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"Even if we Reploids are destined to join the scrap heap when that evolutionary step does come about...We still have to fight... Not only against Mavericks, but against our own destiny as well."
―Zero, Mega Man X8

Zero (ゼロ) is the deuteragonist of the Mega Man X series, the main protagonist of the Mega Man Zero series, and also an important supporting character in the Mega Man ZX series as the Biometal Model Z. He is the successor of Bass and the greatest creation of Doctor Albert W. Wily. A high ranking Maverick Hunter in the X series, and a legendary freedom fighter in the Zero series, he's a die-hard warrior who doesn't hesitate to take action. However, behind his cold and emotionless attitude lies a wounded soul.


In Zero's first appearance, his armor's design had a distinct red color with white highlights along his knees, toes, abdomen, and shoulders. One of his shoulders was emblazoned with a stylized "Z" insignia, and his helmet had extended face guards around his cheeks and curved ridges on top that resembled horns. His forehead was white with a deep blue lens on the front. He possessed two green lenses on his chest, arm guards on his wrists, and a flowing blond head of hair that extended from the back of his helmet. He also stood slightly taller than X. This version of Zero was apparently an incomplete prototype, since his upgraded design is shown in his blueprints in Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters.

When Zero was reconstructed by Serges of the X-Hunters, his body received several upgrades that completed his design. His shoulders gained reinforced shoulder plates, along with improved arm guards, new dash thrusters and golden designs on his legs, and thicker chest armor. A small "backpack" device is also added as both storage and recharging unit for the Z-Saber.

Like X, Zero's power source is solar energy. His body material is comprised of a Titanium Z alloy, and is equipped with peculiar mechanisms called the Z-Brain (the head lens) and the Z-Heart (the chest lens), which conceal an unknown power.[1] In addition, Wily claimed that Zero was powered by a power source that was even stronger than Bassnium. When he was briefly disabled during his fight with Sigma, Zero manifested a "W" emblem in his forehead lens.


Outwardly, Zero is a somewhat cold individual, and a ruthless Maverick Hunter. He constantly keeps his cool, even in times of crisis. He is also very straightforward and down-to-earth, often sarcastically snapping back at the unpleasantries of Mavericks and destroying them without entertaining their philosophies or taunts.

Despite this, Zero truly does have the capacity to care for others. He is very protective of his allies, such as X and the Maverick Hunters, going to great lengths to ensure their safety. He has a great distaste for the deaths of innocents. He will even disregard his own safety, sacrificing himself, to save others, such as during the battle with Vile in Mega Man X and willingly piloting the shuttle into the Eurasia colony in Mega Man X5. His care for others was detrimental during the Great Repliforce War, where he was forced to face his friends, Iris and Colonel, and their deaths at his hands caused him great emotional turmoil.

Even though Zero does not openly show it, he too seems to long for peace between humans and Reploids. However, he has said that he doesn't have any problems fighting, unlike his more pacifistic friend, X. Zero initially acted as something like a mentor to X, understanding his latent potential and even helping him unleash it. As X grew stronger, Zero gained more respect for him, seeing him as an even greater Maverick Hunter than himself. Even then, he still remains a voice of reason who helps ground X and overcome his doubts. Zero again acted the mentor upon meeting Axl. Though their relationship was tenuous at first, due to Zero being exasperated by Axl's enthusiasm and criminal background, he came to respect him as well while still playfully teasing him.

Zero's original persona, created by Dr. Wily, was much different. Instead, he was a violent and uncontrollable Maverick. He often made feral screams and laughed psychotically, and took great pleasure in tearing apart Sigma and his comrades. He briefly tapped back into this dark persona in the bad ending of Mega Man X5, just as misanthropic as before but with a degree more self-control.


Creation and Awakening

Zero revealed in Bass' ending in Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters.

Zero was created by Dr. Albert Wily sometime in the early twenty-first century. Wily alluded to him during Bass's ending in Mega Man: The Power Battle, where he mentioned he was developing a robot that would blow away both Mega Man and Bass. Schematic blueprints of his body were seen during Bass's ending in Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters. Learning from his past mistakes, including the accidental creation of Bassnium and his construction of Bass and King, Wily constructed Zero as a far more advanced robot than anything he had ever built before, with a power level far superior using Proto Man as reference for Zero's design.[2] He also presumably began to create the Maverick Virus around this time. Wily even dubbed Zero his "greatest masterpiece". However, Zero contained a flaw in his cognitive program that made him violent and unwilling to obey instructions. Because of this, Wily decided to seal him in a capsule.[3] Decades later, in the early twenty-second century, his hiding place was found by a group of Reploids prior to the first Mega Man X game. Presumably, Zero's hiding place was within close proximity of the place where X was discovered.[4]

Zero under construction in Wily's lab.

Once awakened by this group, Zero destroyed them, as well as any intruders who would dare enter Wily's lair. Labelled a Maverick (by the definition of being a threat to humans), Zero was later cornered by Maverick Hunters inside, and Zero destroyed Garma's unit. Not wanting to get any more comrades endangered by the mysterious Maverick, then-17th Elite Unit commander Sigma himself challenged Zero in a one-on-one battle. Even though Zero eventually gained the upper hand during the battle, Sigma was able to defeat the red Maverick after the gem on Zero's head began to glow with a 'W' symbol, apparently causing Zero great pain.

The fateful battle between Sigma and Zero.

Sigma punched the crystal, shattering it and defeating Zero. However, while in the facility Sigma was infected by Zero's Maverick Virus.[5] Zero was then brought to Dr. Cain at Sigma's request, who analyzed him. Upon awakening again, Zero became docile and had no memories of his previous actions. He was placed under Sigma's supervision. Zero did not show any more signs of Maverick behavior and, putting his impressive strength to good use, was enlisted into the Maverick Hunters' 17th Elite Unit.

Maverick Wars era

Mega Man X

After Sigma declared his Reploid rebellion on June 4, 21XX, Zero was made the de facto leader of the Maverick Hunters due to being the highest-ranked Hunter who hadn't joined Sigma at the time. Additionally, Zero was approached by X, who sought to help fight the Maverick uprising despite not being a Maverick Hunter. Zero allowed X to join him on the battlefield.[6]

Zero saves X from Vile.

While fighting Mavericks on the Highway, Zero discovered that X was at the mercy of Vile and came to his rescue, blasting the arm off Vile's Ride Armor. Zero threatened to finish Vile off, forcing him to flee aboard the Death Rogumer. X lamented his inability to defeat Vile, but Zero assured him that he needed time to grow and that he could one day become as powerful as himself. He then ordered X to continue fighting Sigma's rebellion around the world, while he performed reconnaissance in order to find Sigma's new fortress.[7]

Once X had defeated the eight former Maverick Hunters, Zero announced that he had discovered Sigma's hideout and that he was ready to storm it whenever X was. The two then rendezvoused at the floating fortress' launch site, with Zero taking the brunt of the fire while X found a safer way into the base behind him. Once in the fortress, the pair encountered Vile; worried about X, Zero decided to take him on alone. However, he was overpowered by Vile's new Ride Armor and placed in a cage. When X entered the room, Zero encouraged X to fight Vile, but the rookie Hunter was defeated. Desperate, Zero mustered the last of his power and broke out of his cage, overloading his Z-Buster on the back of the Ride Armor to destroy it - however, he gravely wounded himself in the process.

