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The Zero Knuckle (ゼロナックル Zero Nakkuru) is a weapon Zero uses in Mega Man Zero 4, replacing both the Shield Boomerang and the rod weapons used in previous games. The Zero Knuckle consists of a Z-shaped chip implanted into Zero's palms. By punching enemies with the chip, Zero can rip off enemy parts and use them. A successful theft of such a part normally results in the destruction of most enemies, but some enemies like Yadokroid and Lamplort X will survive this attack at least once. The weapons or parts can have a number of uses, and some have limited ammunition. If a stolen weapon is out of ammo or simply of no use any longer, it can be thrown away by pressing Select or in the pause menu, which can hurt an enemy as well. Since Elemental Chips have been omitted from the game, it's unknown if the Zero Knuckle can use the chips like Zero's other weapons. It can also be charged, however the charged version of the Zero Knuckle is only a stronger punch. It is unknown whether this weapon was created by Cerveau or had been part of Zero all along, but artworks of Omega from Mega Man ZX show him having a Knuckle on his own, but with an Omega symbol (Ω) instead of a Z; this is most likely used for the Rekkoha and Rakuhouha.

The Weapon Plus Head Chip increases maximum ammo by 1.

Unlike the K Knuckle from Mega Man X8, the Zero Knuckle cannot make use of the EX Skills learned in the game. Also, the weapons it steals cannot be carried over to other areas.

List of Zero Knuckle weapons

Zero can hold only one of these weapons at a time.

