List of forms available for Zero in the Mega Man X and Mega Man Zero series.

Alternate forms

Power Up Parts

Similar to X's armors, Zero can use power-up parts in Mega Man Xtreme 2. Each parts upgrade his skills when he enters in Dr. Light capsules. Unlike X, Zero's appearance will not change.

Power Up Parts Stage Description
Head Parts Desert Stage (Overdrive Ostrich) Can use Head Crush (ヘッドクラッシュ) to break specific blocks.
Body Parts Aerial Battleship Stage (Blast Hornet) Damage is reduced by half.
Arm Parts Underground Stage| (Tunnel Rhino) Learn a deadly skill called Zero Final (ゼロファイナル).
Foot Parts Weather Control Stage (Wire Sponge) The wall kick can destroy specific blocks with Leg Crush (フットクラッシュ Foot Crush).

Black Zero

Main article: Black Zero

Black Zero (ブラックゼロ) is a hidden version of Zero appearing in Mega Man X4, X5 and X6, as well as Mega Man X8 and Mega Man X: Command Mission. It usually appears as a black colored version of Zero with platinum blonde hair and a purple Z-Saber blade. While it is purely a recolor in X4, it features several abilities during its following appearances. In X5 and X6, it increases Zero's attack and defense capabilities. In X8, the Zero Armor appears once again; however it is more balanced than its previous incarnations. It still doubles Zero's attack strength but at the same time decreases his defense power by half. Finally, Black Zero is available to Zero right from the start in Command Mission as his Hyper Mode, boosting all of his stats. Other than in Command Mission, the Black Zero armor has to be unlocked by either a cheat code put in at the game's title screen or by clearing certain objectives (such as finding Dr. Light's secret capsule in X5 or obtaining all Rare Metals for Zero in X8).

Absolute Zero

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Absolute Zero (アブソリュートゼロ Abusoryūto Zero) is an additional Hyper Mode for Zero obtainable in Mega Man X Command Mission. It can be gained by defeating the secret boss Duckbill Mole located in the Melda Ore Plant. Its design is often compared to that of Bass from the original Mega Man series when combined with Treble due to its color scheme, helmet design and devil-like wings. Aside from this, it boosts all of his stats vastly, even doubling his attack power, and has the ability to break through any defense. He does not usually use weapons in this form, since he can use his claws in powerful melee moves. His Main Weapon becomes the attack Crimson End (クリムゾンエンド), and his Sub Weapons the Water-attribute attacks Killer Left (ジェノサイドレフト "Genocide Left") and Brutal Right (ダムドライト "Damned Right"). His Action Trigger becomes Calamitous Arts, which makes an input screen come up, and commands must be entered in. Missing one will not perform that specific strike. The total time in which the Action Trigger lasts is determined by the amount of WE available.

Absolute Zero also appears as a playable character in Mega Man X DiVE. His active skills are Crimson End and Calamitous Arts. Crimson End is a forward dash done while swinging both claws, damaging all targets along the path several times. Absolute Zero is immune to damage during the dash. Calamitous Arts unleashes quick short ranged attacks that leaves targets slow for a while.

Rockman X Mega Mission armors

Energy Armor

In the Carddass Rockman X Mega Mission 2, Zero got the Neo Buster (ネオバスター) by combining his own buster with the remains of the X-Buster he found when he went to rescue X, who was captured by the Order Breakers. As X's buster was infected with the Limited, it now also infected Zero and allowed him to use Special Weapons X had used in the past.

After defeating Magna Centipede L, Zero finds a capsule and receives the Energy Armor (エネルギーアーマー) from Dr. Light, which only has a body part and gives more power to his buster, allowing it to fire a powerful light projectile called the Energy Shot (エナジーショット). The Energy Armor is later upgraded to the Neo Armor (ネオアーマー) after absorbing energy in the power plant that exploded during the fight against Spark Mandrill L, with the body part modified and the appearance of foot parts. The Neo Buster is now more powerful, and the armor makes Zero immune to the Limited Field that had weakened X. After rescuing X, they fought against Tackione, the leader of the Order Breakers. Damaged because of the battles, Zero gave the Neo Buster, Neo Armor and his saber to X for him defeat Tackione's final form, becoming the Giga Armor.

In Rockman X Mega Mission 3, Return iX was shot in his back by Enemice HL. After attempting to defeat Enemice but to no avail, he fused with Zero and X to improve their power, becoming the iX Armor (イクスアーマー Ikusu Āmā), which has a buster and arm parts. When Zero was knocked out, the part of Return iX that was on him moved to X, improving his armor.

Form System

See also: Forms (Mega Man Zero 2)

Appearing in Mega Man Zero 2, the various forms are unlocked by completing missions under certain circumstances and grant Zero special abilities. Note that only one form can be obtained per mission, after the initial mission. The Proto Form and Ultimate Form are also available in the PS2 game Onimusha Blade Warriors, but are depicted as the X and Energy Forms.