Zero laid on the ground, bisected at the waist, until X finally destroyed Vile and rushed to his side. Zero admitted that he wouldn't survive his injuries, and encouraged X to go finish off Sigma in his stead. Additionally, if X hadn't found the Arm Parts, he would give him his own Z-Buster in its place.[8]

Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X
See also: Zero/Maverick Hunter X

Zero's role in the remake's Maverick Hunter X continuity remains mostly unchanged. Because X is already a B-Class Hunter at the beginning of the story, the two are much more familiar with each other. Zero also appears as a boss alongside X in the non-canon Vile Mode, and he plays a large role in the included OVA The Day of Σ.

Mega Man X2

For boss details, see Zero/Mega Man X2.

After Sigma's defeat, the Hunters tried to salvage whatever remained of Zero from the sunken fortress and found Zero's control chip, which had miraculously survived the destruction of his body. However, the Hunters were incapable of creating a new body for Zero because they were unable to replicate his unique body structure.

Six months later, three new Maverick leaders known as the X-Hunters contacted the Maverick Hunters, claiming to be in possession of three rebuilt fragments of Zero's body. Although the American translation fails to reveal how the X-Hunters obtained the parts, the Japanese version elaborates that Serges made them, as they were additions that had been previously planned by Dr. Wily (including his Z-Saber). The X-Hunters challenged X to a series of duels over Zero's parts - if X fails to defeat them all, they eventually storm Hunter Base and steal Zero's control chip by force.

The next time Zero appears can change based on the player's actions:

  • If X collected all of Zero's parts from the X-Hunters, Dr. Cain reassembles Zero. He then appears before the battle with Sigma and destroys the fake Zero for X. This scenario is the canon one.[9]
  • If X failed to collect all of Zero's parts, the X-Hunters reassemble Zero instead. He then appears as a boss before the battle with Sigma, attacking X himself in a rage. Once X defeats him, he comes back to his senses and apologizes.

Either way, Zero orders X to go after Sigma while he destroys the Central Computer, punching a hole in the floor to help X along. By the time X defeats the Sigma Virus, Zero causes the Central Computer to start detonating. Before disappearing, Sigma expresses confusion as to why Zero did not become his servant, mentioning that he is "the last of the Doctor's creations."[10] Afterwards, X and Zero meet up on a cliff by the sea to reminisce about the game's events.[11]

Mega Man Xtreme

After X escaped the digitized version of the Highway, Zero informed him that Mavericks had hacked the Maverick Hunters' Mother Computer, stealing and corrupting data and allowing other Mavericks to run wild. While X was digitized again and sent back into the Mother Computer to shut the computer down, Zero handled the Maverick attacks in the real world. Also, later during the game, X can find four capsules known as Zero Scrambles, which allow him to "summon" Zero to perform an attack or move. However, this was only combat data of Zero and not the real one.

Mega Man X3

Zero saving X from Mac.

See also: Zero Change

When the Maverick uprising in Dopple Town began, Zero and X were deployed to stop it - however, Dr. Doppler's forces attacked Hunter Base in their absence, forcing them to hastily return. When X was kidnapped by the traitorous Hunter Mac, Zero was forced to rescue him and kill Mac. This marked Zero's first time as a playable character, wielding his Z-Buster alongside his new Z-Saber.[12]

After defending Hunter Base, Zero and X return to Dopple Town to fight Doppler's Maverick army. From here, X can call Zero to swap out anytime by pressing the R-button in the Start menu; however, playing as Zero adheres to a certain set of rules. He is only able to maneuver through regular parts of the stage and will automatically be replaced by X upon reaching a gate before a boss or sub-boss room. Additionally, if the player dies even once while playing as Zero, he will be damaged and become unusable for the rest of the game.

Regardless of whether or not Zero has been damaged, he will automatically appear in Doppler Stage A to assist X with the sub-boss REX-2000. He helps X by destroying the mechanism lowering the ceiling before departing. Later, if Zero is used to fight the optional sub-boss Mosquitus in the Doppler Stage B (available by destroying Vile with his weakness in his secret stage beforehand), Zero will be damaged when the Mechaniloid crashes into him and explodes. He will then lend his Z-Saber to X while he returns to Hunter Base for repairs. If Zero is taken out of commission by Mosquitus, he will not reappear to help with the REX-2000 fight on future visits.[13]

If Zero is still active, he accompanies X into the depths of Doppler's laboratory to find Sigma's new body. He suggests X face Sigma while he destroys the lab's power generator, and the two part ways. After X defeats Sigma, the Sigma Virus attempts to possess him. However, if Zero appears with Dr. Doppler's vaccine integrated into his Z-Saber and slash Sigma with it (if he's not active, then a reformed Dr. Doppler uses the vaccine instead). This apparently neutralizes the Sigma Virus, allowing the two Hunters to escape the lab safely. Zero and X then stand atop a cliff outside the base, where X can't shake the feeling that one day he will have fight Zero for the sake of humanity.[14]

Mega Man Xtreme 2

Zero and X are deployed to Laguz Island to investigate the mysterious Erasure phenomenon, discovering that it was perpetrated by the Soul Erasers: Berkana and Gareth. The two split up to take on the island's eight Maverick guardians before finally confronting the Soul Erasers again. They split up once more, with Zero going after Gareth while X fights Berkana. Both are successful in their respective missions, but they discover that Berkana had secretly aided in the resurrection of Sigma. Zero and X then put down Sigma together, in the process returning the souls of all the Reploids who suffered from Erasure.

The mission at Laguz Island was also the first official mission where Iris, Zero's love interest, acted as his and X's operator. Zero worried that her brother, Colonel from Repliforce, would be angry with him for putting her through such a difficult operation.

Mega Man X4

Zero encounters his creator in his nightmares.

This game marks the first time Zero is a fully playable character, even possessing his own story separate from X's. His gameplay has also been reworked, making use of the Z-Saber instead of the Z-Buster and learning special techniques instead of Special Weapons.[15]

In Zero's story, he first encountered his mysterious creator within his dreams, who cryptically ordered him to fulfill his destiny by destroying his nemesis. When Zero awakened from the nightmare, he was immediately dispatched to the flying city Sky Lagoon, which had been attacked by Mavericks. Zero ran into Magma Dragoon during the mission, but was forced to retreat as the city fell to the Earth. He then returned to investigate the crash site, discovering that Iris had been caught up in the attack. He defended her from the giant Maverick Eregion, until Colonel suddenly appeared. Zero requested that Colonel disarm himself and his Repliforce men for questioning, suspicious of Repliforce's involvement in the incident, but Colonel refused and instead turned his back on Zero. Shortly afterwards, Repliforce would announce their coup d'état, resulting in the Great Repliforce War breaking out.[16]

Despite his concerns about what Colonel would think, Zero was pleased to find Iris assisting him as an operator from Hunter Base, like during the Erasure incident. Iris didn't want Zero and Colonel to fight, torn between her care for Zero and her love for her own brother. Zero appreciated her concern, and with her help began fighting to stop Repliforce's plans. While doing so, he also faced several non-Repliforce-affiliated Mavericks who claimed allegiance to another power, such as the traitorous Magma Dragoon.

