Yadokargo (ヤドカルゴ Yadokarugo) is the boss of the Opening Stage in Mega Man 8, a crab robot that protects Dr. Wily's secret base, and accumulated moss on its shell due to its long period of dormancy. It pinches at Mega Man, leaps, and shoots bombs. Its weak point is its brain, which is protected by its shell. When hit by a charge shot or one Mega Ball, its brain is exposed. Yadokargo reappears when revisiting the stage, but it can be easily be taken out with Flash Bomb or Tornado Hold, and can be destroyed instantly with Astro Crush (regardless of protection from its shell).

Other appearances

Yadokargo appears in the first chapter from the Rockman 8 manga.



  • Its name is derived from "yadokari", Japanese for hermit crab and possibly "escargot", French for snail.
  • Even though it's an end-stage boss with a life gauge, the game's mid-boss theme plays throughout the fight rather than the normal boss theme.
  • The boss introduction is slightly different between the PlayStation and Saturn versions. In the original PlayStation version, Mega Man stands still for a few moments, then the alone bird flies away when the music track loads and the robot reveals itself. In the Saturn version, the animation of the flock of birds from the beginning of the level was added when Mega Man stops for a few seconds.
  • Yadokargo is seen doing a "bras d'honneur" in its pre-battle pose and in its official artwork for Mega Man 8. While the gesture is considered offensive in Europe and Latin America, it has a positive meaning in Japan.

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