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CloudMan.EXE, one of the Zoanoroids

Zoanoroid (ゾアノロイド) is a type of NetNavi exclusive to the anime Rockman EXE Beast.


Most of them come from Beyondard and are addressed with the prefix Zoano. For example, Zoanoroid SparkMan.EXE would be Zoano SparkMan. Some Zoanoroids don't have regular world counterparts.

They appear in the real world trying to steal Trill.EXE and are led by either Gregar or Falzar. These Zoanoroids can be identified with their Navi symbols being replaced by that of either Gregar or Falzar, along with their ability to Beast Out in a manner respective to their leader. They are NetNavis without NetOps and fight to destroy humans, along with followers of the other Cybeast in the war between Gregar and Falzar.

Zoanoroids did not appear in Beast+ because they were defeated. Although Zero.EXE was initially believed to a Zoanoroid, Lan immediately corrected himself, knowing it couldn't be possible.

List of Zoanoroids

Falzar's army

Gregar's army



  • The name bears a resemblance to Zoanoid, a race of evil monsters from the series Guyver. Plus, a Zoanoroid is a Netnavi that can mutate its appearance while Zoanoids are humans that can transform into monsters.
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