The battle between Zero and Colonel is interrupted by Iris.

Eventually, Colonel challenged Zero to a duel at Repliforce's Memorial Hall; Iris begged Zero not to accept the call, but he did anyway, determined to put an end to the conflict. The two Reploids began their battle, but Iris appeared and pled with Colonel to stop, since Zero had saved her life after the Sky Lagoon's crash. Colonel, who had always regarded Zero as a friendly rival, backed off. Frustrated, Zero stated that someone had to stop Repliforce, much to Iris' grief.[17]

When Repliforce's plan was finally put into motion, Zero rushed to the Space Port to stop the ascension of Repliforce to the newly constructed space station, Final Weapon. There Zero battled Colonel, this time not holding anything back, and regrettably destroyed him in the process. After that, he traveled to the Final Weapon where he was, much to his surprise and horror, confronted by Iris. Holding Colonel's control chip, she was now blinded by her grief for her brother and anger that Zero killed him. She then fused with Colonel's chip, resulting in the creation of a large Ride Armor-like combat form which attacked Zero. Even though he didn't mean to, Zero damaged the exterior power core of the structure, resulting in the destruction of the armor and Iris within. He hurried to Iris' body, but it was too late to save her. Whispering to Zero that she wished to live with Zero in a world of only Reploids, she died in his arms. Zero, who was totally overthrown by the pain, began questioning his own reasons for fighting and the means of his own existence.[18]

After the death of Iris, Zero is lost in pain.

Filled with anger, he confronted General, the highest leader of Repliforce, defeating him in battle. Upon the end of the fight, General realized that someone had taken control of Final Weapon, aiming its main cannon at Earth. Zero rushed to the Final Weapon's control center, only to find Sigma waiting for him. Amused that he didn't remember, Sigma told Zero the story of the day they fought in Dr. Wily's laboratory, and thanked him for giving him the Maverick Virus and allowing him to become Maverick in the first place. Zero then battled and defeated Sigma; General thanked Zero for his help and proceeded to sacrifice himself to stop the Final Weapon.[19]

Zero escaped the destruction of the Final Weapon in a small shuttle. He pondered his own inability to protect those he cared for. He had killed his own friend Colonel, the General, and Repliforce with him, who in the end has only been manipulated by Sigma and the Mavericks. Most of all, he lost Iris, who he had cared about for so long. Questioning whether or not Reploids were destined to become Mavericks after all, he returned to Earth.[20]

Zero also briefly appears in the ending of X's story. X calls Zero and makes him promise to destroy him if he ever goes Maverick, but Zero finds the proposition confusing. Upon realizing how serious X is about the promise, he agrees, and X ponders their inevitable confrontation.[21]

Mega Man X5

For boss battle details, see Awakened Zero.

When Zero is chosen first by the player, he is deployed to hunt down Sigma, who suddenly reappeared in the midst of a city and caused a Maverick riot. He is able to defeat Sigma with surprising ease, revealing that it was a trap; the resulting explosion spreads a payload of the Sigma Virus across the globe. To make matters worse, the space colony Eurasia is set to impact the Earth as well, coated in yet another load of virus, thanks to Sigma's hired mercenary Dynamo. The combination of perils threatens to irreversibly damage the entire planet.

The Maverick Hunters quickly come up with a plan to repel the Eurasia colony, using two options: the outdated Enigma cannon and a Space Shuttle outfitted with explosives (Zero would pilot the latter plan, due to being the best spacecraft pilot left in the Hunters). In order to get them in working condition, Zero and X are tasked with collecting the parts necessary - however, the spread of the Sigma Virus makes their potential business partners hostile and dangerous, leading to many battles. Additionally, the two are challenged to duels by Dynamo twice in an effort to hinder their progress. From here, there are several possible outcomes:

  • If Eurasia is destroyed in time, its fragments still hit the Earth but damage is mitigated. The Colony Virus mixes with the Sigma Virus to create the Zero Virus, which in turn forms an underground void called Zero Space.
  • If Eurasia is not destroyed in time, it crashes into the Earth and causes borderline apocalyptic damage. Additionally, the creation of the Zero Virus not only creates Zero Space but also awakens Zero to his original Maverick nature, turning him against the Hunters. He will no longer be playable because of this development.

Awakened Zero.

Either way, X and Zero enter Zero Space to pursue Sigma, who has hidden inside of it (if Zero has gone Maverick, then he hides there himself). Before reaching Sigma, however, X and Zero are forced to battle one another. There are several possible reasons why:

  • If the player is X, he will confront Zero about how the latter's power has been rising disturbingly quickly. He will demand that Zero go back to Hunter Base, but he refuses.
  • If the player is Zero, he will be confronted by X (backed by two Lifesavers) to declare him Maverick for his bizarre immunity to the Sigma Virus. Zero is outraged, resulting in a battle.
  • If Zero has already gone Maverick, then X is met with the Awakened Zero. This Zero's mind is unclouded by judgement, and he is devoted to his destiny to destroy X.

Either way, Zero and X fight, resulting in a standstill where both lay exhausted on the ground. Sigma appears, pleased with the outcome, and Zero jumps to X's defense to repel Sigma, who departs to patiently await their inevitable confrontation. Once the two recuperate, they team up again and put their conflict behind themselves to stop Sigma, hopefully once and for all (if Zero went Maverick, he remains unconscious while X continues to fight Sigma alone). When Zero confronts Sigma, the latter reveals that he met an "old man" who knew a lot about Zero (implied to be some form of Dr. Wily). This man helped create his newest battle body, which he uses to attack. Zero (or X) defeats him, but the explosion badly damages Zero, leaving him ruined on the ground. There are three possible endings from this path:

The broken remains of Zero.

  • If X defeated Sigma and Zero was normal, X lifts what is left of Zero's body, pleading with him to not die. However, Sigma's head still persists behind them and fires one last-ditch laser which pierces them both through the chests. Jarred awake, Zero uses his Z-Buster to fire back at Sigma as he falls to the ground, destroying the head before dying himself. In the aftermath, X would survive and take up Zero's Z-Saber as the new ace of the Maverick Hunters. This ending is canon.
  • If Zero defeated Sigma himself, X again lifts Zero's body before being attacked by Sigma, resulting in Zero destroying him. However, Zero's final moments are seen from his perspective instead. Before he dies, he has visions of his first battle with Sigma, his own creation, Dr. Wily, and finally Iris, before he pleads with X to keep the world safe and passes away. This ending is presumably canon, as its events don't interfere with the events of the previously-discussed ending.
  • If X defeated Sigma but Zero had gone Maverick, then Sigma destroys himself along with the unconscious Zero, leaving X alone and badly damaged. A week after the incident, it is revealed that X's mind has been somehow wiped regarding the incident, and he now has no memories of Zero at all - good or bad.

