This article is about the weapons used by Zero in the games he appears in, as well as techniques and EX Skills he can acquire.

Main weapons of Mega Man X series


Main article: Zero Buster

Similar to the X-Buster, the Zero Buster (Z-Buster for short) is a chargeable cannon embedded in Zero's arm(s). It can fire regular shots as well as Charge attacks. Similar to the Buster Upgrade of X's armor from Mega Man X2, Zero's Z-Busters can be linked to each other to fire two Charge Shots one after the other; however, they do not combine. When Zero became a fully playable character in Mega Man X4, his Z-Buster was completely removed due to game balancing, but it was re-introduced in Mega Man X5; in this game, it was only available if the game was started with Zero. However, its usage was stripped down drastically. It could only be used on the ground, and Zero was unable to move while firing it because he had to "charge" the attack. When Zero was resurrected in Mega Man X6, his Buster received new abilities again. The fire frequency of the Buster was vastly increased (yet still bound to the ground) and its power was increased as well, making it rather useful against most enemies and bosses. After this game, the Z-Buster was never used again. The Z-Buster has undergone two design changes throughout the series. Furthermore, the Buster Shot gun was erroneously called "Z Buster" in the first Mega Man Zero game, possibly because it seemed as though Zero had obtained a gun from nowhere and the translators assumed it was a stylized Z-Buster.


Main article: Z-Saber

Zero's favorite weapon and the one he is most skilled with, the Z-Saber is a lightsaber-like beam weapon which he first acquired in Mega Man X2 after being repaired by the X-Hunters (or Dr. Cain). It allows Zero to execute powerful close-range attacks. Zero uses his Learning System to learn new attack techniques for his Saber; this Learning System works in a similar fashion to X's Variable Weapons System. Up until Zero's death at the end of Mega Man X5, the Z-Saber had a rather fluid-formed blade, less like a saber in the actual sense. After his resurrection in Mega Man X6, it had a more solid blade. The fluid-shaped Saber is found by X after X5 and used in the following game, but what became of it in later games is unknown. Oddly, the same fluid blade was used by the Zero Nightmare, rather than the new one that Zero currently uses, though it is more likely that the Nightmare Zero's data was based on Zero in X5. The Z-Saber from Mega Man X6 onwards utilizes a straight solid beam rather than the fluid blade used in previous games. Contrary to popular belief, Zero actually uses the Z-Saber on his left hand rather than his right (the right hand is usually for activating his Z-Buster, similar to what X does. However he still keeps his left hand for Z-Saber combat even if the Z-Buster is no longer used from Mega Man X7 onwards) as shown in the video sequences involving Zero in Mega Man X3, X4 and X8. Why Zero still uses his right hand to hold the Z-Saber during gameplay is still open to question. Zero however may be ambidextrous, and the Z-Saber in canon is sheathed behind his left shoulder, barring any ambidextrous positions he has or artworks like his character select portrait in X4.

The Z-Saber can be used on the ground and in mid-air and can perform combo attacks; however, the normal slashes (and the combos) force Zero to stand still. The techniques obtained from defeated bosses are usually assigned to different elements, such as fire, ice, and lightning, and those attacks are executed by fulfilling certain button combinations while in a certain situation (for example, while Zero's in mid-air). When not used, Zero stores the deactivated Z-Saber hilt in a special sheath-like element located on his back (via a hole on over his left shoulder in canon), although in Mega Man X7 and X8, he keeps it out and activated as long as it is equipped.

Mega Man X7

Concept art of Zero's weaponry in Mega Man X7.

V Hanger

Main article: V Hanger

The V-Hanger is obtained after defeating Wind Crowrang in Mega Man X7. It is a set of two purple-bladed beam daggers. Besides allowing Zero to use Souenbu by throwing boomerangs, the V-Hanger allows him to do a fast five-slash combo. The attack reach of the daggers are half as long as the regular Z-Saber.

D Glaive

Main article: D Glaive

Also known as the Durga Glaive,[Citation needed] this is a pole weapon that allows for longer-ranged attacks. It appears in both Mega Man X7, gained after defeating Splash Warfly, and Mega Man X8, where it can be constructed from a Rare Metal found in Dark Mantis' stage. The version in X7 is slow and just noticeably longer than the Z-Saber, but allows for the special move Suiretsusen. In X8 it can be spun over Zero's head to strike repeatedly, and its range has been greatly extended to two-and-a-half times that of the Z-Saber.

Mega Man X8

B Fan

Main article: B Fan

Also known as the Bashou Fan (『芭蕉ファン』 lit. "Banana Fan"),[Citation needed] this is a pair of fans offering high attack and defense capabilities. Zero can stand still with this weapon that creates an energy shield around him that can deflect low-damage projectile shots. It appears in Mega Man X8. Learning the Rekkyodan technique will power-up the fans, allowing them to reflect shots back at the enemies by hitting them with the weapon.

T Breaker

Main article: T Breaker

Also known as the Titan Breaker,[Citation needed] this is a super-powerful heavy hammer that can break through enemies' barriers. Using Juuhazan with this weapon can even destroy some obstacles & platforms. It appears in Mega Man X8. However, this weapon is capable of only one slow slamming attack. The reach of this weapon is the same as the Z-Saber.

K Knuckle

Main article: K Knuckle

Also known as the Kaiser Knuckle,[Citation needed] this is a pair of brass knuckles that appear in Mega Man X8. Equipping them grants Zero access to the special techniques used by Ryu and Ken from the Street Fighter series. The weapon's range is almost non-existent as Zero has to come up close to attack enemies making it easier to get hit, however the attack power is the same as T Breaker. The main flaw of the K Knuckle is that it cannot break through enemy barriers due to it lacking the three hit combo ability for Zero to break through enemy barriers.

Σ Blade

Main article: Σ Blade

The Σ Blade is the weapon Sigma uses in Mega Man X8, and it can be obtained by either completing the game, or by entering a code on the title screen and then buying it in the R&D Lab. It is a giant sword with legendary attack power, and it can easily break enemies' barriers. In addition, equipping this weapon will reduce special weapon energy usage by half automatically.

Mega Man X: Command Mission

Zero's Sabers in Command Mission. From left to right: Red Lotus Saber, Z Ichimonji, Z Rapier, Soul Saber, Flame Saber and Doubletooth.

