Yudon (ユードーン Yūdōn) is a large stationary enemy from Mega Man 5. It sends two guided missiles after the player. Its head is its weak point, and as it launches missiles, it raises its arms to block shots. If its missiles are not shot down, it will refrain from raising its arms until one is. Yudon appears in the stages of Napalm Man (as well as in Mega Man for the Game Gear) and Charge Man.

Hits Data Chart

Amount of shots/hits from Special Weapons it takes to destroy a Yudon.

Mega Man 5
Mega Buster Gravity Hold Water Wave Power Stone Gyro Attack Star Crash Charge Kick Napalm Bomb Crystal Eye Super Arrow Beat
5:5:2 5 N 3 3 5:5 N 1 3:3 2 2


  • Yudon is derived from the Japanese word "yuudou", which means guidance.



  • Yudon was originally going to debut in Mega Man 3, but was cut from the game.


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