Mega Man X6

A few weeks after the Eurasia incident, Reploid scientist Gate found a small piece of Zero's body near the crash site. Using the information he gathered about the Sigma Virus and Zero's DNA,[22] Gate went mad and created the Nightmare Phenomenon, a discolored clone of Zero called the Zero Nightmare, and the near-invulnerable Reploid High Max. This resulted in a worldwide fascination with the Nightmare, and as the investigation began, its leader Isoc blamed the "ghost of Zero" for it. After being met with this news, X took the assault on Zero's reputation personally and set out to investigate as well.

Zero reunites with X

However, unbeknownst to anyone, Zero had been secretly making a miraculous recovery this entire time. Once X destroys the Zero Nightmare in one of the secret areas, the real Zero reveals himself and X is reunited with his friend, mysteriously repaired and carrying a brand new Z-Saber. Together, X and Zero set out to defeat Gate together and put a stop to the Nightmare Phenomenon. Who or what exactly repaired Zero after his apparent death in the Eurasia crisis was never directly stated.[23] In the Weapon Center, the Dr. Light capsule hologram denied knowing who repaired him.[24] It should be noted that the reunion between X and Zero had Zero stating that he laid low until he "fully recovered from the damage."[25] In the English translation, Zero told X that he repaired himself.[26]

Depending on when Zero is unlocked, he can assist X in fighting the eight Nightmare Investigators. It is also possible for him to defeat High Max, which results in a confrontation with Isoc. The scientist is elated by Zero's power and encourages him to become even stronger, using a mysterious energy field to defend himself before fleeing the scene. Later, when storming Gate's laboratory, Zero can also come across the body of Isoc, whose soul has left his body. Zero then hears a mysterious voice calling him the "ultimate robot" but he brushes it off and leaves to pursue the reborn Sigma.

Zero about to be sealed

In X's ending, Zero is seen lamenting the unfortunate death of Gate and promising to build a utopia with the rest of the Hunters. Meanwhile, Zero's personal ending helps reconcile the storyline between the X and Zero games. It shows Zero being sealed to remove a component from his body (presumably something having to do with the Maverick Virus or his original evil nature). This was originally going to show that the X series had ended after X6 in order to make way for the Zero series, but since the X series evidently continued past this point, this scene was retconned to take place in an unspecified time period beyond the final X series game.[27]

Alternatively, it is possible to clear Mega Man X6 without X ever finding Zero. In this event, cutscenes show that Zero is indeed alive, but X and the other Maverick Hunters never find him. Zero leaves on his own, stating that there's something he needs to take care of (presumably eliminating the Zero Nightmare). This ending is non-canon.

Mega Man X7

Once X retires to pursue peaceful means to end Maverick conflict, Zero takes up the bulk of the Maverick Hunters' workload. Unfortunately, the world finally being repaired after the Eurasia incident means surges in Maverick crime are more common than ever, leaving the Hunters overwhelmed. This leads to the formation of Red Alert, an illegal Maverick-hunting syndicate led by the vigilante Red.[28]

Zero taking Axl to see X.

When Axl flees from Red Alert and is pursued into the city by Mechaniloids, Zero heads out to put a stop to the chaos. He first meets Axl on the highway, helping him destroy his Mega Scorpio pursuer before arresting him and taking him into Hunter Base for questioning. After hearing Axl's story, the Hunters are contacted by Red, who challenges them to a Maverick hunting duel over custody of Axl. At first Zero doesn't want to get involved, and is especially befuddled when Axl insists on joining him in the field, but decides to give the young Reploid a chance to fix the mess he helped start.[29]

As Zero and Axl fight the eight members of Red Alert, Zero gets to hear about Axl's backstory and how Red Alert had changed for the worse recently, which is why he quit in the first place. If he speaks with Wind Crowrang, he also learns that someone affiliated with Red Alert is interested in studying his capabilities.[30] When X finally decides to come out of retirement and help in the fight, Zero is relieved to see his old friend back in action.

Upon defeating the eight members of Red Alert, Zero and the others are sent to the Crimson Palace to face Red. When Red resigns to his fate and stays behind in a self-destructing room, Zero is forced to hold Axl back lest he rush in and die too. The trio soon learns that Sigma is indeed behind Red Alert's Maverick actions, which Zero finds unsurprising. Sigma boasts that he will make Zero and X his servants before attacking them, but they defeat both his forms. In the aftermath, it seems as though Red has returned as he knocks down Zero and moves to give Sigma his body, but it is revealed to simply be Axl in disguise and he deals the finishing blow on Sigma. Zero is impressed by Axl's reckless tactic paying off.[31]

In Zero's ending, he has a chilling nightmare of X (or a similar individual) on a murderous Maverick-hunting spree.[32]

Mega Man X8

Some time later, it is shown that Axl has become an official Maverick Hunter who often works with Zero and X in the field. The trio are deployed to Noah's Park to deal with the Maverick Mechaniloid Crabs-Y, and upon finishing it off they run into Vile again. Vile informs them that Mavericks have taken over the Jakob Project as he kidnaps its director, Lumine.[33]

As the Hunters fight to suppress the Maverick uprising perpetrated by the New Generation Reploids, Zero learns that many of them admire his strength but deride him for being an outdated model who works with the Maverick Hunters. He also meets Layer, a new navigator who has a crush on him that he doesn't openly reciprocate, keeping the relationship professional. Upon learning that Sigma is involved in the incident yet again, Zero's memories from the Eurasia crisis return to haunt him.

After defeating the eight Mavericks, Zero and the Hunters travel to the Moon to face Sigma in his fortress. There Sigma confirms that Zero was indeed the original carrier of the Maverick Virus before challenging him to battle. The Hunters destroy Sigma, reducing him to scrap, but Lumine suddenly appears and reveals that he was using Sigma to hasten the evolution of New Generation Reploids. Zero and the others then defeat Lumine. However, Axl is struck in the head by a tentacle when he approaches Lumine's dormant body, forcing Zero to intervene by slashing the tentacle while X destroys Lumine.[34]

While travelling back to Earth via the Jakob elevator, Zero stands in the shadows while X carries Axl's comatose body. Noticing that something weighed heavy on X's mind, Zero approaches him and assures him that no matter what Lumine said about the destiny of Reploids, they would have to keep fighting no matter what.[35]

The Elf Wars

At some point after the Mega Man X series, Zero determined that his body still contained a virus and felt uneasy about letting it linger much longer. Thus he admitted himself to a research institute, going into a coma so that his body could be studied. This study led to the creation of the Cyber-Elves, most importantly the powerful Mother Elf who was capable of eradicating the Sigma Virus. X used the Mother Elf to finally put an end to the Maverick Wars.

However, due to complications regarding the hypothetical Project Elpizo, the human scientist Dr. Weil corrupted the Mother Elf into the "Dark Elf" and began the period known as the Elf Wars. In the process, Weil stole Zero's body and used it to create an ultra-powerful Reploid called Omega. Fortunately, Zero's mind had been backed up by the research institute, and they were able to create a replica of his old body to place his mind in. Now in an identical new body, Zero was awoken to assist X in the Elf Wars, and together they defeated Weil and Omega. After witnessing Omega's carnage first hand as well as with the knowledge that Omega was using his original body, he also came to the epiphany that his powers were meant for protecting his friends and what they believed in, and not for destruction. As a result, Weil was cursed with a regenerative armor and exiled, while Omega was launched into orbit.