In Mega Man X: Command Mission, Zero can use several types of Sabers, all of which are Combat type weapons that hit a single target.

  • Z Saber (Zセイバー) - Zero's standard weapon, a beam saber that is capable of a Double Slash combo. As the game progresses, Zero has access to better versions of his weapon, the Z Saber+, ++, and +++.
  • Flame Saber (ファイアセイバー, Fire Saber), Ice Saber (アイスセイバー) and Thunder Saber (サンダーセイバー) - These sabers have pretty much the same level in terms of stats and hit with one Splitting Slash, but offer elemental strengths to the user, capable of causing additional damage to certain enemies. All of them have a stronger + version available. They have the same appearance, except that the color of each blade depends on the element.
  • Doubletooth (ダブルトゥース) - A double-bladed saber, which has a higher chance of a Critical Hit with a Splitting Slash. A stronger version, Doubletooth+, is also available.
  • Red Lotus Saber (紅蓮剣 Gurenken, "Crimson Lotus Sword") - Zero's fastest weapon, this blade drains all of Zero's power and channels it into a giant flame blade, and unleashes it in a fire elemental triple slash called the Bone Slicer. However, since the blade drains so much power, it almost completely annihilates Zero's defense stats, making him extremely vulnerable.
  • Soul Saber (ソウルセイバー) - The Soul Saber is not an energy blade; rather, it is a metal blade. The Soul Saber lets Zero perform a spin-attack, Slash at Death. Its power increases the lower Zero's Life Energy is.
  • Z Ichimonji (零 Rei, "Zero") - Another metal blade, the Z Ichimonji glows with a dark blue flame. It is weak, but breaks armors with the attack Knife Through Butter. Its superior version is the Rei Ichimonji (零影 Rei Kage, "Zero Shadow"). Its English name comes from Kiku-ichimonji.
  • Z Rapier (Zレイピア) - This thin, red blade can perform a Triple Slash combo, compared to the Z Saber's double combo. Its high speed compensates for its low defense. A Z Rapier+ is available.
Saber Power
(Melee Def.)
(Shot Def.)
(Speed Red.)
Obtained at Additional stats
Z Saber 2 5 4 8 Zero starts with this weapon in Chapter 1.
Z Saber+ 10 12 10 11 Zero has this weapon when he rejoins in Chapter 5.
Z Saber++ 24 17 15 13 Chapter 8 (Weapon Shop)
Z Saber+++ 50 30 25 25 Grave Ruins Base
Z Ichimonji 20 11 14 7 Dropped by Shadow Armor Break (40% Power)
Rei Ichimonji 60 20 25 9 Stolen from Colonel Redips Armor Break (40% Power)
Flame Saber 34 18 16 10 Chapter 6 (Weapon Shop) Fire attribute
Flame Saber+ 82 22 20 18 Chapter 10 (Weapon Shop) Fire attribute
Ice Saber 36 18 16 12 Chapter 6 (Weapon Shop) Water attribute
Ice Saber+ 85 22 20 20 Chapter 10 (Weapon Shop) Water attribute
Thunder Saber 35 20 18 12 Chapter 6 (Weapon Shop) Thunder attribute
Thunder Saber+ 83 23 21 20 Chapter 10 (Weapon Shop) Thunder attribute
Z Rapier 12 3 1 3 Chapter 8 (Weapon Shop)
Z Rapier+ 40 8 4 5 Dropped by Red Stinger
Doubletooth 40 20 24 16 Chapter 9 (Weapon Shop) Critical Strike +3%
Doubletooth+ 63 20 18 20 Chapter 10 (Weapon Shop) Critical Strike +3%
Soul Saber 50 26 30 15 Cumin's Secret Weapon Shop
Red Lotus Saber 80 0 0 0 Dropped by Fourtails Fire attribute, Power = Armor + Shield

Main weapons of Mega Man Zero series


MMZ Zero.png
Main article: Z-Saber

In this series, Zero's Z-Saber has been redesigned and reconfigured along with Zero himself. The Z-Saber now no longer possesses a lightsaber-like appearance, but a deltoid-shaped blade. Furthermore, the Z-Saber received a few upgrades. Unlike in the Mega Man X series, the Zero series Z-Saber can be used while running and dashing (however, no combos can be performed while in motion). Additionally, it was created using the same technology as the X-Buster, giving it the ability to be charged and vary its effects and shape. The Z-Saber can be equipped with different chips for element-based charge attacks. In the first two games, Zero has to "relearn" his skill with the Z-Saber, upgrading its attack power and moveset by frequently using it, thus leveling it up. The weapon's most interesting characteristic is the sheer amount of force it can dole out to enemies; it can easily slice through 300 mm of reinforced steel in a single stroke. The Z-Saber can be recharged by drawing energy from Zero himself, who has an internal solar core.

Zero can put the Z-Saber into the Buster Shot, allowing it to use vastly more powerful shots and charge shots. Cerveau studies the Z-Saber and reverse-engineers it, allowing it to change into the Shield Boomerang and the three Rods (Triple, Chain, and Recoil). According to concept arts, the Z-Saber is stored within the holster or holsters located on Zero's legs.

Buster Shot

Buster Shot
Main article: Buster Shot

The Buster Shot (バスターショット Basutā Shotto) is Zero's long-range weapon; alongside the Z-saber, it appears in all Mega Man Zero games. It was originally an old model of a handheld gun used by the late Milan. When Zero awoke, he grabbed Milan's weapon in order to defend Ciel and himself against the attacking Neo Arcadian troops. Once acquired, the Buster Shot's bullets directly changed from regular ammunition to energy shots (or at least appears to in-game), and once the Z-Saber is obtained, the gun can be charged with its help (early concept art and the illustration to the left show that the Z-Saber can be loaded into the buster as a power cell, granting the weapon the ability to be charged this way). Like the Zero series version of the Z-Saber, the Buster Shot can be equipped with element chips, and it had to be upgraded in the first two games. According to concept art, the Buster Shot is mounted onto Zero's back when not used.