Image Form Stats Obtained by Description
N Normal Form Power: **
Defense: **
Speed: **
Available from the beginning. Zero's basic form at the start of the game. This form is well rounded, as it has no weaknesses compared to the other forms. But it also lacks any strengths.
E Energy Form Power: ***
Defense: **
Speed: *
Pick up 25 Life Energy capsules in a mission. Zero's power is increased by 50%, but his speed is halved. The probability of an enemy dropping life capsules is also increased. Zero can only fire two bullets at a time in this form. Strangely, in this form Zero's triple slash consists of the second slash of his ordinary triple slash combo performed twice, then the first slash performed last.
X X Form Power: ***
Defense: **
Speed: ***
Destroy 50 enemies in a mission using Buster Shots. Zero's power and speed are increased by 50%. It also increases the power of the Buster Shot and allows Zero to fire four bullets at a time. However, Zero's slash-combo is replaced entirely with the second slash of his triple slash combo as a reference to X's Z-Saber slashes from Mega Man X6. This makes it harder for Zero to rack up damage using the Z-Saber.
D Defense Form Power: *
Defense: ****
Speed: **
Destroy 20 enemies throwing the charged Shield Boomerang in a mission. Increases the power of the Shield Boomerang and doubles Zero's defense. However, Zero's power on his other weapons is halved. Zero retains his Triple slash combo.
E Erase Form Power: **
Defense: ***
Speed: **
Reflect 30 bullets back to enemies using the Shield Boomerang in a mission. Enemy shots can be absorbed with the uncharged Z-Saber or Shield Boomerang. Zero's defense is also increased by 50%. But he can not perform the Triple Slash combo in this form, but rather performs the second slash of his Triple Slash Combo.
A Active Form Power: **
Defense: **
Speed: ****
Destroy 20 enemies using dashing Z-Saber attacks in a mission. Can execute rolling slashes during jumps and dashes akin to Kuuenzan. However, enabling Sengatotsu EX Skill disables the dashing rolling slash. Zero's speed is also doubled. However, he can not perform the Triple Slash Combo, but rather performs the first slash of his Triple Slash Combo.
P Power Form Power: ****
Defense: **
Speed: *
Use the Chain Rod to pull objects 30 times in a mission. Doubles the power of all weapons, but halves speed. Zero can not perform the Triple Slash combo in this form, but rather performs the third slash of his Triple Slash Combo.
R Rise Form Power: **
Defense: **
Speed: ***
Destroy 10 enemies using the Z-Saber in a jumping/rising move during a mission. The third Z-Saber slash in a combo is changed to a Shoenzan-like upward thrust that has more vertical range then the default third slash, but less horizontal range. This makes it ideal for hitting aerial enemies. Zero's speed is also increased by 50%.
P Proto Form Power: ****
Defense: *
Speed: **
Complete the game once (save the game and restart in the same file). Or available from the beginning in Hard Mode (only form). Zero's defense is halved, and only the Shield Boomerang can be charged. Zero can also only perform the first slash of his Triple Slash Combo. However, the power of all weapons is doubled. Considered to be high-risk, high reward. This form appears to be based on the "Black Zero" armors in the Mega Man X series.
U Ultimate Form Power: ***
Defense: ***
Speed: ***
Use all Cyber-elves and complete the game once (save the game and restart in the same file). Increases the power of all weapons, Zero's defense, and speed by 50%. And allows Zero to instantly perform charged attacks using button commands. Commonly considered to be the best form in the game.


The Chips from Mega Man Zero 3 and Mega Man Zero 4 replace the forms from Mega Man Zero 2. Although not technically a form, in Mega Man Zero 4 there is a set of Chips (Junk Head, Junk Body and Junk Foot) that will change Zero's stats when all three are equipped.

Image Stats Obtained by Description
Junk Power: ****
Defense: *
Speed: **
Equip 3 Junk Chips. Like the Proto Form, Zero's attack is doubled and his defense is halved. He can still use all his weapons and EX Skills, but the changes are nullified if Cyber-elves are equipped.


  • The additional shoulder and buster upgrades Zero receives in Mega Missions 3 were made into model kits in Bandai's Mega Armor model kit series. Originally available only as bagged add-on pieces for the existing Zero model kit (along with add-on pieces for the X model kit), they were later repackaged into a single model kit, with the Zero kit being molded in transparent red plastic.


Zero's unused Ultimate Armor design.

  • In Mega Man X4, Zero was actually going to have his own Mega Armor, like X's Ultimate Armor, instead of his Black Zero recolor. The designer of the original X's Ultimate Armor said, "The truth is, Zero was going to have a Mega Armor, too. For various circumstances, we wound up with just X this time. You want to know what his Mega Armor would have been like? Well, it has to do with Zero’s connection to W… actually, I’m not allowed to say any more than that. But, at least I can show you the rough design. I hope that sometime it will see the light of day. That’s all for now! Enjoy Rockman X4!"[1]