Following the Elf Wars, Zero decided to go back into stasis, convinced that the world was in good hands under X's protection. X protested this decision, but by the time he arrived Zero was already halfway gone, and he was able to give X a last bit of encouragement before fully slipping away into sleep.

Mega Man Zero series

Zero in the Mega Man Zero series.

Zero is awoken from his stasis yet again by Ciel, the young leader of the Resistance, in a last-ditch attempt to fight the tyranny of Neo Arcadia and Copy X. Zero complies and the legendary red hero comes back to life. Throughout the Mega Man Zero series, Zero reconnects with X (now a Cyber-Elf himself), makes new allies in the form of the Resistance, battles Dr. Weil and Omega once again, and generally fights for the good of humans and Reploids alike. His quest finally comes to a close after fighting Dr. Weil for the final time aboard the falling space station Ragnarok, sacrificing himself in order to save his friends on the Earth.

Mega Man ZX series

Main article: Model Z

Biometal Model Z

Many years after the end of the Mega Man Zero series, Zero would return in the Mega Man ZX series as Biometal Model Z, which contains the "soul" of Zero. Although Biometal Model Z is not usable by itself, it can be combined with Biometal Model X to form Model ZX, the title Mega Man. Zero himself also appears in a flashback scene from Vent's story in Mega Man ZX when Prairie talks about the first commander, who disappeared. Model Z's fate at the end of Mega Man ZX Advent is left ambiguous, as it stayed behind aboard Ouroboros to hold the other Mega Men at bay for Grey/Ashe.

Other game appearances

Mega Man X: Command Mission

Zero in Mega Man X: Command Mission.

In this alternate continuity, Zero, X, and another Maverick Hunter named Shadow are sent by Colonel Redips to deal with a Reploid uprising in Giga City. They first investigate an energy reading in the Lagrano Ruins, where Zero is separated from X after Shadow betrays them for the Rebellion Army. Zero is presumed missing, and at worst, dead.

Zero reappears some time later in Ulfat Factory. There, he helps X and Axl stop Mach Jentra, and is happy to reunite with his fellow Hunters again. However, with the betrayal of Shadow still fresh in his memory, Zero is unwilling to trust X's new friends in the Resistance and heads off to fight the Rebellion Army on his own again.

Zero next appears in Gimialla Mine, appearing at the last minute to help fight a Supra-Force Metal-powered Shadow. After Shadow is defeated, Zero turns his back on him and is left open for a surprise attack - fortunately, Spider jumps in the way and blocks the attack for him before killing Shadow. Zero is touched by Spider's selfless act and decides to give the Resistance a chance. This comes to a head when Spider sacrifices himself to help the others escape Incentas' trap shortly afterwards, inspiring Zero to put aside his pride and do what he can to help the citizens of Giga City.

After Zero and the others put an end to Epsilon and the Rebellion, Colonel Redips steals the Supra-Force Metal and betrays the Resistance, labeling them Mavericks. Outraged, Zero demands answers, and they storm Far East HQ to confront Redips. Zero is shocked to learn that Redips had been masquerading as Spider using a Copy Chip, causing Zero to doubt his own motivation for fighting in the first place. He then fights alongside his friends to defeat Redips on the Orbital Elevator Babel, restoring peace and destroying the last of the Supra-Force Metal.

As a party member, Zero is capable of wielding a wide variety of beam sword weapons. His first Hyper Mode transforms him into Black Zero, while his unlockable second Hyper Mode is the unique Absolute Zero.

Mega Man X DiVE

Zero appears as an A rank Hunter Program whose Active Skills are Ryuenjin and Rakuhouha. He has a skin named White Day Zero.

Zero has multiple alternate versions available, including Black Zero, Awakened Zero, Absolute Zero, Festive Zero, and Crimson Valstrax Zero.

Festive Zero is a festive event version that has Hyouryuushou and Souenbu as his Active Skills.

Crimson Valstrax Zero is Monster Hunter Rise collaboration version whose Active Skills are Crimson Glow and Crimson Assault. This form is the result of Zero's data being mixed with the data from a Crimson Glow Valstrax.[36]

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

Zero and Volnutt in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.

This is the third fighting game with Zero as a playable character, but this is the first time in years to feature Zero in his X series form since Maverick Hunter X in 2005. Zero can use many of his command arts including Ryuenjin, Hienkyaku, Shippuuga, Sentsuizan, Kuuenzan, Twin Dream (Sougenmu), Rekkoha, Hadangeki and Dark Hold. In a nod to the following series, his powered-up Z-Saber takes its triangular Mega Man Zero shape when he uses Dark Hold.

  • In Zero's ending, Yami springs back to life after being defeated and attacks Zero, knocking him out. Dr. Wily then appears in Zero's mind and tells him not to give up on the task he gave him. Zero then wakes back up, and X, Axl, and Alia come to his aid.
  • He also makes a brief cameo in PTX-40A's ending as one of the robots in the tournament.
  • Ryōtarō Okiayu reprises his role as Zero's seiyuu.

Marvel vs. Capcom series

Zero is a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

Project X Zone

Zero as he appears in Project X Zone.

Zero (in his X series appearance) appears alongside X. He, along with X and Vile, first appears in the game during Chapter 20, and is once more voiced by Ryōtarō Okiayu.

Early on during Chapter 29, Zero expresses shock upon noticing Iris, who appears alive and well. After hearing that she still wishes to live in a Reploid only world together with Zero, the latter reminds her that such a world is nothing more than an imagination. However, Iris then asks him if such a world is meant to be his purpose and desire, which is partly why Iris appeared. Zero then suffers an emotional breakdown, questioning himself about whether or not a Reploid only world was what exactly he was fighting for. He then gets taunted by Vile in the process for getting emotional over a girl's wish, claiming that the former is exactly the same as the latter before. Zero becomes paralyzed with anguish and is unable to move.

Confused about Iris at first, the other characters present then realize that Zero is in trouble, and that they and X must protect him from danger, while attempting to defeat Vile at the same time. The game splits the winning conditions down to two options: reach Zero by the end of the ninth turn or defeat Vile, otherwise a game over will be declared. Until then, X's unit is paralyzed and unable to fight.

After any of the other party members reach Zero and heal him, he eventually recovers from his emotional breakdown and recalls his duty as a Maverick Hunter, and tells Iris that a Reploid only world is impossible. Aura from .hack appears and states that Iris and her feelings are not supposed to be present, hence causing her to fade away. Before she vanishes however, she gently suggests to Zero that things between them are okay, and encourages him to never give up before bidding him farewell. His resolve restored, Zero confidently declares he will rejoin her someday.

He uses Rakuhouha alongside X's Nova Strike (while the latter dons the Ultimate Armor) during their special attack, and uses Genmurei alongside X's Hadoken during their multi attack. The latter is learned right after Zero is rescued.