Shield Boomerang

Shield Boomerang
Main article: Shield Boomerang

The Shield Boomerang (シールドブーメラン) is a weapon used by Zero in the first three games, constructed by Cerveau. It is an energy shield created by spinning the Z-Saber (mounted onto his forearm) around, as shown in its artwork. It can reflect most enemy shot attacks, however, it provides no protection from melee attacks, nor is it capable of deflecting exceptionally powerful moves (like those used by bosses). Like most weapons of the series, the Shield Boomerang can be charged and equipped with element chips. When charged, the shield can be thrown like a razor blade, flying in an ellipsis path and cutting through several enemies before returning to Zero. The Shield Boomerang has to be leveled up in the first two games. In the first Mega Man Zero game, Cerveau only gives the weapon to Zero after he gets the Triple Rod and completes or fails in a mission. But obtaining the weapon is optional, it not being necessary to complete the game. In the second and third game, Zero must talk to Cerveau and get the Shield Boomerang (and Chain Rod or Recoil Rod) to progress the game.

Triple Rod

MMZ Zero (Triple Rod).png
Main article: Triple Rod

The Triple Rod (トリプルロッド) is a lance-like weapon appears in the first Mega Man Zero game and SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos. It was constructed by Cerveau from gathered data about Zero (talking to engineer after completing the "Retrieve Data" mission - Maha Ganeshariff's mission). It is a modified Z-Saber hilt which can be extended three times for additional range and has a spear-like energy tip at the top; however, the extension can only be executed if standing still on the ground. It can also be used to attack in eight directions (left, right, up, down, upper left, upper right, lower left and lower right). It can be charged and equipped with element chips. When fully charged, Zero will swing the rod around himself like a battle staff, with an energy tip on both ends; when in mid-air, Zero spins the Triple Rod in front of him. Obtaining the Triple Rod is entirely optional, it can be skipped to complete the game. The Triple Rod is destroyed in the second game, and the Chain Rod is constructed from its broken remains.

Chain Rod

MMZ2 Zero (Chain Rod).jpg
Main article: Chain Rod

The Chain Rod (チェーンロッド) is manufactured from the remains of the Triple Rod by Cerveau in Mega Man Zero 2. It is an energy chain with a sharp point that can be used to hook onto various surfaces and enemies. It can hold some enemies in place by stunning them, pull them closer to Zero for further attacks, or to simply impale them from mid-distance. It can also be used to pull distant items or to hook Zero to a ceiling, swinging on it, similar to a grappling hook, which is occasionally utilized in certain platforming segments. It can be equipped with element chips as well and has to be leveled up to enable its charge attack, which is the same as that of the Triple Rod.

Recoil Rod

MMZ3 Zero (Recoil Rod).jpg

Yet another Z-Saber variation made by Cerveau in Mega Man Zero 3, the Recoil Rod consists of a pair of energy tonfas used for rapid attacks (which can only be used when on the ground). Similar to the Triple Rod, this weapon can be used to attack in eight directions. The Recoil Rod is also used for some in-game puzzles. By charging the rod, it can be used to push away enemies (if not already destroying them) or moving blocks. Furthermore, when charged and released while holding down, the Recoil Rod allows Zero to make a mighty jump vertically to reach areas normally not possible.

Original concept art for the Recoil Rod shows it as a wrist attachment that allowed the rod to be summoned or retracted at will and as a "repulse knuckle" type attachment that was activated by a punch. It was originally called the "Pile Bunker".

Zero Knuckle

MMZ4 Zero (Zero Knuckle).jpg
Main article: Zero Knuckle

The Zero Knuckle replaces both the Shield Boomerang and the rod weapons in Mega Man Zero 4, but unlike them, is available from the very beginning. The Knuckle consists of a Z-shaped chip implanted into Zero's palms. It allows him to rip off certain types of weapons (such as blasters, rocket launchers or axes) from enemy Mechaniloids or weak Reploids (such as Weil's Variants) to use them for his own. A successful theft of such a part normally results in the destruction of the enemy. If a stolen weapon is out of ammo or simply of no use any longer, it can be thrown away which can hurt an enemy as well. It cannot be equipped with element chips (although this is due to the game lacking element chips), but can be charged, though the charged version of the Zero Knuckle is only a stronger punch. It is unknown whether this weapon was created by Cerveau or had been part of Zero all along, but artwork of Omega Zero from Mega Man ZX shows him having a Knuckle of his own, but with an Ω symbol instead of a Z.


When Zero defeats a boss, he learns a "technique" (必殺技 Hissatsu Waza, lit. "Sure-Killing Arts"). These learned techniques let Zero mimic certain attacks used by defeated bosses and are usually assigned to certain elements. The learned techniques vary from attacks to movement styles.

Mega Man Xtreme

Zero can help X in Mega Man Xtreme with the "Zero Scramble" items from the Light Capsules, which will summon Zero for a quick attack. Zero can also use these attacks in the second game, Xtreme 2.

Image Technique Stage Description
MMXT1-Z1.png Dash Gallery Stage (Armored Armadillo) Zero dashes forward with his saber drawn.
MMXT1-Z2.png Rising Dinosaur Tank Stage (Wheel Gator) Zero performs a rising, skyward slash.
MMXT1-Z3.png Earth Gaizer Scrap Plant Stage (Morph Moth) Zero punches the ground, generating explosions all around him.
MMXT1-Z4.png Final Central Computer Stage (Magna Centipede) Zero performs Dash, then Rising.

Mega Man Xtreme 2

Image Technique Boss Description
MMXT2-Icon-Zero-Rising.png Rising Neon Tiger The same as Xtreme's Rising. The more times the attack button is pressed, the higher Zero will reach. This is one of the only two techniques in this game that doesn't require weapon energy.
MMXT2-Icon-Zero-FishFang.png Fish Fang Launch Octopus Zero launches two fish-missiles from the Z-Saber when performing an air-slash.
MMXT2-Icon-Zero-TriThunder.png Tri-Thunder
(トライアードサンダー Toraiādo Sandā, lit. "Triad Thunder")
Volt Catfish Zero punches the ground, generating multiple balls of lightning that randomly erupt from the ground.
MMXT2-Icon-Zero-FireWave.png Fire Wave Flame Mammoth The same as X's Fire Wave.
MMXT2-Icon-Zero-Lightning.png Lightning Wire Sponge Generates random lightning strikes.
MMXT2-Icon-Zero-EarthGaizer.png Earth Gaizer Blast Hornet Zero punches the ground, generating explosions in the ground which move from left to right.
MMXT2-Icon-Zero-Dash.png Dash Overdrive Ostrich The same as Xtreme's Dash.
MMXT2-Icon-Zero-DrillCrush.png Drill Crush Tunnel Rhino Zero performs a thrust downward while falling, with the Z-Saber spinning like a drill. Can be interrupted. This is the second of the only two techniques in this game that doesn't require weapon energy.
MMXT2-Icon-Zero-ZeroFinal.png Zero Final None (Light Capsule in Tunnel Rhino's stage) The same as Xtreme's Zero Final.

