Yellow Brontes (イエロー・ブロンテス Ierō Burontesu) is a giant mining Mechaniloid fought as a sub-boss in Earthrock Trilobyte's Metal Valley stage in Mega Man X8.


Immediately after the stage starts, a rampaging Yellow Brontes attacks and begins pursuing the player. It cannot be damaged by any attack, so the player has no choice but to run away while avoiding its attacks, and other enemies and hazards along the way. After reaching a cliff, the player must climb it and activate a crane at the top to strike the Brontes in the head. At this time, the Brontes will begin using a powerful laser beam that can knock the player off the cliff and into range of its punch attacks. The Brontes can also stomp its foot to shake the ground and cause the player to lose their hold on the wall. It takes three hits from the crane arm to force the Brontes to turn and run. While its retreating, follow it closely and attack it to collect Red Metals worth 50 points.

After chasing it back through the stage, it will retreat into a warehouse where the player must enter and confront it again. After clearing the trap room, the Brontes will be waiting inside the next area, now standing in the background, and once again attacks with lasers and punches. It will also try to grab and crush the player; the attack can inflict up to 16 points of damage (the character will receive damage for every half second held) and Tag Assist must be used to escape it. Like the previous encounter, the Brontes cannot be damaged directly and the player must once again utilize a crane to strike it in the head. When the battle starts, quickly dash to the right and strike the lever there to swing the crane arm into the Yellow Brontes. However, the same lever will not reset so that it can be activated again, until the player has traveled to the other end of the catwalk and activated another lever to swing the crane back across the room. The Brontes will sometimes duck to dodge the crane. It takes six hits to knock it out.



  • A deactivated Yellow Brontes can be seen in the warehouse to the left of the one fought by the player when using the small elevator.


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