Other techniques that Zero uses in this game include Kuuenzan, Ryuenjin, Hyouretsuzan, Raijingeki, and Shippuuga.

Super Smash Bros. series

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Zero appears as a collectible trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. In addition, both versions contain a downloadable costume for the Mii Swordfighter that portrays them as Zero, and their sword is also portrayed as the Z-Saber while wearing this costume.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Zero as an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Zero appears as an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. When summoned, he dashes and jumps around the stage, attacking opponents with his classic three-slash combo, Ryuenjin, Kuuenzan, and Genmu Zero. Zero also appears as part of the Spirits found in the game in both his X series and Zero series incarnations as Primary-based Attack Spirits.

Zero's spirit from the Mega Man X series is one of the spirits that can be upgraded when its level is raised high enough. Its original version known as Zero Buster is based around his original design from Mega Man X, but can be upgraded to Z-Saber changing the artwork based around the updated design which was first introduced in Mega Man X2 (though the artwork used is from Mega Man X5)

In addition to stat-based power-ups from both Spirits, the Z-Saber version allows for enhanced movement speed and weapon attacks as its special ability, while the special ability for the Mega Man Zero version increases damage for all sword-based attacks.

On September 4, 2019, the Zero costume for the Mii Swordfighter became available again as DLC.


Zero in TEPPEN

Zero is a playable character in TEPPEN, a Purple type Hero that was included in the 2020 expansion Haunted by Memories.[37] He also appears in several cards.

Zero's X1 and upgraded designs in TEPPEN are largely the same, with his limbs and joints appearing more robotic and having panel lines on his face. In his Maverick state, glowing turbines underneath his gauntlets become visible and his crystal turns purple with a letter W, similar to his flashback appearance in X4.

Zero is a SA-Class Hunter that despised evil and had no memory of his origin. Like X, Zero is an ancient robot that felt in a deep slumber and awakened many years later. Shortly after awakening, he faced Akuma and their battle destroyed the building where Zero had awakened. After seeing a large fire in a nearby city, Zero went to its direction and stopped the responsible, a Rathalos. A mysterious woman forced Zero to remember his past, causing him to go out of control and fight X. He returned to normal before finishing X, and is shaken by what happened with him, believing that he may be a Maverick like the ones he fought in the past. Not remembering his past and not knowing what to do, Zero decides to accompany X in his journey to the Land of Illusion to learn the truth.

In Ada Wong's story mode, Zero, while driven mad, also attempted to attack Ada while she was hunting for treasures, though he was forced back to sleep after being bested by her, resulting in her taking the treasure for herself. The ending also implies that she was the mysterious woman who summoned all of the heroes in the story to the Land of Illusions.

Other appearances

Cameo appearances

Zero poster in Mega Man Legends 2.

  • A poster of Zero, in his "Black Armor", can be seen in the general store of Yosyonke City in the game Mega Man Legends 2, where he is described as some sort of comic book hero. Upon closer inspection, the image of Zero himself seems to have been taken from Mega Man X4, specifically, the "Weapon Get" screen.

Zero poster in Mega Man Battle Network 3.

  • An actual NetNavi bearing the name Zero.EXE appears in the game Mega Man Network Transmission, and the anime Rockman.EXE Beast+, one of the few characters from the X series to receive a NetNavi counterpart. Here, he appears identical to Zero, but with a more demonic appearance, as he does not appear to have a human face and breathes in a manner similar to Darth Vader. Like his X counterpart, Zero still has an affinity for blade weapons and also serves as a virus being. However, unlike his counterpart, this Zero is the virus, but he still follows orders without question. In the conclusions of the series, Zero begins to show compassion, and even sacrifices himself in the anime. However, the canon ending of Transmission gives Zero a NetNavi identity as Zero.EXE, now free to roam the Internet and explore the world to make new friends, though his activity is to be monitored by Science Labs, where he now lives.
    • Two Battle Chip artworks feature Zero. The Z-Saber chip displays Zero.EXE, and another, the Z-Saver, shows the Mega Man Zero version.

Other media

Rockman X (manga)

Similar to his role to the games, Zero is a special A-class Maverick Hunter. Initially a member of the 17th Elite Unit, he later became the captain of the 0th Special Unit. He is a close friend of X's and understands him well. He sees the true nature of X more than himself, and has immense trust and hope in him. He is sometimes jealous of X's rich expression of emotions that he does not possess, though he describes X's character as naïve. In the beginning, he was often called "senior" by X. He also initially had a calm and sometimes indifferent personality like in the games, due to the fact that he didn't have many appearances in the series, but he gradually becomes very passionate, inspired by X. He is often shown without his helmet, with a straight-back hairstyle inspired by Keith Anyan from Toward the Terra, although his bangs become loose by X4.

In the battle against the eight bosses in X1, he appears in the Sting Chameleon battle and the Storm Eagle battle. In the former, he was willing to burn down the forest and the animals to accomplish his mission, but X chose to protect the forest and the animals by defeating Chameleon alone, and Zero believed in him and gave him a chance. In the latter case, even though he was defeated by his old friend, Eagle, he understood his true intentions and obtained the head parts that Eagle had hidden. The words "To the nostalgic future" that he said to X just before he blew himself up against Vile would later be repeated in X2 and X4.

In Rockman X2, Zero's wreckage was stored in Dr. Cain's laboratory, but was taken away by Sigma's forces, and he was repaired and revived by Serges. He escaped before the brainwashing and tried to stop X from fighting Overdrive Ostrich, but was unable to do so in time. Since then, he has been unable to meet X until he deactivates the Sigma chip implanted in his head, so he left the battle against Magna Centipede, leaving Mother to advise X. He tried to counteract the effects of the Sigma chip in Morph Moth's scrap factory, but before he could do so, he was completely brainwashed by the Sigma chip and his body color changed to black. He tore through X immediately after defeating Morph Moth. In the battle at the Sigma base, after finishing off Serges, he engaged in a one-on-one battle with X. His armor was destroyed, but he came to his senses when the Sigma chip in his helmet was crushed by X's punch attack, and he and X went into battle against Sigma.

In Rockman X3, he is also the captain of the 0th Special Unit, and often fights in tandem with X. In the decisive battle against Doppler's army, the Nightmare Police defeated them and he was about to be executed along with X. However, when X was resurrected with a new armor, he was able to narrowly save his own life as well. Soon after, Zero was thought to have been destroyed by Doppler's attack, but it turned out that he had barely survived. The beam saber left behind in Sigma Castle is given to X, and plays an important role in the battle against Sigma. In the epilogue, Zero is shown being repaired in Cain's laboratory.

In Rockman X4, Zero reboots after two months, but is unable to use his buster, perhaps due to strange dreams of Sigma morphing into Zero, and loses it completely when he uses Earth Crash to make way for X in the AX-10 incident. In the Repliforce struggle, he chose the path of the rebels and started his own battle against Repliforce. While defeating Colonel and stopping Iris from going out of control, he ends up losing her as well. In the final battle, he reunites with X, who has already come to his senses. Zero envies him for being able to shed tears, and lashes out at him with anger and sadness for not being able to cry for Iris, but after being touched by him and the heart of Earth, he decides to find his own potential and joins him in the battle against Sigma and the fight to go to the "nostalgic future."