Mega Man X4

Image Technique Boss Description
X4-Icon-Zero-Raijingeki.png Raijingeki
(雷神撃 "Raijin Attack")
Web Spider By pressing the Special Weapon button while standing, Zero will perform a forward thrust with the Z-Saber as a blade of blue lightning.

Can cancel the attack delay by using Raijineki during a standing saber combo.

X4-Icon-Zero-Kūenzan.png Kuuenbu
(空円舞 "Air Waltz")
Split Mushroom The Kuuenbu technique allows Zero the ability to jump one more time after an initial jump. (This is not actually an attack.)

Zero keeps this ability in most of the later games.

X4-Icon-Zero-Kūenzan.png Kuuenzan
(空円斬 "Air Circling Slash")
Split Mushroom The Kuuenzan technique allows Zero to perform a rolling slash attack with his Z-Saber whilst in the air. The slash will still go on as Zero changes directions.

This attack appears in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as Zero's aerial heavy attack. Both games can also have him perform a backwards version as a command normal.

X4-Icon-Zero-Rakuhouha.png Rakuhouha
(落鳳破 "Falling Feng Crush")
Cyber Peacock As his Giga Attack, Zero punches the ground, sending out waves of energy in a fan-like pattern.

This attack also appears in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite whenever Zero releases a fully-charged Hyper Zero Blaster during Hadangeki.

X4-Icon-Zero-Tenkuha.png Tenkuuha
(天空覇 "Aether Rule")
Storm Owl The Tenkuuha technique upgrades the Z-Saber, tinting it violet and allowing it to destroy energy shots.
X4-Icon-Zero-Ryuenjin.png Ryuenjin
(龍炎刃 "Dragon Flame Blade")
Magma Dragoon By pressing Up and Special Weapon button while standing, Zero will perform a leaping upward slash with the Z-Saber as a blade of red flames. This move has a fixed height.

This attack appears in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as one of Zero's special moves. In the latter game, the midair version is replaced by another attack.

X4-Icon-Zero-Hyouretsuzan.png Hyouretsuzan
(氷烈斬 "Ice Fury Slash")
Frost Walrus Zero will perform a falling downward thrust with the Z-Saber turning into a giant light blue icicle. Cannot be interrupted, but he can aim the icicle left or right to hit the target more effectively.

This appears in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, performed whenever a fully-charged Hyper Zero Blaster shot is released during Ryuenjin.

X4-Icon-Zero-Hienkyaku.png Hienkyaku
(飛燕脚 "Flying Swallow Legs")
Jet Stingray The Hienkyaku technique allows Zero to perform a dash in mid-air. (This is not actually an attack.)

This attack appears in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as one of Zero's special moves.

X4-Icon-Zero-Shippūga.png Shippuuga
(疾風牙 "Hurricane Fang")
Slash Beast

By pressing the Special Weapon button during a dash move, Zero will perform a large, twirling slash with a pink blade, hitting up to three times in a row. Take note that Zero can only do this while dashing on the ground, and not while performing Hienkyaku at the same time.

This attack appears in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as one of Zero's command normals.

The Zero/Awakened Zero fights in Mega Man X5 imply that Soul Body was also learned by Zero after defeating Split Mushroom, but this could be X mistaking Twin Dream for his Special Weapon from X4.

Mega Man X5

Image Technique Boss Description
X5-Icon-Zero-CSword.png C-Sword
(三日月斬 Mikazukizan, "Crescent Moon Slash")
Crescent Grizzly Like Kuuenbu and Kuuenzan, Zero is able to air hike and perform an earth-element rolling slash surrounded by a crescent aura. Has a shorter cooldown time than Kuuenzan. The crescent aura is just a visual effect that can't damage enemies.

Appears in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite whenever Zero releases a fully-charged Hyper Zero Blaster during Raikousen.

X5-Icon-Zero-FSplasher.png F-Splasher
(飛水翔 Hisuishou, "Flying Water Soar")
Tidal Whale Zero performs an ice-element version of Hienkyaku that surrounds his body in a sheet of ice. If the player presses up or down while performing this, Zero's direction will be slightly altered upwards or downwards.

In Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, this move is used as a followup whenever a fully-charged Hyper Zero Blaster is released during a Sentsuizan.

X5-Icon-Zero-EBlade.png E-Blade
(電刃 Denjin, "Electric Blade")
Volt Kraken Zero performs a lightning-element rising slash which also sends lightning bolts downwards, damaging enemies below him. The more times the attack button is pressed during the move, the higher Zero will reach.
X5-Icon-Zero-CFlasher.png C-Flasher
(滅閃光 Messenkou, "Destroying Glint")
Shining Firefly As his Giga Attack, Zero performs a violet-colored version of Rakuhouha. Unlike Rakuhouha, the projectiles are unstoppable but do less damage on their own, but compensate with multiple hits. Damage taken can convert into energy for this attack.

Black Zero uses this attack in Rockman X DiVE.

X5-Icon-Zero-DarkHold.png Dark Hold
Dark Necrobat Zero freezes time for every object and minor enemy on the screen (it is also effective on Spiral Pegasus). This technique slowly consumes Weapon Energy, but can be turned off when not needed. It is exactly the same as X's Dark Hold.

This attack appears in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom as Zero's level 3 Hyper Combo, though with an added attacking portion.

