Youdantotsu (葉断突 lit. "Leaf Severing Thrust") is the technique Zero and Layer obtain after defeating Bamboo Pandamonium in Mega Man X8. Zero performs a powerful wood-element thrust attack that makes him strafe on the ground for a short distance and can break enemies' defenses if it connects. This is the same move as Bamboo Pandamonium's own Overdrive Mode attack of the same name, with the difference that Zero can perform this almost instantly as compared to Bamboo Pandamonium having to charge before attacking. Lumine also uses this technique during his fight against Zero, X, and Axl in Normal and Hard modes.

If performed with the D-Glaive, the move becomes Renyoudan (連葉断 lit. "Chained Leaf Sever") instead, a series of quick stabs with the glaive. It is functionally similar to Youdantotsu.

This technique is Optic Sunflower's primary weakness, but it can be difficult to use in the battle against him as it can only be performed on the ground, so the only chance Optic Sunflower can be hit with this move is when he appears on the ground of the boss room. If Optic Sunflower summons plant clones when he reappears, the clones can be destroyed using this technique.

An unrelated move with the same English name, Youdantotsu, but actually called Youdansen (葉断閃 "Youdansen", lit. "Leaf Severing Flash"), appears as one of Zero's new command normals in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. It is a slash attack that originally was his Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 standing medium attack-turned-command normal (said slash itself is based on his neutral Z-Saber combo second input in X4 and X5). Like many of command normals in Infinite however, it can be chained into other normals of a different/higher-tier to make up for the lack of such moves being a single normal button.


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