's attacks and will negate their damage.

Dash - Zero dashes forward, charging straight through Vile. If X was defeated, Zero's dash will be much faster and longer.

Giga Attack - Zero will get in the middle of the room, jump and punch the floor, releasing a total of 18 beams of light in a pattern. Initially, Zero will release only three sets of beams, but if his health is lower, Zero will release a second wave of beams following the same pattern and in conjunction with the first wave.


The battle will always begin with X teleporting out with Zero being the first to engage Vile. A simple strategy is to sit at the opposite end of the screen, away from Zero. Zero will usually not approach Vile directly and will typically fire buster shots until he is hit. If Vile has a long ranged weapon, preferably from a shoulder or arm weapon, Zero will eat the first hit will block subsequent hits and will make a large jump towards Vile's end.

In response, the player can attack Zero as he lands to force him to guard then simply run across to the other side of the screen and repeat the same strategy. Because both Zero and the player are at the opposite ends of the screen, Zero is far less likely to use any attack other than his buster, and this strategy can be repeated as long as he is present. Note, however, that if Zero has already begun charging his buster as he jumps, he will try fire it as soon as he can, so it can be recommended to use shoulder or leg weapons to stay a bit longer in the air to avoid Zero's charge shot before running to end of the screen. If the player somehow is caught by Zero's Giga Attack, the attack will first cause beams to appear beside Zero before progressively moving farther with the second set targeting between Zero and the end of the screen and the final hitting the end. It is also recommended, that, if Vile has an arm weapon with a decent firing rate such as the Vulcans or Missiles, is to continue attacking Zero. While this won't damage him as he will automatically guard, this will prevent Zero from dashing at you while you are busy avoiding the beams.

For his combo attack with X, Zero will always head towards one end of the screen while X appears in the other as they both begin firing their busters in unison. The best way to avoid this attack is to run towards X's side, destroy his Rolling Shield, then start moving away from him while you are behind him. By continuously moving away and from behind X, you do not need to fear X's attacks or taking contact damage against him, while the only concerning issue left are Zero's slow charge shots. Alternatively, one can stand between X and Zero and repeatedly fire a Shoulder or Leg weapons with a low cost to avoid most of the attacks but can be considerably riskier. An indication that the attack is coming is when Zero charges his buster but attempts to go to a corner.

Once X is in the fray, his attack pattern is far less controllable compared to Zero's. Similarly, however, the best way to combat X is to fight him from across the screen as several of X's attacks at this state can be reacted to. If X fires his Homing Torpedos at you, it is easy to destroy them from a far position with a weapon that can shoot forward. Vulcans, and various shoulder weapons such as Straight Nightmare or Marooned Tomahawk can make quick work of these missiles. X will always jump in the air when he fires Homing Torpedo, so if Vile is close enough, the missiles won't be able to turn around in time and will hit the ground instead.

X will still fire his buster in the same patterns used in the fight against him at Central Highway, and will fire three shots in the following patterns:

  • Three quick shots that can be avoided with a single forward jump. If they are close, X may charge towards Vile while using this pattern.
  • Three standing shots with a short delay in between. This can be also be avoided with a single jump, although Vile will need to stay in the air for a bit longer with a Shoulder or Leg weapon to wait out the third shot.
  • A small shot, a jump shot and a standing shot. The small shot will not actually hit Vile if he is standing in place though it can scare the player into jumping into position for the jump shot. Due to the speed of the shots, the second shot will always be gone by the time the player needs to jump over the final shot.
  • A standing shot, a mid-air shot and a jump shot. The first two shots can be avoiding by jumping forward while the last shot can be avoided by simply not jumping at full height.

When X attempts to use the charged Storm Tornado, there will be a short delay from his animation before the tornado appears, allowing the player to react and move out of the way when the attack finally appears. Be wary of getting too close to X when avoiding the Storm Tornado, however, as X can summon Zero as they both fire their charge shots. The shots will quickly divide into four and will hone in on Vile. While the attack can be avoided at long range by jumping at the moment X and Zero's shots collide and divide or even after they've divided, this window becomes much smaller, the closer Vile is to the pair.

As a precautionary note: always bring at least one weapon that can cancel out X's Rolling Shield. X's Rolling Shield not only negates any damage X would take in its duration, but it also increases the size of his hitbox and makes it harder to dodge X and Zero's Pincer Buster Attack. Not being able to cancel the Rolling Shield will drag the fight out needlessly and put you in further risk. Notable weapons that can pierce the shield include: Golden Right, Distance Needler and Burning Drive.

While both Hunters will gain boosted attacks when the other is finally defeated, their health, at this point, is rather small and can be defeated in a few attack, but their boosted attacks are still a serious threat if one is not careful in finishing them quickly.


  • It is unknown how X got the Maverick’s special weapons as it was Vile who defeated them. A plausible explanation is X and Zero had come upon the remains of the Mavericks and X absorbed their abilities then.
  • A similar fight against X and Zero is unlocked if one reaches the end of X Challenge during Hard Mode in either either Mega Man X Legacy Collection. In it, X is also wearing his best armor (the armor parts from Maverick Hunter X being the only armor at the time) and after one is defeated, the other will change up their tactics and become strong in an attempt to beat the player.
  • X and Zero share the same boss music with Sigma's first form in X's story.
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