X5-Icon-Zero-WShredder.png W-Shredder
(疾風 Hayate, "Hurricane")
Spiral Pegasus Zero performs a wind-element version of Shippuuga that causes him to halt during a dash and send out an after-image to strike a target if it makes contact with one.
X5-Icon-Zero-QuakeBlazer.png Quake Blazer
(断地炎 Danchien, "Severing Earth Flame")
Burn Dinorex Zero performs a fire-element downward thrust that generates explosions when it connects. The explosions seem to be just a visual effect that can't damage enemies. Can be interrupted as well as adjustable aim.
X5-Icon-Zero-TwinDream.png Twin Dream
(双幻夢 Sougenmu, "Twin Phantasm")
Spike Rosered

Zero performs a variant of X's Soul Body. The image alone doesn't cause any damage, but when Zero attacks, it mimics his move and cause damage to enemies within its attack range. Disappears after a short period of time.

This attack appears in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as one of Zero's level 1 Hyper Combos.

Mega Man X6

Image Technique Boss Description
X6-Icon-Zero-YammarOption.png Yammar Option Commander Yammark Zero summons up to three robot dragonflies to shield him and fire straight ahead. Although this is the same as X's version of this weapon, it has some differences: in Zero's version, the robot dragonflies attack concurrently with Zero's other attacks and Z-Buster shots.
X6-Icon-Zero-Sentsuizan.png Sentsuizan
(旋墜斬 "Whirling Crash Slash")
Ground Scaravich Zero performs an airborne version of Shippuuga that shakes the screen when it makes contact with the ground. Unlike Shippuuga which goes forward, this technique lets Zero fly diagonally downwards instead.

This attack appears in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as one of Zero's special moves, along with a fake-out version.

X6-Icon-Zero-Shouenzan.png Shoenzan
(翔炎山 "Soaring Flame Mountain")
Blaze Heatnix Zero performs a ground version of Ryuenjin that also creates an upward wall of flames for extra upward reach.
X6-Icon-Zero-Hyourouga.png Hyoroga
(氷狼牙 "Ice Wolf Fang")
Blizzard Wolfang Zero takes a mighty leap and clings to the ceiling. He can drop icicles or dash while on the ceiling. Shooting icicles will consume Weapon Energy, but Zero can still leap and air dash from the ceiling even without using any Weapon Energy. Note the ceiling needs to be within reach, as ones that are too high are impossible to attach to.
X6-Icon-Zero-Ensuizan.png Ensuizan
(円水斬 "Circling Water Slash")
Rainy Turtloid Zero performs a fast, water-element rolling slash. This version can also be performed while on the ground as well as in the air.
X6-Icon-Zero-Rakukoujin.png Rakukojin
(落鋼刃 "Falling Steel Blade")
Metal Shark Player Zero performs a metallic downward thrust that explodes and horizontally throws small bouncing anchors when it connects. This is one of the few techniques to use Weapon Energy. While it can be used without Weapon Energy, no anchor will appear unless Weapon Energy is available for consumption.
X6-Icon-Zero-GuardShell.png Guard Shell
Shield Sheldon Zero summons an energy shield that reflects energy shots. Like Yammar Option, Zero can also attack while doing this. It has some differences from X's version of this weapon: Zero cannot aim it above or below him, and energy is used on first activation and also when an attack hits the shield and shoots out a shot in retaliation.
X6-Icon-Zero-Rekkouha.png Rekkoha
(裂光覇 "Rending Light Rule")
Infinity Mijinion As his Giga Attack, Zero punches the ground and summons beams of light from above. Weapon Energy for this technique can be refilled by taking damage or weapon energy capsules. Zero's invincibility seems more apparent unlike other Giga Attacks, and seems to have more special effects. Also targets the whole screen, so it is more difficult to avoid compared to other Giga Attacks.

This attack appears in fighting gameTatsunoko vs. Capcom, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite as one of Zero's level 1 Hyper Combos.

Mega Man X7

Mega Man X7 introduces the use of weapons other than the Z-Saber: the V Hanger, a set of handheld daggers, and the D Glaive, a long spear weapon.

Image Technique Boss Weapon Description
RaijinshouTall.png X7-Icon-Zero-Raijinshou-Small-Edited.png Raijinshou
(雷神昇 "Raijin Rise")
Tornado Tonion Default Zero performs an electric-element technique that causes him to spin horizontally and rise within an electric tornado.

Appears as one of Zero's Hyper Combos in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

Suiretusen.jpg X7-Icon-Zero-Suiretsusen-Small-Edited.png Suiretsusen
(水烈閃 "Water Fury Flash")
Splash Warfly D Glaive Zero performs a strong water-elemental forward thrust.
Bakuenjin.png X7-Icon-Zero-Bakuenjin-Small-Edited.png Bakuenjin
(爆炎陣 "Bursting Flame Array")
Flame Hyenard Default As his Giga Attack, Zero punches the ground, causing a fiery explosion. The only technique in this game to use Weapon Energy, albeit a large amount.
Zankourin.png X7-Icon-Zero-Zankourin-Small-Edited.png Zankourin
(斬光輪 "Slashing Light Ring")
Ride Boarski Default While walking, Zero sends out a light-element wheel that slices through anything in its path. When the wheel is still on the screen, Zero cannot perform other special techniques.
Hieijin.png X7-Icon-Zero-Hieijin-Small-Edited.png Hieijin
(飛影刃 "Flying Shadow Blade")
Snipe Anteator Default After jumping into the air, Zero sends out a homing missile from his saber.
Souenbu.png X7-Icon-Zero-Souenbu-Small-Edited.png Souenbu
(双燕舞 "Twin Swallow Dance")
Wind Crowrang V Hanger Zero throws out one of the V Hangars that spins like a boomerang to hit enemies from a moderate distance before the blade returns to him.
Hadangeki.png X7-Icon-Zero-Hadangeki-Small-Edited.png Hadangeki
(波断撃 "Wave Sever Attack")
Vanishing Gungaroo Default Zero performs a heavy overhead slash that sends out a wave of energy.

This attack appears in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as one of Zero's special moves.

Gokumonken.png X7-Icon-Zero-Gokumonken-Small-Edited.png Gokumonken
(獄門剣 "Prison Gate Sword")
Soldier Stonekong Default Zero enters a defensive stance that blocks enemy shots and allows him to counterattack any enemy that touches his Z-Saber with a strong downward slash similar to Hadangeki.

