Yamato Spear (ヤマトスピア Yamato Supia) is Yamato Man's special weapon from Mega Man 6. It allows Mega Man to fire small spearheads forward at a high speed. When tapping the "shoot" button, they are shot at two slightly different heights. The spearheads are able to pierce through the shields of Shield Attacker GTR and Knight Man.

Damage Data Chart

Known damage values in units for Mega Man 6.

Yamatospearicon.png Yamato Spear
Boss Damage
Blizzard Man 1
Centaur Man 1
Flame Man 1
Knight Man 4
Plant Man 1
Tomahawk Man 1
Wind Man 1
Yamato Man 1
'Rounder 2 2
Power Piston 2
Mettonger Z 1
X Crusher 1
Mechazaurus 4
Tank-CS2 2
Wily Machine No. 6: 1st Phase 1
Wily Machine No. 6: 2nd Phase 1
Wily Capsule 1


One Yamato Spear uses 1 weapon energy unit. It can be used 28 times with a full weapon energy gauge.

Bosses weak against Yamato Spear

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