2-Way Shot
BusterGyro Cannon HFires 2 shots diagonally.
3-Way Bomb
x1Bomb NicosCrabBBomb that shoots 3 bullets on impact.
Balloon Bomb
x1BombNeedBalloonExplodes after being thrown a certain distance, firing 8 needles in all directions.
Beam Shot
BusterBeamWalkerFires a laser, it is more powerful than the buster shot, and pierces throught enemies.
Bee Rod
RodAppnetZero attacks with an Appnet's stinger.
Bend Laser
x8BusterE-LaserLaser that bends itself when it coincides vertically with an enemy, changing its direction either upwards or downwards.
Blade Shield
ShieldSandDozerReflects bullets.
Blaze Shot
x8BusterVariant FireFires a bomb forward, creating a flame that lingers for a moment. Can melt snow and burn some trucks in the opening stage.
Bound Tire
x1BombKerberosBounces off terrain, explodes after a few bounces. If it misses, Zero can pick it up again with the Z-knuckle.
Burst Bomb
x3BombBoxes in first stage.Powerful bomb that explodes with a wider range than most other bombs.
Cannon Buster
x6BusterRBCannonLobs a green shot forward that bounces off terrain.
Card Key
x1RodNicosCrabCMainly used to open a door that leads to a Sub Tank. Immediately destroyed when used to attack an enemy.
Cross Shot
BusterCrossbyneFires a spiked ball. Depending on what time it hits something, spreads needles either all diagonal directions, or fires vertically and horizontally.
Death Pierce
x1SaberOne of Dr. Weil's 1st form attacks.Swings a powerful sword. Gets used up when an enemy is destroyed.
Drill Rod
x6RodGangaGunFires an extending drill. On enemy impact, it stops its extension, keeps drilling for a second and summons blobs of lava for extra damage. Can destroy certain blocks in the teleporter base.
Drill Shot
x8BusterMoleguleFires a single drill, with moderate damage output, so it might pierce throught weaker enemies.
Egg Bomb
x1BombFire Renant's Egg BombsPowerful bomb that explodes with a wider range than most other bombs. Very similar to the Burst Bomb, but has only one shot.
Electric Arm
RodPantheon CorpseA stab with an electric club. Short ranged, but fast and can be aimed in 8 directions.
Electric Rod
x6RodRaikenWhen the rod hits terrain, it sends sparks moving across the ground.
Electric Nail
Rod EleDeserterCreates an electric orb that lingers for a few moments. Good for "nailing" enemies in place.
Flame Sword
SaberFaitalAn incredibly strong sword. Can replace the Z-Saber due to its power, but cannot preform hit combos.
Gear Bomb
x1BombSerpent GearNormal bomb that travels straight horizontally.
Gyro Boomerang
x1BombGyratorIt acts like the throwed Shield Boomerang. It will get destroyed upon collision with a strong enemy. If it misses, Zero can pick it up again with the Z-knuckle upon return.
Heat Sabre
RodVariant FencerZero thrusts forward similar to a charged recoil rod. Deals Fire damage.  
Hive Bomb
x1BombBeeneranFires a bomb that summons 3 bees. If touched, the bees will hurt Zero.
Ice Buster
x8BusterGlacialLobs a chunk of ice to freeze enemies.
Ice Shield
Shield Hechrysta
IM Shot
BusterYadokroidFires shots that are automatically aimed at nearby enemies. Better tracking than the Search Shot, but slower projectile speed.
Iron Pipe
x6SaberIron Pipe found in Hibernation Chamber.
Joint Bomb
x4BombBonsectNormal bomb.
BusterLamps in Hibernation Chamber.Repel scrap elves in the Hibernation Chamber.
Lamp Shield
ShieldLamplort XBlocks energy shots.
Lamp Burner
x6BusterLamplort XFlamethrower. Can burn some obstacles in the opening stage.
Long Snapper
RodPoplanA Poplan head is thrust from Zero's arm, dealing constant damage as it snaps it's jaws. Can pass throught terrain and shields.
MagPunch N
MagnePunch N)
Rod MagnePaNA punch that repels MagnePaN and MagneMineN, and disables MagnePaS and MagneMineS.
MagPunch S
MagnePunch S)
Rod MagnePaSA punch that repels MagnePaS and MagneMineS, and disables MagnePaN and MagneMineN.
Mega Axe
SaberAxeloidActs like a non-elemental Flame Sword. It tends to be pretty convenient because of its power.
Mega Hammer
Saber MoloidThe same as the Mega Axe, but slower. Used to activate water pumps in Area Zero.
Met Shield
ShieldMettaurBlocks energy shots, but so small it offers little cover.
Mini Craban B
x1BombMini Craban BNormal bomb.
Mini Craban R
x1BombMini Craban RNormal bomb.
Neon Bomb
x2BombCryoNeonThrows a bomb that leaves behind a large electric spark that lingers for a while.
Reflect Laser
BusterRefleBeemerFires two shots that reflect off of terrain. Slow rate of fire and low damage.
Rising Bomb
x2Bomb BombadeerThrows a bomb, which upon impact with the ground, creates a single rising flame that lingers for a few moments.
Search Shot
BusterArcCannonFires regular pellet shots, but will automatically aim towards enemies.
Sharp Shield
ShieldYadokroidSimilar to the Met Shield, but with a wider shield area. It also deals little damage to enemies the moment Zero deploys it.
Spread Shot
BusterCannon HopperFires a volley of five energy shots in a spread pattern.
Steel Claw
RodVariant ClawSummons a giant metal claw.
Tang Rod
Tongue Rod)
RodKeroshActs like the chain rod, except that its slower and penetrates enemies.
Tri Shot
BusterTriaformerAutomatically aims at targets similarly to the IM Shot, but the shots linger for a moment after fired.
Vertical Shot
BusterMeduHopperDoes considerably more damage than normal shots, but is nearly useless because it can only fire up and down.
Water Gun
x8BusterWater pumps in the Area Zero mid-stage.Fires water for a short distance, weak against enemies but extinguishes fires.
Wave Bomb
x1BombBongalThrows a bomb, which upon impact with the ground, creates a line of flames which linger for a few moments.
Wide Buster
x4BusterVariant MissileFires a large missile, which blows up after traveling a very short distance, however summoning 5 smaller missiles, with unlimited range.

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