Mega Man X8

Image Technique Boss Weapon Description
X8-Icon-Zero-Youdantotsu.png Youdantotsu
(葉断突 "Leaf Severing Thrust")
Bamboo Pandamonium Default Zero performs a Wood-Element dash-and-thrust technique that tints his weapon green and will break enemy barriers.

This also appears as one of Zero's new command normals in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

X8-Icon-Zero-Tenshouha.png Tenshouha
(天照覇 "Amaterasu/Heaven Shine Rule")
Optic Sunflower Default As his Giga Attack, Zero punches the ground, summoning a pillar of Light-Element laser that destroys enemies directly above him. The only technique in this game to use Weapon Energy.

Equipping the Sigma Blade will cause the energy usage for performing this technique to be halved.

X8-Icon-Zero-Rasetsusen.png Rasetsusen
(螺刹旋 "Swirling Temple Whirl")
Dark Mantis Default Zero performs an airborne Darkness-Element rolling slash that can be turned into either a falling or rising, spinning slash. Diagonally-downward spinning is also possible. Unlike most of his rolling slash attacks, Zero does it in a backward somersaulting fashion instead.
X8-Icon-Zero-Juhazan.png Juuhazan
(重波斬 "Heavy Wave Slash")
Gravity Antonion Default Zero performs a Gravity-Element heavy overhead slash that can break enemy barriers. Zero will do a charge stance before launching the attack.
X8-Icon-Zero-Rekkyoudan.png Rekkyoudan
(烈鏡断 "Violent Mirror Sever")
Earthrock Trilobyte Default Zero's Z-Saber gets powered-up with Earth-Element powers to deflect enemy projectile attacks with his normal slash.
X8-Icon-Zero-Raikousen.png Raikousen
(雷光閃 "Lightning Flash")
Gigabolt Man-O-War Default Zero performs a forward slash, briefly going invisible, and produces a horizontal bolt of Thunder-Element when he reappears. This move can be performed while air-dashing as well.

This attack appears in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite as one of Zero's special moves, and unlike before can only be done in midair.

X8-Icon-Zero-Hyouryushou.png Hyouryuushou
(氷龍昇 "Ice Dragon Rise")
Avalanche Yeti Default An ice-powered version of Raijinshou where Zero performs an upward-spinning Ice-Element slash that can freeze air-borne enemies upon contact. Unlike Raijinshou, only contact from the weapon itself freezes the enemies.
X8-Icon-Zero-Enkoujin.png Enkoujin
(焔降刃 "Blaze Drop Blade")
Burn Rooster Default Zero performs a Fire-Element straight downward plunging stab that tints his weapon red, burning enemies on contact (similar to Quake Blazer/Danchien in Mega Man X5). The difference being that this move cannot be aimed while performing as it hits straight downward.
(連葉断 "Chained Leaf Sever")
Bamboo Pandamonium D Glaive Zero performs 6 rapid Youdantotsu thrusts with the D Glaive which tints it green. This can break enemy barriers as well as destroying them.
(絶鏡断 "Absolute Mirror Sever")
Earthrock Trilobyte B Fan Zero can reflect enemy projectiles back at the source enemies to damage them using their own fire.
(大烈鎚 "Great Violent Hammer")
Gravity Antonion T Breaker Zero slams the ground with the T Breaker, unleashing an earthquake that can break enemies' defenses. Unlike Juuhazan, there is no charge stance before the attack is launched, and it occurs much more quickly.
(岩斬波 "Rock Slashing Wave")
Gravity Antonion K Knuckle Zero punches the ground, discharging a spark of energy that will break enemies' guards. Unlike Juuhazan, there is no charge stance and the attack is almost immediate.
(旋風脚 "Whirlwind Leg")
Dark Mantis K Knuckle Zero performs an airborne, dark-element pirouetting kick that can be turned into either a falling or rising, pirouetting kick. Diagonal-descending spinning kicks are also possible.
(雷迅拳 "Thunder Swift Fist")
Gigabolt Man-O-War K Knuckle Zero slides forward and performs a lightning-charged uppercut that ends with a powerful vertical lightning bolt that can allow Zero to grab objects (and Rare Metals) above and below him as well as break certain floors with this. Can be performed while air-dashing.
(焔降脚 "Blaze Drop Leg")
Burn Rooster K Knuckle Zero performs a descending, fire-element diagonal kick that burns enemies upon contact.
(昇龍拳 "Rising Dragon Fist")
Avalanche Yeti K Knuckle Zero performs an upward-spiraling, ice-element uppercut that freezes air-borne enemies upon contact.

Mega Man X: Command Mission

Zero's techniques are available as his Action Trigger, Command Arts. They are performed by inputting a specific combinations of buttons, and Zero will perform each successfully inputted Command Art once the timer runs out.

Technique Obtained by Description
Zero Slash
Rei Shiki Retsuzan (零式烈斬 "Zero Method Fury Slash")
Available from start Zero performs a single downwards slash.
Zero Breakthrough
Rei Shiki Toppa (零式突破 "Zero Method Breakthrough")
Available from start Zero performs a forward thrust that can break an enemy's guard.
Zero Dragon Slash
Rei Shiki Shouryuuzan (零式昇竜斬 "Zero Method Rising Dragon Slash")
Available from start Zero performs a rising slash that is effective against airborne enemies.
Zero Wave Slash
Rei Shiki Hadouzan (零式波動斬 "Zero Method Surge Slash")
Perform 300 techniques Zero performs a leaping sword plant with Power at 50%-200%.
Zero Skull Crush
Rei Shiki Kabutowari (零式兜割り "Zero Method Helmet Splitter")
Perform 999 techniques Zero performs a rolling slash into a slam-slash that is guaranteed to be a critical hit.

Fighting games

Besides techniques from other games, Zero has four new techniques in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite that are used as his command normals.

Technique Description
Youdantotsu / Youdansen
(葉断閃 "Leaf Severing Flash")
A slash attack based on Zero's original Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 standing medium attack, which was based off of his neutral Z-Saber combo second input in X4 and X5.
(烈昇脚 "Fury Rising Leg")
Zero performs a somersault kick with both legs, which launches the foe a small bit and can cancel into any airborne specials.
(弧抉牙 "Arc Gouge Fang")
While crouching, Zero will reap forward with an obliquely-angled rolling saber slash along the ground to trip the foe. Originally his crouching heavy attack in both Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (with an airborne version of it acting as his jumping S in the latter game, and jumping HK in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite).
(螺旋脚 "Spiral Leg")
An airborne forward inwards-spinning kick.

