Zenny (ゼニー Zenī), Ƶ, also known as Zeny[1] and Zeni, is the currency from several Capcom games, including, but not limited to, the Mega Man series, the Street Fighter series, the Breath of Fire series, and the Monster Hunter series. Zenny appears to parallel the Japanese yen in a way since even cheap items tend to be in the 100's.


Its first appearance in a Mega Man game was in Wily & Right's RockBoard: That's Paradise. It also appears in Mega Man: Battle & Chase and Mega Man X: Command Mission. All games in the Mega Man Legends, Mega Man Battle Network and Mega Man Star Force series use Zenny as a global currency.



  • The name of Zenny comes from the pronunciation of 銭 (ぜに), the Japanese kanji for "money".
  • Besides Capcom games, Zenny is also used as the currency of the Dragon Ball and Ragnarök Online franchises.

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