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Rockman and Zombie Cafe collaboration promotion.

Zombie Cafe (ゾンビカフェ Zonbi Kafe) is a free to play game from Beeline Interactive (a subsidiary from Capcom) released in 2011 for the Apple iOS. It can be downloaded for free at the app store, but charges real money for additional in-app content. The game's last update was in October 20 (American version) / November (Japanese version) 2016, after the release of Otomon Drop: Monster Hunter Stories. The Japanese version's service ended in September 2019, being no longer available for download and losing online functions.[1] The game can be played offline.


It's hard to find good help, thus a café owner partnered with an evil corporation to use zombies as free labor to build a café empire. Customers can be infected to become eternal zombie slaves by using a toxin, giving the chef an advantage over the neighboring "human" cafés. Like a normal café, players prepare food with all kinds of recipes, direct the (zombie) workers, decorate the place, manage supplies, and earn money to improve the café. However, if the zombies work too hard they'll get tired and try to eat customers. If the competition gets too fierce, the chef can always direct the zombies to attack a neighboring café and steal their secret recipes and money.

Mega Man Collaboration

In 2014, from December 26 to December 31, an event was held in the Japanese version of the game where Mega Man content was available during its duration, players being able to acquire Mega Man characters and recipes.[2]

Some Mega Man characters later returned briefly alongside other Capcom characters as rare gacha prizes in August 2015, September 2015 and January 1, 2016.[3]

In 2016, three Mega Man and Mega Man X series events are held from April 25 to May 9.[4][5]

On June 15, 2016, the Rockman decorations from previous events (excluding the "boss shutter pillar" from the 2014 event) became available in the shop for a limited time.[6] Note: Keeping the game on version 1.6.7 will allow one to have these decorations always available, but at the cost of being unable to participate on events and special gacha until it is updated.

Most Mega Man characters became available again in a Capcom event from August 2016, which also included Axl as a gacha character, OVER-1 as an event character, and three new recipes themed after them and Zero.[7]



List of Mega Man characters in Zombie Cafe, with their stats at level 0.


