MMX3 Zero Change

Zero Communication Monitor

Zero Change (ゼロチェンジ) is a gameplay feature from Mega Man X3 that allows the player to control Zero by changing to him with the Zero Communication Monitor in the Weapon Select Screen.

Although Zero is more powerful than X at the beginning of the game, there are some restrictions to him:

  • Zero can't use Special Weapons, only having his Zero Buster and Beam Saber available. The Zero Buster has more charge levels than the default X-Buster, being able to unleash more powerful attacks. As Zero is a bit taller than X, his shots are also slightly higher from the ground.
  • Zero can only be called once per stage play. The player can't switch back to Zero until the stage is cleared, exited, or all lives are lost.
  • If Zero is defeated, he will no longer be available in the current gameplay. The exception is the Opening Stage, as the player must use Zero to rescue X.
  • Except for Mac (which is exclusive to Zero) and Mosquitus, Zero can't fight against bosses and sub-bosses, automatically changing back to X when he reaches those opponents.
    • Zero will be lost if he fights against Mosquitus, but in exchange X will receive his Beam Saber.
    • In the 2010 mobile version of the game, Zero can fight against the eight bosses in the Ranking mode, also having a victory pose for the end of the stages.[1]
  • Zero's life gauge is higher than X's, but as Zero can't obtain Armor Parts, his defense is the same as the default X.


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