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Rockman ZX Advent Soundtrack -ZXA Tunes- is the second remastered soundtrack album to be released for the Mega Man ZX series consisting of 2 Discs, released in August 30, 2007. The album features arranged tracks from the second game in the series, ZX Advent, and was announced before ZXA was released in Japan. Unlike the first soundtrack, ZX Tunes, which was first released in limited numbers, ZXA Tunes was released nationwide immediately in Japan.

Capcom's online store provided a limited edition bonus for pre-ordering the soundtrack: a ZX Advent mousepad featuring Ashe sitting in a sofa, polishing her pistols while listening to music, her clothes hanging in a clothes line. Vent enters with an awkward emotion (probably saying that Ashe should clean her mess up) as he holds a mop in his left hand. Model A is seen in a box full of Ashe's guns and pistols.

Track listing

As with ZX Tunes, the Discs are named after the main character pair of the game.

Ashe Disc

  1. Go For It !
  2. Through the Lightning
  3. Relief
  4. Target Chaser
  5. Slam Down
  6. Twisted Vine
  7. Flashover
Ashe and Vent


  1. Bullet Drive
  2. Be One
  3. In the Wind
  4. Overloaded
  5. Rush Trash Squash
  6. Brimstone
  7. Evil Heritage
  8. Determined Eyes
  9. Oriental Sentinels
  10. Organic Line
  11. Path to the Truth
  12. Trap Phantasm

Grey Disc

  1. Dive into Depth
  2. Destiny
  3. Drifting Floe
  4. Dance Macabre - Second Act -
  5. 尋求未来 (Hsun Chiu Wei Lai, lit. "For the Future" ?, - "Ordinary Seeking Future" or "Seeking the Future")
  6. Whisper of Relics
  7. Uroboros
  8. United Forces
  9. The Chosen One
  10. Soul Ablaze
  11. Divine Hammer
  12. Den of Hunters
  13. 未来へ続く風 (Mirai he Tsuzuku Kaze, lit. "A Wind Continuing Toward the Future" ?)
  14. Rockman a ( antique ) Remix
  15. Go For It! - Karaoke Version -
  16. Be One - Karaoke Version -
  17. 尋求未来 - Karaoke Version -
  18. 未来へ続く風 - Karaoke Version -

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