  • Mega Man, Proto Man, Roll and Dr. Light have a normal and "weary" (元気がない) version with different appearances, but both have the same stats.
  • The normal Air Man only appeared as an enemy in the Mega Man events. In the collection his normal version mistakenly uses the same appearance of his zombie version.
★7 ロックマン
Energy 13500
Tip Rating 90
Atk. Speed 170
Atk. Strength 220
Skive Difficulty 95
Resuscitation 01h30m
Description (normal)
Description (zombie) Dr. ワイリーの野望を打ち砕き、カフェの平和を守る!!
("Stop Dr. Wily's ambitions and protect the peace of the cafe!!")
ZombieCafe DotRockmanZombieCafe DotRockman (Zombie)
★7 ドットロックマン
(Dot Rockman)
Energy 11000
Tip Rating 78
Atk. Speed 115
Atk. Strength 172
Skive Difficulty 75
Resuscitation 03h00m
Description (normal) ティウンティウンしない身体を手に入れたい!
("I want a body that doesn't go tiun tiun!")
Description (zombie) ティウンティウンしない身体を手に入れた!
("I got a body that doesn't go tiun tiun!")
★7 ブルース
Tip Rating 95
Atk. Speed
Atk. Strength
Skive Difficulty 90
Resuscitation 01h30m
Description (normal)
Description (zombie) 登場するときには必ず口笛を吹く。
("Always blows a whistle when he appears.")
★6 ロール
Energy 9800
Tip Rating 100
Atk. Speed 146
Atk. Strength 190
Skive Difficulty 100
Resuscitation 08h00m
Description (normal)
Description (zombie) 家事全般のプロがゾンビカフェで本領を発揮する。
("This pro at general housekeeping really shines in Zombie Cafe.")
★6 ライト博士
(Dr. Right)
Tip Rating 70
Atk. Speed
Atk. Strength
Skive Difficulty 85
Resuscitation 08h00m
Description (normal)
Description (zombie) 「ロボット工学の父」 と呼ばれる有名な科学者。
("Famous scientist referred to as the "father of robotics".")
★5 スナイパージョー
(Sniper Joe)
Energy 5100
Tip Rating 12
Atk. Speed 77
Atk. Strength 99
Skive Difficulty 25
Resuscitation 08h00m
Description (normal) ワイリー軍団の戦闘員的キャラクター。
("Combatant specific character of the Wily army.")
Description (zombie) ロックマンの雑魚キャラは彼抜きには語れない。
("You can't talk about Rockman enemies without mentioning him.")
★5 カットマン
Energy 9300
Tip Rating 44
Atk. Speed 110
Atk. Strength 137
Skive Difficulty 44
Resuscitation 08h00m
Description (normal) 実は森林伐採用のロボットらしい。
("Actually seems to be a robot for deforestation.")
Description (zombie) 見た目通りでジャンケンが苦手。
("It appears he isn't good at janken.")
★6 エアーマン
Energy 10000
Tip Rating 88
Atk. Speed 151
Atk. Strength 170
Skive Difficulty 44
Resuscitation 08h00m
Description (normal) 腹部のプロペラが印象的なロボット。
("An impressive robot with a propeller in the abdomen.")
Description (zombie) ロックマンシリーズで一番有名なロボットはオレ!!
("He is the most famous robot in the Rockman series!!")
★7 Dr. ワイリー
(Dr. Wily)
Energy 9800
Tip Rating 77
Atk. Speed 143
Atk. Strength 171
Skive Difficulty 77
Resuscitation 03h40m
Description (normal) ライト博士のライバル的存在。
("Dr. Right's rival.")
Description (zombie) 悪さをさせたら世界一の博士。
("The world's best evil doctor.")
ZombieCafe X
★7 エックス
Energy 16100
Tip Rating 90
Atk. Speed 177
Atk. Strength 218
Skive Difficulty 75
Resuscitation 01h30m
Description (normal)
Description (zombie) なんてことだ。カフェがメチャクチャだ。何の罪もないお客たちを…許せない!
("What!? The cafe is a mess! What about those innocent customers... Unforgivable!")[note 1]
ZombieCafe ZombieX
★6 ゾンビエックス
(Zombie X)
Energy 15400
Tip Rating 68
Atk. Speed 115
Atk. Strength 224
Skive Difficulty 75
Resuscitation 02h00m
Description (normal)
Description (zombie) ゾンビから能力を奪って壊れない身体になったエックス!!
("X gained an indestructible body after he took the ability from a zombie!!")
ZombieCafe X (FullArmor)
★7 エックス(フルアーマー)
(X (Full Armor))
Energy 16500
Tip Rating 91
Atk. Speed 145
Atk. Strength 244
Skive Difficulty 75
Resuscitation 01h30m
Description (normal)
Description (zombie) ゾンビ感染をも跳ね返すアーマー。
("His armor can repel even a zombie infection.")
ZombieCafe Zero
★7 ゼロ
Energy 18900
Tip Rating 89
Atk. Speed 158
Atk. Strength 200
Skive Difficulty 75
Resuscitation 01h30m
Description (normal)
Description (zombie) うおおおお一!おれは!一体何のために!戦っているんだああああああ!
("Uaaaaahh! I! For what reason! Am I fighting foooooorrr!")[note 2]
ZombieCafe BlackZero
★7 ブラックゼロ
(Black Zero)
Energy 13700
Tip Rating 77
Atk. Speed 124
Atk. Strength 170
Skive Difficulty 75
Description (normal) 黒いカラーリングのゼロ。
("Zero with a black coloring.")
Description (zombie) なんとショックアブソーバー、ショットイレイザー、セイバープラスを標準装備。
("Starts equipped with Shock Absorber, Shot Eraser, and Saber Plus.")
ZombieCafe Axl
★7 アクセル
Energy 14200
Tip Rating 99
Atk. Speed 172
Atk. Strength 256
Skive Difficulty 80
Resuscitation 1h30m
Description (normal)
Description (zombie) 何やってるの!!こんなカフェでじっとしてたら危ないよ!!早く逃げて!!
("What are you doing!! It's dangerous to stay at such a cafe! Hurry and get away!!")[note 3]
ZombieCafe Iris
★7 アイリス
Energy 12000
Tip Rating 84
Atk. Speed 111
Atk. Strength 164
Skive Difficulty 75
Resuscitation 03h00m
Description (normal) ゼロの旧友でもある「カーネル」の妹。
("Zero's old friend and also the sister of "Colonel".")
Description (zombie) 平和を愛する優しい心の持ち主。ゼロに好意をよせている。
("A kindhearted person who loves peace. She favors Zero.")
ZombieCafe Mac
★6 マック
Energy 11300
Tip Rating 48
Atk. Speed 107
Atk. Strength 158
Skive Difficulty 18
Resuscitation 06h00m
Description (normal) きみはゆくえふめいになっていたマックじゃないか?
("Aren't you Mac, the one that had gone missing?")[note 4]
Description (zombie) エックスの捕獲には成功したことがあるらしい。
("It seems he was successful in capturing X")
ZombieCafe VAVA
Energy 10500
Tip Rating 62
Atk. Speed 135
Atk. Strength 139
Skive Difficulty 25
Resuscitation 05h00m
Description (normal) 上司であるシグマの計画に乗り、破壊の限りを尽くす!
("Following the plans of his superior, Sigma, he does his best to cause destruction!")
Description (zombie) 電子頭脳回路に異常があり拘束されていた。
("There was an abnormality in his electronic brain circuit and he had to be restrained.")
ZombieCafe Sigma
★7 シグマ
Energy 14400
Tip Rating 77
Atk. Speed 103
Atk. Strength 154
Skive Difficulty 60
Resuscitation 03h00m
Description (normal) エックスとゼロの昔の上司。
("The old boss of X and Zero.")
Description (zombie) レプリロイドのための世界を創造するために反乱を起こす!
("Revolted in order to create a world for Repliroids!")
ZombieCafe Over-1
★7 Over-1
Energy 13000
Tip Rating 72
Atk. Speed 125
Atk. Strength 182
Skive Difficulty 50
Resuscitation 03h00m
Description (normal) Dr.ライトとDr.コサックが共同開発した新世代のレプリロイド。
("A new generation of Repliroid jointly developed by Dr. Right and Dr. Cossack.")
Description (zombie) まだだ!まだ僕の戦いは終わっていない!!
("Not yet! My battle is not over yet!!")


