YumLand (アジーナ Ajīna, roughly "Asina" in Japan), is a country in the Mega Man Battle Network series that is most famous for its many different delicious foods. It is first mentioned in Mega Man Battle Network 2 and becomes a reoccurring location much like Netopia. As revealed in Mega Man Battle Network 4, the country appears to be a predominantly Buddhist nation. The architecture and features mentioned above implies that YumLand is most likely based on Thailand, India and several Middle East countries.


Mega Man Battle Network 2

The first mentioning of YumLand in this game is when Lan Hikari discovers a balloon with a message attached to it from YumLand and decides to make his summer project a research project on YumLand.

ShadowMan.EXE attacks the internet area of YumLand and kills their king, CookMan.EXE. Lan and MegaMan infiltrate the area's treasure room to take the Chng.BAT.

Mega Man Battle Network 4

Lan and MegaMan.EXE go to YumLand during the RedSun/BlueMoon Tournament.

Mega Man Battle Network 6

While YumLand itself does not appear in the game, Pat Fahran mentions that she was born and raised there.

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