EX Skills

In the Mega Man Zero series, Zero can learn EX Skills similar to his techniques by defeating the bosses after activating their EX Skill. In Mega Man Zero 2 and Mega Man Zero 3, they can be activated by having an A or S rank before taking the mission. In Mega Man Zero 4, they are activated by taking the mission while the weather is favorable to the Einherjar Eight Warriors, but other bosses still only utilize their special techniques at A or S rank.

Mega Man Zero 2

Image EX Skill Boss Weapon Element Description
L Laser Shot Hyleg Ourobockle Buster Shot None Shoot a laser that is capable of going right through enemies.
T Triple Shot Poler Kamrous Buster Shot Ice Splits in three directions upon impact. Requires the Ice Chip.
S Spark Shot Panter Flauclaws Buster Shot Thunder Attack that splits vertically when it hits the enemy. Requires the Thunder Chip.
B Blast Shot Fighting Fefnir Buster Shot Flame Engulfs surrounding enemies in an explosion. Requires the Flame Chip.
TT Tenshouzan
(『天昇斬』, Heaven Rising/Ascension Slash)
Phoenix Magnion Z-Saber None/Flame A rising upward slash. With the Flame Chip equipped, it is a fire element attack like Ryuenjin.
GaleAttack.pngSengatotsu Sp.png Sengatotsu
(『旋牙突』, Whirling Fang Thrust)
Kuwagust Anchus Z-Saber None/Thunder The dashing slice becomes a thrust. With the Thunder Chip equipped, it is an electric attack like Raikousen.
SI Sharp Edge/Rakuretsuzan
(『落烈斬』, Falling Fury Slash)
Fairy Leviathan Z-Saber None/Ice Stab downwards while jumping. With the Ice Chip equipped, it is an ice element attack like Hyouretsuzan, and can be steered slightly left and right.
K Kougenjin
(『光幻刃』, Light Illusion Blade)
Sage Harpuia Z-Saber None Launches a non-elemental shockwave. Can punch through shields.
E Energy Chain Burble Hekelot Chain Rod None Absorb life energy from enemies with the Chain Rod.
F Filter Shield Rainbow Devil MK-II Shield Boomerang None Changes enemy projectiles into E-Crystals by drawing the shield right as the projectile hits it.

Mega Man Zero 3

Image EX Skill Boss Weapon Element Description
R Reflect Laser Copy X MK2 Buster Shot None Shoot a laser that goes right through enemies and reflects off walls. When the laser hits a wall, hold Up or Down to alter the direction of the rebound, and aim at enemies manually. Requires no elemental Chips.
BS Burst Shot Blazin' Flizard Buster Shot Fire Engulfs surrounding enemies in an explosion. Requires the Flame Chip.
V V-Shot Volteel Biblio Buster Shot Thunder A forward diagonal shot that splits into a horizontal V shape. Requires the Thunder Chip.
BlizzrdArrow Blizzard Arrow Blizzack
Staggroff R
Buster Shot Ice Shoot three icicle blasts from a blue orb. Requires the Ice Chip.
G Gale Attack/Reppuugeki
Tretista Kelverian Z-Saber None When Zero dashes and then swing his saber, he gets a > shaped attack instead of a swing. Multiple hits inflicted from a single stab makes this one of the most damaging attacks in the game, unlike the alternate versions from Zero 2 and 4.
SZ3 Split Heavens/Tenretsujin
(『天裂刃』, "Heaven Rending Blade")
Hanumachine R Z-Saber None/Fire A non-elemental rising upward strike that becomes a flaming attack with the Flame Chip equipped.
SS Saber Smash/Rakusaiga
(『落砕牙』, "Falling Smash Fang")
Devilbat Schilt Z-Saber None/Thunder The typical downward thrust. If the Thunder Chip is equipped, it becomes an electric attack that creates two sparks in contact.
TB Throw Blade/Zaneidan
(『斬鋭弾』, Slashing Sharp Bullet)
Childre Inarabitta Z-Saber None/Ice Launches a shockwave in a pointed fold. With the Ice Chip equipped, the shockwave is larger and travels further.
Z3 1000 Slash Deathtanz Mantisk Recoil Rod None A rapid-combo Recoil Rod attack.
SL Soul Launcher Cubit Foxtar Recoil Rod None/Fire When the rod is fired upwards, it fires an energy projectile that splits into four pieces and comes crashing down to cause damage. With the Flame Chip equipped, the pieces burn on the ground for a short while.
S Shield Sweep
(『クロールシールド』 Crawl Shield)
Anubis Necromancess V Shield Boomerang None/Thunder Charged Shield Boomerang shots will roll along the ground, before going back to Zero. Leaves trail of sparks if the Thunder Chip is equipped.
O Orbit Shield
(『サーキュラシールド』 Circular Shield)
Glacier le Cactank Shield Boomerang None/Ice Charged Shield Boomerang shots will orbit Zero for a short time before veering off and then returning to him like normal. Makes 4 revolutions by default, 6 if the Ice Chip is equipped.

