The Yashichi (ヤシチ) is a symbol found in many Capcom video games. It often restores the player's health or acts as a bonus point item. The symbol is a red circle decorated with a stylized white cross that resembles a pinwheel. It was based on a pinwheel that appeared in the TV show Mito Kōmon.[1]

The Yashichi first appeared in 1984, in Capcom's first title, Vulgus, as an enemy (it was also featured in Capcom's fifth title, Exed Exes, in a similar role). Since then, it has been featured in many other games in a far more benign role.

In the classic Mega Man series it mainly appears as a recovery item. The item works as a turbine that harnesses the wind to produce vast energy. However, for some reason, it went largely unnoticed by the public and was forgotten.[2]

Mega Man appearances

  • In Mega Man, it is a recovery item found as a pick-up in the fourth Wily Stage, just before the teleporter. Use of the Magnet Beam is advised in order to reach it safely, although, with good timing, it can still be reached without using the Magnet Beam. The Yashichi refills Mega Man's health and all his Special Weapons, and is worth one hundred thousand points. There is only one in the entire game (the player can make it reappear by scrolling it off screen, but the player cannot come back for it).
  • In Mega Man 8, it's a recovery item given randomly by the Rush Question.
  • For Mega Man 10, it serves the same function as the first and eighth game as a full refill and primarily appears in Easy Mode.
  • In Mega Man 11, Yashichi returns as a full recovery item. It is the only item present in the Superhero difficulty, appearing in the last Gear Fortress stage.
  • It can be seen on Rock's shoes in Mega Man Megamix in the first volumes story "The Birth of Mega Man".


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