ZombieCafe DotRockman
(Dot Rockman)
Energy 11000
Tip Rating 92
Atk. Speed 115
Atk. Strength 172
Extra effect Cooking Experience: +10%
Description 懐かしい見た目を再現!!
("A reproduction of the nostalgic look!!")

Event enemies:


  1. Based on the Japanese version of this Mega Man X4 quote: "Wha-?! The city has been completely destroyed! They were innocent people... I won't forget this!"
  2. Said by Zero while holding Iris after her demise in Mega Man X4
  3. Based on the Japanese version of this Mega Man X7 quote: "Are you stupid?! You're in danger if you just stand there! Get a move on!"
  4. Except for a missing comma, this is the same as the Japanese version of this Mega Man X3 quote: "Mac, where have you been?"


Recipe LevelPriceReady inServingsTotal
Total XP
ZombieCafeECan あやしいE缶スープ
("Mysterious E Can Soup")
1UpSteak 1UP風ステーキ
("1UP-style Steak")
ZombieCafe Rock-man ロックまん
ZombieCafe X-man エックスまん
ZombieCafe Zero-man ゼロまん
ZombieCafe Axl-man アクセルまん
ZombieCafe Over-man Over-まん


ZombieCafe Rush
30 ToxinRush. At first it was the only decoration that could be obtained, and only during the 2016 event. The player version is an indoor decoration instead of outdoor like in the events.
ZombieCafe Zako1
$15000Rockman themed indoor decoration with broken Batton, Gabyoall, and Giant Springer.
ZombieCafe Zako2
$15000Rockman themed indoor decoration with broken Bunby Heli, Telly, and Pierobot.
$5000 Rockman X themed spikes as indoor decoration.
$5000 Rockman X themed container.
$5000 Cut Man themed table shaped like Destructible Blocks.
$5000 Air Man themed table shaped like Goblin.
$5000 Wily themed table.
$5000 Cut Man themed chair shaped like Adhering Suzy.
$5000 Air Man themed chair.
$5000 Wily themed chair shaped like the Wily UFO.
$500 Cut Man themed floor.
$500 Air Man themed floor.
$500 Wily themed floor.
$500 Rockman X floor.
$500 Rockman X floor.
$500 Cut Man themed wall.
$500 Air Man themed wall (sky).
$500 Wily themed wall with a ladder.
$500 Rockman X wall.



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