Irregular Hunter Rockman X

The manga starts with Zero, X, and Vile working together to take down a Maverick. After the mission, Sigma thinks that Zero may cause trouble to his plans, and decides to label him a Maverick, having Maverick Hunters pursuing him. Not believing that Zero became a Maverick, X covers Zero for a while so he can prove that he is not a Maverick. However, after some time, Sigma orders X to destroy Zero. While X goes after Zero and tells him what he was ordered to do, Zero attacks X, but X does nothing as he does not wish to harm his friend. Seeing that X isn't an enemy, Zero tells that during his investigation he discovered that Sigma is planning to conquer the world, and convinces X to join him to stop Sigma. Vile appears with three Maverick Hunters and reveals that he was waiting for them to destroy each other to finish the survivor. Zero and X defeat the three Hunters, and Vile retreats. Watching the battle, Sigma decides to start his plans and attacks the city, but Zero and X manage to stop the attack, forcing Sigma and Vile to escape.

Rockman X The Novel: Irregulars Report

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Zero appears with a role similar to the games.

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

Main article: Zero/Archie Comics

Power and abilities

Main article: Zero's weaponry

Zero is a very adept combatant on the battlefield. Originally, his power far exceeded X's (until X himself grew in power). His power as a robot from a past age is considerably exceptional in the Maverick Wars. In Mega Man X, Zero was equipped with a powerful buster weapon known as the Zero Buster, but from X2 and onward, Zero wields a melee weapon known as the Z-Saber, a sword with a blade composed of pure destructive energy, modeled after the lightsaber of Star Wars fame. It is for this reason that Zero is often used for seasoned players as he is required to fight up close rather than at a distance. His first playable appearance in Mega Man X3 is more or less essentially a future representation of how X will turn out, unleashing double charged shots and the almighty Z-Saber which fells bosses with a few mere swipes. His physical blows are also powerful enough that a well-timed punch is capable of easily amputating a foe upon contact, which is best demonstrated with his initial fight with Sigma back when the latter was still the commander of the Maverick Hunters.

Unlike his comrades, Zero does not copy the powers/weapons of defeated Mavericks, but instead, his Learning allows him to acquire special attacks known as Techniques (必殺技 Hissatsu Waza, lit. Coup de grâce or "Sure-killing arts; a generic Japanese term for a special move") in the X series and as EX Skills in the Zero series, which are attacks based on techniques utilized by bosses. He does not require the use of a buster weapon as the attacks often utilize his hands or enhances his Z-Saber power by empowering the blade with elemental properties. The Zero Buster can be utilized from both arms, as evidenced by some gameplay and cutscene representations interchangeably showing the buster arm as being his left or right.

Unlike X, Zero cannot obtain performance-enhancing armors, with a few exceptions. This is due to the fact that during the time Zero was created, Dr. Wily could not prepare any future armor enhancing upgrades for him like Light had done for X, thus Zero's durability stayed consistent, making him a traditional Glass Cannon. Defined in SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (more so in terms of his bio), Zero appears to not be so overly strong (unless he wasn't infected first with the Sigma Virus when he was first found, as he was uncontrollable or in his Awakened Boss fight in X5) as his Marvel vs Capcom 3 power grid statistics gives his Stamina rating a 3/7, but his other stats (Strength, Speed, Intelligence and Energy Projection) a 5/7, with his Fighting Ability as a 7/7. This shows that what Zero lacks in raw strength with the absence of the virus he makes up for extreme fighting ability and skills in many other fields, enabling to out-duel/wear down nearly any foe, along with showing extreme adaptation to much of his battles (which also plays in hand with his versatile move list as of late). This is expressed in the aforementioned fighting games where Zero has low health and average damage output, he makes up for this with the bulk of his damage coming from surprisingly long combos (albeit with some hefty execution involved).

The original X games, however, have Zero's Z-Saber be capable of destroying several normal enemies in a few blows. The fighting games seem to decrease it to give more balance, and coincidentally give a possible accurate description of Zero's statistics. Zero may also be aware of his low durability (in comparison to his comrades), and may also have enough skill to last in a scuffle to fight/parry off any hit that comes to him, describing more of his skill as a master swordsman. This makes him a rather unique glass cannon as he not only he's weak on defense and strong on offense like the other kinds in fiction, but Zero has skills in several other fields of battle with great ability to adapt to practically any opponent he fights; glass cannons usually have raw power, which Zero seems to lack often, putting him in the category of a "Gradual Grinder". And like the "Fragile Speedster" archetype of characters, Zero also has solid mobility options given abilities such as his Hienkyaku.

Thus in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Zero like several characters from the original version to the revision, has had his power grid changed. His Stamina and Strength are now 2/7, his Intelligence a 3/7, and all the rest of his other stats are now 5/7. This shows that not only Zero puts more than just skill into his fighting ability, and that he uses all his speed and knowledge to back up his fighting prowess. His "Learned" intelligence also shows Zero tends to clear his mind during fights to prevent anything from swaying him, and his 5/7 fighting ability while brought down to a reasonable level shows that while Zero only knows a single form of combat, he is no doubt a pure master of it.

Zero's aforementioned long combos in fighting games seems to nod at his personality and overall fighting approach, showing he always fights to the best of his ability with long relentless offense and having no-holds barred with it comes to shredding his opposition with little breathing room. This shows that Zero is somewhat more powerful than he lets on in-universe.


Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Trophy

Zero Trophy Zero (Mega Man)
A close friend and mentor to X, Zero first appeared in Mega Man X. He's a Rank SA Maverick Hunter and is capable of instantly learning new moves from his enemies. Zero has great faith in X's hidden potential, and together they fight to take down Sigma and defeat his rebelling forces.


Main article: Zero/Gallery



Zero had several toys and figures released by Bandai. Among them were the Mega Armor models with interchangeable armor:

  • Zero - A normal model of Zero with his armor from X3 and up. Features his Z-Buster and Z-Saber.
  • Plated Zero - A plated version of his normal model.
  • Transparent Zero - A clear version of his normal model.
  • Irregular Hunter Zero - Zero with his black armor. Features his Z-Buster and Z-Saber.
  • EX Armor Zero - Zero with the X Armor from Rockman X Mega Mission 3.

And the D-Arts figures. Zero also had figures done by Furuta, Jazwares, and Kotobukiya, and has a Nendoroid figure.


  • According to Keiji Inafune, he envisioned Zero as the new "Mega Man" and wanted him to be a playable character from the start. He wanted to introduce something new and different to the franchise, but understanding that it would not be wise to completely go against everything that had already been established (also fearing that Zero's drastic appearance would receive a critical reaction), he did not mention this idea to his superior and submitted Zero as the sub character to Hayato Kaji's "Mega Man" (X) as originally intended.[38]
  • Dr. Wily used Proto Man as reference during the development of Zero.[39] This idea has been speculated among fans due to similarities in color and other similar details, even their voice as both have been voiced by Ryōtarō Okiayu in Japanese for various games,[40] It is later confirmed in an internal design document shown on the Rockman Unite event for the series 30th anniversary that took place in Hirakata and Hanayashiki Parks.
    • Also coincidentally, the serial number for Proto Man is formed only by zeros (DLN-000).