Mega Man Zero 4

Image EX Skill Boss Weapon Element Description
T Time Stopper Popla Cocapetri Buster Shot None Mid-range non-elemental shot that damages/freezes in time some enemies, preventing them from attacking and moving. It also negates bosses' i-frames AFTERWARDS for 1 sec while the reticle is still "open". However all additional attacks seem to be reduced to 1 damage per hit, while using this window of opportunity.
T Tractor Shot Mino Magnus Buster Shot Thunder A lightning-elemental shot that absorbs certain energy missiles to increase the shot's attack power when holding it. Can damage on contact with the charging shot, without using it up. It can paralyze some enemies.
B Burning Shot Sol Titanion Buster Shot Flame A flame-elemental shot that causes an explosion on contact with a wall or enemy. The blast can burn some enemies.
I Ice Javelin Tech Kraken Buster Shot Ice Fires a long spear of ice from the buster that can freeze some enemies. On contact with a wall, its parts molder before the spear disappears. Because of its length, it deals multiple hits.
S Sky Chaser/Tsuibangeki
Crashing Crag Attack)
Noble Mandrago Z-Saber None A powerful aerial attack where Zero comes crashing down and send rocks flying on impact with the ground.
T Thunder Stab/Buraitotsu
Martial Thunder Thrust)
Pegasolta Eclair Z-Saber Thunder A lightning-elemental melee attack, it thrusts the Saber forward while dashing, stabbing an enemy. If the Saber touches a wall, two thunder balls will start crawling. Both the Saber and the balls can paralyze some enemies.
F Flame Fang/Shouenga
Rising Blaze Fang)
Heat Genblem Z-Saber Flame Another rising, flaming, upward slash. It can burn some enemies.
I Ice Blade/Hyougetsujin
Ice Moon Blade)
Fenri Lunaedge Z-Saber Ice Launches an ice-elemental projectile along the ground. It can freeze some enemies and slash through several of them.

As Boss

Zero, Awakened Zero and Zero Nightmare attacks

These techniques are accessed by Zero only when fighting against him as Mega Man X. The techniques are used by Zero and "Awakened Zero" (覚醒ゼロ Kakusei Zero) in Mega Man X5, and by Zero Nightmare in Mega Man X6.

Image Tech. Name Description
S Shingetsurin
True Moon Ring)[1]
Awakened Zero shoots two blue ring-like projectiles that home in on X and stay right in front of him, after a while they will home in on X once more and this time they will try to hit him. This technique is only used by Awakened Zero, and replaces the shots which are shot in a pair of two and the barrage of shots used by both Zero and Zero Nightmare: These shots are bigger than the Zero's normal Z-Buster shots when you use him. Zero and Zero Nightmare will shoot 2 shots if their health is high and replace the technique by a flurry of shots if their health is low. This is one of Awakened Zero's two special moves in Rockman X DiVE.
S Shin Messenkou
True Destroying Glint)[1]
A stronger version of C-Flasher where Zero punches the ground and a series of projectiles shoot from the floor to the ceiling. This technique is used by both Zero, Awakening Zero, and Zero Nightmare. Zero Nightmare also uses this in his Rockman X DiVE character select screen animation, but says his quote when using Genmu Zero Kai in X6 ("Shinei") instead of his quote when using Shin Messenkou in X6 ("Owari da").
D Denha Zero
Electric Blade Zero)[Citation needed]
Zero sends a small spinning crescent wave slash from his saber that homes on X. This technique is used by Zero, Awakening Zero and Zero Nightmare, usually after two buster shots or a Shingetsurin.
G Ittouryoudan: Genmu Zero
Single Stroke Bisection: Phantasm Zero)[1][2]

If the battle against Awakening Zero continues for a long time (around 2 minutes), he will launch two giant crescent waves from his saber repeatedly, which cover the entire area in front of him and can kill X instantly (unless he has the Ultimate Armor and uses Nova Strike). This technique is only used by Awakening Zero, and he is invulnerable during this attack. Ittouryoudan is the art of splitting someone in half in one stroke, thus proving the prowess of this deadly attack. Awakening Zero can use this if he is Level 20 or above. Zero will be constantly using this attack, so the battle is impossible from that point onward.

This attack appears in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as Zero's level 3 Hyper Combo and in Project × Zone, and it's also the second of Awakened Zero's two special moves in Rockman X DiVE.

G Genmu Zero Kai
Phantasm Zero: Revise)[1]
A weaker version of the above, where Zero Nightmare releases one giant crescent wave from his saber, with varying speed. Depending of his level, Zero Nightmare can release two or more waves during the attack, one at a time. This seems to be a weaker version that is "revised" for more consistent usage, and is easier to dodge compared to the original technique. This is one of Zero Nightmare's attacks in Rockman X DiVE, where he can now fire two giant crescent waves from the saber.


  • All of Zero's Giga Attacks from the numbered X titles are performed through punching the ground. This first occurred when he uses Earth Gaizer in Mega Man X2.
  • Interestingly, most of Zero's techniques are given Japanese names in contrast to all of the other characters in the series who have English words for their attacks.
  • The only weapons throughout the series Zero has that doesn't have a learned technique or EX Skill are the Triple Rod and the Zero Knuckle. The former is due to EX Skills not being present in the first game, and the latter is due to just being a chip in Zero's hand that grants him a strength boost and that EX Skills have been reduced for just the Buster and Saber only.
  • Of all of Zero's learned techniques/EX Skills, the most recurring are the rising uppercut, as well as the rolling slash. The rolling slash, however, is not technically an EX Skill, and instead has to be learned through various methods throughout the Mega Man Zero series:
  • The Shouryuuken and Senpuukyaku techniques are originally from the Street Fighter series, also produced by Capcom. In fact, his rising slash techniques are actually based from the Shouryuuken, with the only difference being that the techniques require the use of his Z-Saber.
  • In the Zero series, the EX Skills that have Zero doing a downward thrust appears to slow down his descent, and can help the player react faster to enemies or traps that Zero can't avoid almost immediately.
  • After the release of X4, some of Zero's moves became the basis for the special moves of other Capcom video game characters; good examples would be a few characters from the Rival Schools (1997-2000) series, namely: Roy Bromwell, Momo Karuizawa, and Hyo Imawano.
  • Zero's Enkoukyaku attack for the K Knuckle is very similar to the downward diagonal aerial kick of Akuma/Gouki from Street Fighter, the Tenma Kuujinkyaku, keeping in line with that game's set of Street Fighter themed special techniques. However, the K Knuckle's usage of it it may also reference the one of the attacks used with Ifrit in Devil May Cry, as both possess attacks are diagonal downward kicks executed while airborne, of the fire element, and both attacks actually have the foot of their respective users wreathed in flames as a makeshift greaves, instead of having a genuine apparatus. However, Akuma's version features no flames.
  • Zero's four weapons in the Mega Man Zero correspond to the weapons of the Four Guardians: Z-Saber for Sage Harpuia, Buster Shot for Fighting Fefnir, Triple Rod for Fairy Leviathan, Shield Boomerang for Hidden Phantom.

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