Zero's unused Ultimate Armor design.

  • In X4, Zero was actually going to have his own Mega Armor, like X's Ultimate Armor, instead of his Black Zero recolor.[41] This indirectly explains why the Black Zero is just a simple aesthetic change before becoming an actual upgrade in later games. (The special code for X's Ultimate Armor gives him a slight recolor, and finding a Light Capsule gives him the armor. Presumably, this would also the case with Zero if he actually had his own armor.)
  • There are a few copies of Zero in the franchise: the fake Zero from Mega Man X2, the Zero Nightmare from Mega Man X6, Nichts from Rockman X Giga Mission, and Zero's newer body from the Mega Man Zero series.
    • Although not fully based on Zero's design, High Max and the Nightmare from Mega Man X6 were created by Gate using Zero's DNA, while Omega is a modification of Zero's own body.
  • As revealed in Mega Man 11, in his youth, Dr. Wily believed that if he granted robots "unstoppable power and insurmountable speed" that could outdo humans, he would cause humanity to celebrate robots for what they were as opposed to considering them as mere tools, as that kind of power could turn any robot into a "hero". This is ironic, as Dr. Wily had created Zero, his final creation, as the most powerful and destructive to exist, but Zero ultimately ended up becoming a formidable force of good.
  • Zero's current English dub voice actor, Johnny Yong Bosch, also voices fellow Capcom characters Nero from the Devil May Cry series and Yang from the Street Fighter series.
  • It's rather interesting how Zero, a creation of Dr. Wily, actually ended up fulfilling Dr. Light's dream instead of Wily's - in conclusion of a lifetime fighting against hordes of Reploids based on Light's creation, no less, whose leaders and/or master manipulators often carried even darker ambitions than Wily.
    • Also interesting is how despite not being intended to be Three Laws compliant, at the end of Zero 4 where Zero fights Weil, Zero unwittingly follows the fittingly named "Zeroth law", which was made to prevent robots from harming a human, unless said harm would benefit humanity in general.
  • Although Zero and X aren't technically Reploids (robots based on X's schematics, "replicated androids"), as they are original androids from the past (technically making them "Robot Masters"), they are known as such because the term Reploid is used for all androids with human-like A.I, and for reasons of simplicity.
  • In his foreshadowing appearance in Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters, Zero's silhouette is shown with his upgraded frame as of Mega Man X2 instead of his default frame, as seen with the shape of his shoulder (styled akin to his shoulder guards). Though this was due to the upgraded frame being unusable at the time as Zero was still unruly before being sealed away.
  • In X1-X4, Zero's eyes are green in-game (even though his eyes were brown in his mugshot from X1) and blue in artworks. His eyes are completely changed to blue in X5 onward. His eyes are also green in Maverick Hunter X and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. In the Zero series, his eye colors range from black to purple.
  • Zero has been depicted with a full head of hair in manga form, but never in the video games. In the Rockman X manga, Zero's helmet is constantly removed, either by himself or due to the helmet being damaged in battle. He is shown to primarily keep his hair slicked back, although it appears more unkempt following larger battles. In the Rockman Zero manga, Zero's helmet is used as a signal to display his split personality syndrome; the cowardly inept personality appears without a helmet, and features loose unkempt hair, while his stoic combat-ready personality appears wearing the helmet. This later is the real personality of Zero.
  • In X5, if the player looks carefully at the intro sequence, where there are green words scrolling down the screen, one of the words say "Wily".
  • In the X series, Zero is a Maverick Hunter fighting against insurgence and rebellions caused by Mavericks. In the Zero series, Zero joins the rebellion against the current government, in the process becoming labeled a Maverick himself.
  • Of all the characters to have appeared in the series, Zero is unique in that his Japanese voice actors differ in the series he appears in. In the X series, his voice actor is Ryōtarō Okiayu, while in the Zero series, his voice actor is Yūto Kazama.
    • This change of voice could be on the fact that Zero's mind is transferred to a copy of his body that features a different voice chip.
  • As Model Z, Zero is the only Biometal to actually attack when not Megamerged, paralyzing opponents while not even wasting a drop of his energy.
  • Having been completed by Dr. Wily between the Classic and X series, Zero is the longest-lived robot in the Robot Continuity, with an (ultimate) age of termination of 300+: 100+ for the time between the Classic and X series, 200+ more for the Maverick and Elf wars, another 100+ for the inactive hibernation state in which he begins the Zero series, and three for the Zero series until Zero 3, where his original body was ultimately destroyed.
  • In Mega Man X: Command Mission, Zero is always seen as left handed with his saber in cutscenes, but in battle he uses his right hand.
  • The theme when Zero is discovered in Mega Man X6 is a remastering of "Variable X" from the first X game.
    • This quality is shared with his death theme from Maverick Hunter X.
  • Compared to other characters, Zero probably has the most love interests:
    • In X4, Iris has feelings for him.
    • In X8, Zero's Navigator, Layer, shows signs that she has a crush on him.
    • In the Zero series, Ciel has feelings for him.
    • Despite the many love interests, it's never been officially stated that Zero had romantic feelings for them in return, although he seemed to regard Iris with the most emotion.

Zero's White Day outfit in Mega Man X DiVE

  • Zero's bonus skin in Mega Man X DiVE, White Day Zero, has him wearing a white and black overcoat, which not only was a pun on the holiday he was released in, but also acted as an indirect allusion to his creator, Dr. Wily.
    • Underneath the coat, Zero's torso also resembles his design in the Zero series, which may imply that in-universe, the differing design between Zero in the X series and Zero in the Zero series (and by extension, Omega Zero) was due to Zero's body being modified during the latter's initial period in stasis.

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    "I wanted to make the character's personality a little more hardcore too, and I knew that if I was working from the design of the traditional Mega Man, I'd be stuck in that whole 'nice guy' image. The whole time I was designing Zero, I was seeing him as the 'new Mega Man.' But I didn't bring that up when I went to submit our designs to my boss. I brought out the X that Kaji designed and said, 'Here's the new Mega Man!' My boss had a very positive reaction to X, and when I brought out the design for Zero, I simply said, '...and this is the sub character.' I figured that would ensure a less critical analysis of Zero and, as a result, I got an immediate OK in the form of, 'Red, huh? Hmm... yeah, that's nice.' (laugh)" -Keiji Inafune
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  40. However, only Zero has been consistently voiced by Ryoutarou Okiayu via his X series appearances and crossovers; Proto Man is only voiced by him in Rockman Kiki Ippatsu, Mega Man 8, Super Adventure Rockman, and Mega Man Battle & Chase.
  41. "The truth is, Zero was going to have a Mega Armor, too. For various circumstances, we wound up with just X this time. You want to know what his Mega Armor would have been like? Well, it has to do with Zero’s connection to W… actually, I’m not allowed to say any more than that. But, at least I can show you the rough design. I hope that sometime it will see the light of day. That’s all for now! Enjoy Rockman X4!"The Reploid Research Lavatory: The Making of the Ultimate Armor